Warburton hints at Ibrox exit for trio


Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton today has hinted at exits for Ibrox stalwarts Nicky Clark, Dean Shiels and Nicky Law.

While confirming talks for similarly out of contract Harry Forrester are at an ‘advanced stage’, Warburton was a lot less forthcoming about renewals for the long-serving trio:

“We have spoken to a number of players and looked at different things. We look at our options and see how we lie budget-wise. That’s important to get our planning right.”

Warburton was eager to get Kenny Miller tied down once the striker had activated his renewal clause based on appearances earlier this season, and is equally keen to seal up Forrester long term, but appears infinitely less inclined to renew the existing batch of players whose contracts expire this June.

After all, negotiations with all of these players would be taking place and presumably at an ‘advanced stage’ if Rangers’ boss wanted them to remain.

Change is afoot at Ibrox this summer – that tinkering begins now.

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  1. Remember Motherwell? What a bloody disaster that was! And shame on all the so called Gers players for not 'turning up' there OR against celtic! Heartless and utterly pathetic! There are certain players that I'd be sad to see go but they didn't perform to Rangers level.
    At that time the management had no heart or purpose and neither did any player. This time, put a marker down guys and show them this new team! A team with heart and passion and skill!
    WATP 1872

  2. Out goes Law, Shiels and Clark, they are no where near Rangers quality,, In comes 3 higher quality players that will help us challenge in the premiership next season,, Hopefully one quality big, solid Centre Half,, One quality skilful, tough holding midfielder and the other is a clinical, lethal and unforgiving striker,,,, I was hoping Bell would piss off too,,after his cock up at fir park, more or less buried us last season,,dick!!

  3. If we're to get to the next level we need to clear out the average players. Law, Clark, Temps, Bell, Shiels.

    Although if bell is happy to sit on the bench I'd keep him as a backup.

    3 loan signings and 3 permanent will do the trick next year. All have to be exceptional.

  4. It's Saturday yaaaas. Cmon Rangers. Lets do this in style.

    They ALL stamped on us while we were injured and broken. Guess what Scotland. The mighty Rangers are back and we can smell the fear. Get this leauge wrapped up. Take care of business in the final. Then it's on to the tramps. Can't remember being this up for it. You all put the boot in when we were down…. Now its our turn. You cant hide anymore. We're coming for you's all and we want a fight!!


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