Rangers & Dundee Utd = karma

 By Richard Fillingham

Dundee United Chairman Stephen Thompson has got his comeuppance at last, which he and his club, and fans, so richly deserve. There was nobody more vociferous in their victimization of Rangers financial plight than Dundee United and their extremely Rangers-hating Chairman and fans.

It would be fair to say that NO Rangers fans knew of the hatred they showed towards us in our time of need in 2012. It was such a shock to discover that we were so despised by other clubs and fans throughout Scotland. We had absolutely no idea where the animosity had come from or where it had all started.

Under no circumstances would Dundee United sell David Goodwillie to Rangers in 2011, as they would not sell their top players to the opposition (fair enough and I truly did understand the principle behind that decision). The same attitude did not apply to Celtic over the last 4 years. What made Stephen Thompson HATE us so much? What exactly did Rangers do so wrong to Dundee United over the years, apart from beating them almost every time we played them? Jealousy is a terrible thing.

There is a strong case for feeling that Celtic fans went out of their way to wind up other teams’ fans to try and convince them to condemn our team to extinction (which failed, of course).

The Celtic opinion was based on us winning world record Leagues and Cups, by paying our players more than they could afford to pay their team. This happens in all the leagues in the world, but the Celtic fans don’t seem to understand that.

For some examples, as recently as only 2015, Nadir Ciftci, the very successful 24 year-old Turkish centre forward of Dundee United was sold for £1.5m to Celtic after a few weeks of negotiations. He played in most of Celtic’s games at the start of season 2015-16, and played in 22 games before going out on loan, as a failure, to the Turkish side, Eskisehirspo. He played in their last 7 games of the season and scored 3 goals.

Midfielder Stuart Armstrong and winger Gary Mackay-Steven also joined Celtic from Dundee United on transfer deadline day. Celtic paid United £250,000 to take 24-year old winger Mackay-Steven now, rather than wait until the summer. Celtic also paid £1.6m to secure the signing of Stuart Armstrong; so much for not selling their top players to their opponents.

I cannot think of anybody who deserves more bad luck than the bolshie, self -opinionated Stephen Thompson with his outspoken and very bias remarks that helped to push Rangers down to the third division in Scotland, where ironically, we made a lot of good friends. The fans in the Scottish third division and board members made us feel extremely welcome to their grounds, as we brought a huge travelling support to help them financially for the next few years.

It was a pleasure to go to all the away games and to be treated with open arms everywhere by the opposing fans and to the intelligence of the police to realize there would be no trouble in this very friendly environment, what a change – what a nice surprise! It was a pleasure to put money into the other clubs’ bank books.

And now it appears that has near-killed Utd. Good riddance!


  1. They deserve everything that is coming to them. We will bypass them on the way up. Wanted us gone completely was never going to happen. They have been the scums feeder club over the last few years. Just to fill his own pockets. Greedy horrible cunt. WATP

  2. Although i agree with most of your statement there is a few Dundee United fans out there who aren't like the rest those are the ones I feel for.

  3. The reason for Thomson's hatred of our club…. Simple. He may be owner of Dundee Utd but was brought up as a Celtic supporter by his Celtic supporting father. Even to this day some of the Thompsons family members have season tickets at Parkhead. Bet the majority of his Arabs fans dont know that!

  4. Karmas a bitch but wasn't just Dundee Utd who wanted us dead n buried, be interesting to see just how strong the ill feeling/hatred our fans have for these clubs when we play away to these teams or will they be boycotted to hurt them where it hurts the most, in the coffers, after all THEY need us more than WE need THEM as has been proved, best payback in my book, don't give the scum a penny n let them suffer like they did us, then Karma truly will be a bitch, ye reap wot ye sow as they say, No Surrender

  5. Heard there is a very real chance that they could go into admin. Fingers crossed they do and head for liquidation. Couldn't happen to a better team. Could take celtic with them as well while they are at it

  6. Couldn't agree more with this article. Arabs fans are now seeing through their horrible wee chairman who has disgraced his father who basically saved them at an earlier date. Very doubtful they will come back from this but no sympathy from me for Thomson. He'll mend him…..deserves everything he is about to get.

  7. Instead of looking back lets look forward. We have a board with the clubs interest at heart & a manager who has a young team playing football iv not seen in years at Ibrox.

  8. Lets put all of this behind us and, like the Majic Hat, focus our efforts on building a respected Rangers team playing great football and winning trophies. Hating the enemies we faced during our journey is a waste of energy. Instead lets use this to support the best team in Scotland and build a great team that we can be proud of for the right reasons. WATP

  9. In all fairness, Rangers wanted to sign Goodwillie but pay over 10 years as they had no money at the time and were on the brink of dying. If United accepted they would have got nothing for the player. Just like a few other players Rangers purchased for large sums of money over a period of time then never ended up paying the clubs they bought them for anything.

  10. In all fairness, when Rangers tried to offer no money up front to purchase Goodwillie with a promise (which turned out to to be worth nothing as many other clubs that sold to Rangers discovered) to pay in instalments over several years, Thompson turned it down because at the time, everyone knew Rangers as the Old Firm company were bankrupt. So how anyone could be upset with Thompson for not selling to a team with no money on the foundations of thin air is anyones guess. Its understandable that United who had at the time won quite convincingly against Rangers several times before their club (i mean Firm) died and was resurrected as the same club would still harbour ill feeling towards United. But as a provincial club, United had no more say than any other club in Scotland. It just so happens Rangers were a little upset that United had beaten them one too many times for their liking during that period. Karma? hardly Karma. Karma would be if Rangers went belly up again due to having no money currently and burning a hole through 60 million pounds in 3 years.

    • It pleases me that a resurgent Rangers is clearly causing you angst. Plenty more of that to come in the next few years as the 'Karma' you refer to has no chance of manifestation. Enjoy.

  11. Disagree Torquay Blue– It's not a waste of energy. Thompsons constant attacks on our club and fans should never be forgotten. They tried to strip us of our titles,,they wanted us not to exist,,they wanted us to fade away into the night,,,,,THEY FAILED,,, lets harness this energy and take it out onto the park and wipe the floor with every single one of them,, Thompson can enjoy life in the first division, then the second division,,etc etc,,,, Karma indeed,, Warbuton the Great…. Thompson the Wanker,,, nuff said!!!

  12. Kilmarnock I will always remember as the stand outs,

    The only prem team to refuse to kick us and I hope we pack out right park for them next season

    Bye bye Scumdee United 🙂

  13. Honestly you peepil are deluded….liquidation means death…why did we never hear about holding companies prior to your death which was plastered all over the papers….have a wee look on the gates of inbox it says rangers football club LTD,,,Bobby Ewing fc

    • Honestly why don't you tell that to all of the other clubs which have PLC's wound up.

      And then inform UEFA and the SFA that they are wrong, because Bobby Ewing says so.

      See how absurd your post is?

  14. Sorry can't just put this behind us I for one will never step foot in any of these teams grounds who wanted us dead. Don't give them a single penny financially starve them to death. We should fill Ibrox every home game completely boycott all away games. They still hate us now but they would take our money. Scumbags!

  15. I agree with putting it behind us. I don't like Thomson either but liquidation is a serious thing were people lose jobs. I don't care what they done I will never as a Rangers fans gloat about another clubs fall.

    Forget what's happening with them. In fact have sympathy they have an inept leader who has failed them and let their club down.

    Concentrate on Rangers guys. We have the best manager in the world running the best club in the world with the best fans in the world. No need to waste time "getting even" with other clubs. We're already so far ahead it's a liberty. There is only ONE CLUB THAT MATTERS! WATP

  16. PLEASE DO NOT BOYCOTT AWAY GAMES!! We are bigger and better than that!

    It would be a sad and childish attitude to even consider boycotting away games. We the great Rangers fans follow our team through the straights be broad or narrow, we'll confirm our stature as the best fans in the world by turning up in our thousands singing the songs of our great club!

    Look forward to the future and embrace the challenge for the Premiership title!

  17. Yes more to come out this with thompson sacking his sister for hand in till and he is skint scurrin aff to states to find a mug to buy him out … rem bluenoses let us pick very carefully our away games next 3 seasons bit of payback will do nicely thanks

  18. The fact is that Dundee United had no more say in RFC's downfall than any other Scottish club so the current focus of Rangers fans on United's plight is irrational at best. All this talk of payback and karma yet none of it is being aimed at the Rangers executives that fiddled as Ibrox burned and that is exactly why the rest of Scottish football had no sympathy for Rangers' financial implosion in 2012. It's always somebody else's fault, so it seems. Rangers' fall from grace was self-inflicted and the more time/energy that their fans waste on blaming outside influences and trying to exact revenge on parties who could not have stopped Rangers' collapse if they wanted to, the more chance that the greed and profligacy that brought them down in 2012 will be repeated. £30m losses in first 3 years of the club's re-build and lurching from one emergency loan to the next would hardly suggest that appropriate lessons have been learned. Quite why Rangers have felt the need to spend so much when up against mostly part-timers in the last 4 years is beyond me. Surely the world class training facilities at Murray Park should have been able to produce a team capable of romping the bottom 2 leagues at least? At the very least, please do the rest of Scottish football a favour and stop singing "no one likes us… we don't care". You are only half right – no one likes you but you obviously do care. Rather than massage your bloated sense of entitlement, try having a think about why no one likes you. I for one find it impossible to like financially irresponsible tax cheats who have harboured/tolerated decades of secretarianism, hatred and intimidation rather than focus on fair play, entertainment and success. I don't take my 9 year old son to Rangers games because I don't want to have to explain to him what "fenian blood" is and why anybody would ever think that would be appropriate to sing about at a football match. Do yourself a favour and go along to your local club – which is almost certainly not Rangers – and watch a game in amongst their supporters. You might find it refreshing to spend time with a group of people whose love of their own club is far greater than their dislike for any other (including Rangers) and for whom hatred and bitterness is merely something that fuels the Rangers but has no place in our daily lives.

    • More than a small dose of fiction and dubious interpertation in there. If you love your local go so much to their website.

    • lol, most of that probably went right over Nathan cockerhams head , he even forgot his trademark reply , about paedos and terrorists .the biggest clown on any football site I have ever read

    • If I'm the clown, you are the court dunce. You can attack me personally all you like; it can't obscure the facts.

  19. Any team that has Lorraine high pitch Kelly as a fan deserve to go down,we took our punishment on the chin and still this little weasel of a man continued to stick the boot in,the level of hatred towards Rangers was astounding and the worst thing about this was the chairmen of other member clubs conduct during this period,they should hang there heads in shame,Mr arab sannie himself was to me the most vocal with his snide remarks and for this he and his scum Dee utd fans deserve what's coming to them,I am 51 and for the rest of my life I will never set foot in a top flight away ground again this is coming from a guy who put money in a bucket to help Motherwell a few years back,that was my mistake it won't happen again

  20. I think we should boycott all away games. Turn up and sing outside the stadium and show the players we are still there for them give the other clubs fuck all then lets see how much they need us.

  21. To say Rangers supporters hate other clubs more than they love their own is just nonsense. Over the last four years, especially, they've made it very clear how much they love their club, unlike the "supporters" of many other Scottish clubs who have deserted their teams and seem to have an unhealthy interest with Rangers' affairs. Dundee Utd's demise will be enjoyed, of course, but no one's obsessing about it. And if "fenian blood" (no longer sung at Ibrox, anyway)is the worst your wean hears at a football game, then he'll be doing well. Ibrox is no better or worse than any other ground when it comes to song content or bad language. It's strange that you've taken the time and trouble to come onto a Rangers site accusing the supporters of hatred and bitterness while being unable to conceal your own. The coming years are obviously going to be very painful for you.

  22. Well done to Mark Warbuton, Manager of the year,, Lee Wallace, Championship Player of the year, Barry McKay,, Best Goal of the Season award against shelic,,,,, Congratulations lads,, the BBC skimmed past those achievements and concentrated on Lea Gruffis of shelic,,lol,, how many goals did he score in the Scottish Cup Semi Final,,,hmmmm,, very bitter Beeb,,,very very bitter,,comes to no suprise though,,,Well done lads,, Getting us back where we belong,,

  23. Had the dung-dee chairman kept his bias feelings to himself at our time of demise then the hatred from the fans would not be happening but he didn't he also put the boot in afterwards also when there was no need so yeah karma seems like a fitting word for the situation he finds his club in now,we are finally back where we belong and I for one can smell the brown running down each nd every players leg in Scotland because they no its not the same punt up the park rangers there going to be facing next season, it's a team of young hungry players playing the best passing football that Scotland has seen in years nd there's nothing biased about fact cos that's what this is fact, so proud to be a bear,and part of he most decorated club in the world, no surrender watp

  24. I agree 100% with Warbs , Wallace etc getting the awards. But unless we sort out that rubbish that was played against St Mirren then we are gonna be heading back to the championship, Let not make any bones about it we were sh*te, Now we may have won the the league but these guys must understand that they play for that jesrey week in week out

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