Hibs v Rangers


It is almost upon us; a chance for Rangers to truly stick a rugged middle finger up at Scottish football by clinching the game’s showpiece trophy at the national stadium.

The journey to this point has been a long and arduous one; four years of effective hell until we reached a pivotal time where we started to attract Joey Barton rather than Ian Black.

Spare a (reluctant) thought for Hibs mind you; they have had to wait since 1902 to lift the Scottish Cup, and if Warbs’ men show up as they should, Stubbs’ side will be waiting even longer.

As it should be. Hibs’ penchant for #Hibsing it in recent times has achieved borderline Neolithic proportions; they have bottled more than the Queen has, ‘shipping’ (see what I did there) needless goals at crucial times – Rangers have more than the tools to deal with Hibs’ ‘threat’ although Cummings’ status pre-match will be intriguing with all the transfer rumours surrounding him.

However, more importantly Lee Wallace has a chance to lift the Scottish Cup as captain of Rangers. Only one thing will be more special than that, and hopefully next season will see a chance of a crack at doing it.

For now though, it is all about Rangers lifting the cup and clinching a Europa League place – if nothing else showed Rangers are back, it is that.

You never know, Joey Barton might just appear with it too. 

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  1. Hibs are fighting it out with Aberdeen and the "green and white shit" as to who hates us the most. Let's finish them off in style while they ponder how they are ever going to get out of that league. WATP

  2. Gordon Greer now available on a free. If I was Warburton I'd offer him a 12 month contract. He might be 35 but he's a Scotland cap with great experience. He also captained a Brighton side near the top of the Championship all season. Would be good cover and steadying influence for the young defenders. Thoughts?

  3. We are the better team clearly, but a final is a final and Hibs 'could' do it… I fukin hope they don't get near to it at all..
    We need to set the tempo from the off, get fukin in them at a fast pace and put this game to bed.. The stakes are huge.
    If we lose we can't deny the facts it's been a really good season. The league obviously the priority, the P cup and just to beat 'them' in the semis in the manner we did is just so good.
    If we win, it's just utterly brilliant….and in Europe too..

    Come on Gers… Totally believe in u and love u much always.


  4. I just hope we win, then we can behind us all this sh*te of the last 4years & get into the Prem & move on,
    Lets stops worrying about Cummings state of mind or Hibs Fkn up lets just concentrate on winning & winning well, That way we can tell all these haters etc to shut the FK up & we can then be judged on our merits

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