PFA Scotland Awards; fixed or genuine?


By Richard Fillingham
The Professional
Footballers Associations
have made their final decisions on who their best
players have been throughout the Championship season 2015-16.
I sincerely
hope that at least 85% of the
players (although I doubt it is this high), would be voting fairly and each position would be
chosen honestly, and for all
the right reasons. The players
are not allowed to vote for their own team players and it is well known in
football circles that a certain number of players cannot help themselves from a
biased, tactical, and sometimes a downright religious, voting policy.

truth it is a pathetic and an amateurish way for so called professionals,
to behave. It is a totally wrong way to vote, and shame on all of the players,
who behaved so disgracefully – again! Because you cannot help yourselves, and
it is the way you have been brought up, with catholic v protestant and Rangers
v Celtic, some things never change.
I give
you the perfect example
of how it all works, and trust me there are many more scenarios throughout the
game in Scotland.
It is a sad reflection of our society and all the small minded parochial views
and opinions which I find so  sad. A
Livingston player who is on loan from Celtic, refuses to clap his hands for
Rangers when running onto the park in last Tuesday’s Livingston V Rangers game (as part of a guard of honour),
because they were the winners of the Championship. It has become the
traditional thing to do, in recent years.
The Livingston player, is caught on camera with his hands
firmly held behind his back, because he is as sick as a pig at the thought of
Rangers steam-rolling their way to winning the Championship early and why?
Because, he is a signed Celtic player on loan, and there was no way he could do
it, and do you know what? The Celtic faithful, love him for it – pathetic, and
so anti protestant and Rangers! Sad and deep rooted feelings, that may never go
certain players will hate voting for certain teams’ players and that is
unfortunately, a fact. Another example is the situation with a Celtic minded
manager in Alan Stubbs at Hibernian, from Edinburgh.
A team noted for their annoyance (if not just hatred) of Rangers and would not
sell one of their best players to Rangers, but sold him to Celtic at a knock
down price instead, which arguably backfired on them given they didn’t finish
second in the league this year. With all this friction in mind, can we imagine
the Hibernian players voting for any of the better Rangers players and vise-
versa for the PFA awards – NO, neither
can I!
I am
suggesting a brand new, and a far better way to decide how ALL the new PFA awards should be voted, from next season onwards, to
eliminate this on- going problem and it would also make it much more appealing
and interesting, to all the fans of every team.
television camera team goes to every club and films every player giving their
own opinions and the results of whom they have chosen for each position and
based on what they actually believe to be true. This way they have to justify their reason
for picking their PFA team of the year. This would make the decisions much more
above board and give us a clear indication as to whether a player is telling
the truth or is behaving as deviously, as they used to.     
Here is
this year’s PFA team of the year.
Danny Rogers            Falkirk                Goalkeeper
James Tavernier        Rangers             Right back
Darren McGregor       Hibernian           Centre back
Peter Grant                  Falkirk                Centre
Lee Wallace                Rangers             Left back
Jason Holt                  Rangers             Midfield
Jason Cummings      Hibernian           Midfield
John McGinn              Hibernian           Midfield
John Baird                  Falkirk                Forward
Martyn Waghorn        Rangers             Forward
Barry McKay               Rangers             Forward
I knew that our goalkeeper and our 2
centre backs would not make the team, as frankly they proved over the season
that they were not good enough. They are all only 6’ 1” and are too weak in the
air, and not good at dealing with crosses, free kicks and they are especially poor
as a team at defending corner kicks. We need to sign a couple of tall players
to help eliminate this major weakness in the team.
I will mention a few Rangers players
who can possibly consider themselves to be unlucky, and a little disappointed
not to be named in the PFA team, for this year.
Andy Halliday has performed very well all
year in different positions for the team and in some games he played as a
defending midfield role, in others he was used as an attacking midfield player
and went to left back, when Lee Wallace went off injured.
Kenny Miller, at 36 has played as well as
he ever did, and has been a revelation with his clever play this year. He is
full of energy, guile and with his experience, he is pulling centre backs, all
over the pitch making room for the midfielders to move into and score. He has
also scored 19 goals in 41 games, so far.
Harry Forrester, would have been
a certainty to be picked, if he had played in another 7 or 8 games for Rangers
during the season. In the last 9 games he played for us, his form was nothing
short of sensational, and he scored 6 goals, playing on the right wing, just
before he fractured his leg.
I am sure that fans from the rest of
the Championship will be able to mention players that could possibly have made
it into this years’
PFA team. It’s up to you to decide if the motives for their exclusions were anything
other than noble.

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  1. Christ mate. I agree in principle with your gripes but be sensible.. If we had the other three players in the team it's near enough a rangers 11. I think mcginn deserves his place for one, and I guess Cummings would as well. It's up to anyone to vote for who they wish, be their choice sinister or otherwise.. But it doesn't really matter to me anyways, we will continue winning the trophies and they can keep this stuff for themselves.

  2. Forrester barely played dozen league games. Can't argue too much with the team of the year to be honest…

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