The final countdown


With just three hours to go till Rangers face off v Hibs in a Scottish Cup Final grudge match of epic proportions, a sense of anticipation is clearly building in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Hibs’ epic collapse in failure to achieve promotion after claiming they would win the league outright has been stuff of mockery and legend, while Rangers really strolled the division and never gave up top spot once they got it.

Neil McCann believes the pressure is all on Hibs, with the 1902 record staring them in the face, and it is always fun to see the Rangers’ stalwart winding up the opposition – the more he says the more every Rangers-hater dislikes him. Something he will be very used to.

Personally I would argue the pressure is evenly spread – Hibs have to salvage their season somehow, while Rangers have a Europa League slot at stake, plus the kudos of winning the national cup, along with possibly the coveted signature of Joey Barton.

It is set to be one heck of a final either way. Let the game begin.

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  1. I am a Jambo and I welcome Rangers back, now go and stuff those Hobo's, let there pain continue.

    • we don`t want or need your support,you bstrds were happy to stick the boot in when it suited you.GTF

    • Calm down mate. It wasn't Hearts fans who voted it was their board, who have since departed. Save your bitterness for the mhanky mob.

  2. It will be a very difficult game,, I fear Wilson and Kiernan might feck it up without Ball to cover. Our strikers need to be clinical and put the chances away. Only time will tell, but i think it will go to penalties.

  3. Rangers proved in their semi final they have an abundance of skill and character. They must show both these traits today and in so doing will return the Scottish cup back to Ibrox. Rangers need this win. It is huge for the club. European exposure next year would see a huge spike up in advertising revenues,an added incenive for sought after players to sign up for our club and once again give our supporters the chance to see us compete against European rivals.To win today would be a great way to end this season but more importantly it would be an even bigger statement as a start to season 2016-2017.

  4. We as a club need to get the fuck out of Scotland the hatred has gone to far second season in a row our fans have been goaded into a fight after a game by pitch invasion even if we have to start in English non league football it has to be better than this

    • No. Rangers were shite. Stokes had enough chances to win 20 games. I swear to god Tavernier was turned and twisted so often he will still be dizzy at the start of next season. Don't get me started on cross balls into our box. Fuckin' lamentable, has been all season. Hibs fully deserved the win.As far as the onfield celebrations after the match? So what? they waited a long time. been there and done it. Move on or shut the fuck up.

  5. It was a great game and a bit of lax defending cost us. As long as we learn from our mistakes and keep the squad and manager together, I'll be happy. At times in interviews over the past couple of weeks, I thought we sounded a little bit like the cup was almost a done deal. As for the drunken balloons on the pitch afterwards, they're an embarrassment to themselves and their families – they just looked like a bunch of rolly-pollies staggering around in their Primark gear, looking utterly pathetic. If they could actually fight, I might have felt a tinge of respect for them.

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