Do Rangers need a Davie Weir?


With Rangers achingly close to sealing the Championship title and a long-awaited return to the Premiership, few could deny the backline has recently let the side down.

Following that shutout versus Dundee, a clinical result which gave every Rangers fan serious optimism their side could cut it in the top flight, Mark Warburton’s men have shipped 10 goals in only four matches.

While there was little sign of what was to come when just one was lost when Morton came to town, the subsequent three games in a row have seen three goals leaked at the back in a very sudden and dramatic loss of form for the rearguard.

Admittedly Rangers’ defence has been a source of contention for the lion’s share of the season – while there was a period in February of thorough frugality in that area, the past three matches have seen a worrying slide into lazy positioning, haphazard defending and needless penalties.

What is clear is defence is bipolar – as capable of being watertight as it is of outright sinking, and one theory is a lack of seniority in the centre. With Danny Wilson at only 24 and his partner Rob Kiernan barely any older at 25, only Lee Wallace at left back is that little bit older at 28 and he is not in a position which lets him lead the line as effectively as a centre back.

In short, a wise older head in the middle, a ‘David Weir’ type is needed, someone who has been there and done it and can lead the line with wisdom, experience, and a commanding presence.

Rangers’ central defence lacks a senior alpha leader – someone trustworthy to instruct those around him. Neither Kiernan nor Wilson are bad defenders, but neither can lead and against better quality opponents, more often than not, that is being punished.

The past three matches have all been against decent sides; Falkirk, Raith and Queen of the South. In all of these matches Rangers’ defence has capitulated, something a wise owl might be able to prevent.

The lack of proper defensive midfielder too is a hindrance, but it has to be said auxiliary DM Andy Halliday had a truly massive second half yesterday, and even that was not enough.

Warbs knows his defence is a serious headache right now, and has stated a CB is a priority this summer.

The truth is if the Rangers who showed up against Dundee appears against Celtic, they will have a real shout – the defence that day was solid, reliable, well-organised and methodical – the Premiership’s second top scorer Kane Hemmings was completely impotent that day.

But if the Rangers who have been leaking goals recently is the one to appear at Hampden on the 17th, frankly the result goes beyond unpredictable. This Rangers can score, lots, in fact, but it is letting them in far too easily at the other end too.

We shall see how Warburton’s Magic Hat sorts this one out.


  1. I'm abit concerned about the amount of goals that we have conceded but by the 17th we will have beat Peterhead and been promoted beating them would be icing on the cake for me warbs does need new players a CB is a defo the players are getting better I'm happy so far

  2. We need a good experienced CB,just look when Wilson played along side weir and others at rangers before,he was a good defender that's why Liverpool came in for him.i have no doubt they will be good in the future(just how long).

  3. Experience CB will help,both will come good,just to much complacency by the way we play,everyone was getting ahead of themselves,frailties were still there to see.just remember WATP

  4. I,ve said it before and echo Scott Thomson, break the bank and go for John Terry never mind about his off field incidents I think he has outgrew them.
    What a signing he would be to steady the ship,Wilson and Kieran could only learn from him. WATP.

  5. Yes I agree an experienced CB should be the number one priority ,Mark W should see that and if he doesn't we have a problem ,every fan seems to see it ,and the goals against recently should tell him that

  6. David Weir would get torn to shreds playing in this Rangers team. When you play 70% of the game in your opponents half it's obvious the team will be susceptible to counter attacks. Warburton said "the team defends as a whole" so it's unfair that Wilson gets most of the blame. Wallace and Tavernier seem to escape criticism due to their contribution in attack. In my opinion, Kiernan is a future captain as he's shown aggression and vocal leadership, more so than Wallace.
    What this defence needs is pace. If you look at teams who play with the same philosophy, like Barca and Bayern, the often play smaller, faster CB's {sometimes midfielders) who can chase down fast strikers. When Sir Davie was playing under Walter, all he had to do was hold his line and clear danger, rarely having to venture further than 30 yards from his own goal.
    This Rangers system is entirely different and fans must accept we are purely looking to outscore the other team.

  7. Think Messrs Warburton and Weir will know what is required to take the team on to the next stage of development. It has been amazing that the same defence has played,by and large,throughout the entire season without any lengthy injuries. I would imagine 4 Centre Backs,including the 2 in possession,would be the minimum requirement for next year's campaign.It has been 125 years since Rangers shared the first League Title with Dumbarton.Let's celebrate that historical fact with a comprehensive victory on Tuesday and congratulate all Rangers players and staff for their efforts throughout the season.

  8. You raise a very good point ibrox noise and I really do think we most definitely need a davie weir type centre half with loads of experience especially for going up to the premiership next season,I have to agree with the goalie andy goram's comments in midweek there when he said we should try and sign big john terry who's out of contract at chelsea,he's exactly the type of centre half we're crying out for and at 35 years old could easily play up here in cruise control for several years,doubt very much that we'd get john terry but would love it to happen and all his experience would rub off on others round about him

  9. John Terry would be a fabulous signing if he would come to Scotland and Rangers. I met John in Dubai in the close season, seven years ago and he told me he was a Celtic fan, but I'm positive that wouldn't stop him from coming. There is more chance of him signing for Leicester and still performing in the Champions League next year. If I was MW, I would sign two centre backs, with at least one of them very tall & quick & able to play as a holding defender if required on occasions. The manager should have brought on Dominic Ball when Rangers went 3 – 2 up against Raith Rovers and also should have tinkered with the way Rangers should have played the game out in Fife. Until the defence gets sorted out, and especially against Celtic, both our full backs must be less cavalier and only go forward when the move is on.

  10. I'd love jt to play for us but it's not going to happen as much as I and the rest of the Rangers fans would like he will end up in the us he would get 20 times as much money there as we can give him I wish it's not about the money as we would play for free but it is when he's no loyalty to uz warbs will find diamonds in the English divisions there's cracking players down there we need to buy bigger stronger players for next year we all no that I'm really looking forward to see who we bring in I just hope there money to spend we should defo get 5 to 10 million to spend with our season ticket sales we can fill a stadium anywhere in Britain keep it up WATP

  11. Halliday was excellent in the second half yesterday, but purely in an attacking sense. A proper defensive midfielder is needed and Matt Crooks may just fit the bill – he is playing superbly week-in week-out at Accrington. Of course, only time will tell if he can play for the Rangers.
    I suspect Warburton might go back in for Diagouraga from Leeds United. Steve Evans' days are numbered and the new manager will want to bring in is own players so he could be surplus.

  12. lets face it the manager has still not got his coaching badges yet and has a lot to learn we can get away with losing three goals in this league and still win but when we play celtic and lose three i dont think we can score four i think for next season we should go for mcinnes he is a ex bear who knows how to defend lets face it warbo has to little experience for us

  13. Mr Warburton I do not care how the team reacts in the dressing room after a shocking performance. The football pitch is where a team should react, not a fuckin' dressing room. Stop with the mass substitutions. They are losing us games and points. Ball for Wilson was the one we needed. It is really simple why Rangers have lost nine goals and a missed penalty.In the last three games Falkirk, QOS and Raith Have stopped defending in numbers and have attacked a Rangers defence that all season has been vulnerable but when put under pressure is a nightmare to watch.

  14. I think we have the right man this was a team threw together in a short space of time with little money he can spot a good player he of all people nos there's problems at the back there's important games cumin up ie the 17 th he can't come out n say I bet he's already got players lined up for next season we will just have to wait and see

  15. Is it me,,or is Foderingham getting away with murder when it comes to criticism?,,He is shocking. Barring a penalty save, which was an easy save,,he was rotten yesterday, yet he is smiling in his interview saying he is concerned about the defence?, We need a quality keeper and a Centre Half as well as a lethal striker who can bury those easy chances. We will get murdered against the shelic, and this has got to be realised!,, We should be winning this league easily and the petrofact,, its not big news,, but our defence should be docked 3 weeks wages for letting in 9 goals!!Fuck sake, wake up and smell the coffee,,Peterhead will not fear us next week, and the shelic will be fucking laughing at our defending,, simply not fucking good enough and Warbuton should stop bullshitting the fans and put his hands up and admit his defence is crap, instead of saying they are arguing in the dressing room,,do the talking on the park!!!

  16. If you analyse yesterdays game, you will find that all of our goals against was down to players not marking the opposition. The first goal against, the lad was not marked and was free to skelp the ball into the net. This has been a constant problem with players scoring goals against us just outside the box. Halliday is the main offender. The second goal, you can see the ball is in the air,,not one rangers player in sight,,the ball dropped to the lad to belt the ball, whereby foderingham made a feeble attempt at a save and bundled the ball over the line himself (tit). The third goal, there was 5 unmarked Raith Rover players in front of our goal!, 5 UNMARKED PLAYERS!!!!, in the last seconds of the game!!! are you fucking kidding me?!! Once again, Kiernan let the player outjump him to header the ball towards the goal,,, Watch Halliday and Zaelem and Tav and Miller watch whilst not marking anybody,, Comical!! Ridiculous defending. We need 2 solid CB's, a quality holding midfielder,, get rid of Ball, Kiernan, Wilson and Halliday, I dont care he's a Rangers man, he is crap!!

    • Yes it was the last thing I looked at before turning the match off in disgust. Five Raith players in a line three feet from goal with a solitary blue shirt holding a post to stop the cross.

  17. I don't think the keeper has what it takes for next year if we r going to challenge anyone next season I think we bought what was available at the time the defending is poor at times the players switch off that's where bringing in experience is key we r up there's plenty of time to get things right

  18. To the anonymous poster saying we should ditch 'the magic hat' for the sheep manager del boy mcinnes,get a grip mate!We've got the right manager in place don't you worry about that!!He'll build on top of the foundations he's already laid for this season for when we're playing in the big league next season,for what he's spent and the football he has us playing I truly think he's done a fantastic job in a short space of time,would never swap warburton for mcinnes,leave him at the sheep!!Warbs and weir will take us to the premiership crown within 3 years,in warbs we trust! !

  19. There is no point in even mentioning John Terry in the same breath as rangers. I like every other gers fan would be over the moon but it ain't ever going to happen. Those days are long gone we are not ever going to see a Gascoigne or butcher or a luadrup . The sad thing is it's just down to money when we had these players it was a different time we could compete with the man u and Chelsea's for players we could afford them. But the difference between us and them now is just unbelievable. We just have to find the hidden gems out there hopefully these couple of boys crooks and windass can be the real deal

  20. I hope the scouting department have had enough time to find another Carlos Cuellar – as much as I'd rather a good British centre half, they are usually cheaper bought from abroad.

    If we do look closer to home, what about Mark Reynolds of Aberdeen?

  21. 9 goals in 3 games. We may score a goal against Celtic but I fear we will get slaughtered by them

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