Scottish football fears Rangers’ return to the top

By Greg Roots
Even the most pessimistic Rangers fans cannot deny that our return to the top table of Scottish football is imminent. We will be crowned champions this season and we will playing in the SPFL Premiership in the 16/17 season.

The impact of this, however, has not quite sunk in yet. Five years ago, the prospect of sealing promotion back to the top division would seem preposterous. Roll the clock forward though, and the same event signifies the eventual end of what has been, for the majority, a dreadful spell in the bowels of Scottish football. Of course the new board and Mark Warburton have resorted prosperity to our great club, but nothing will ever rid my mind of the long-ball memories that McCoist provided us with.

Whether the rest of Scottish football likes it or not, our return will mark the re-instalment of the biggest club in the country at the top. This fact will be duly reflected in increased sponsorship money, increased TV revenues and no matter what your average social media ‘guru’ will say – average attendances will rocket skywards.  

There are droves of supporters who revel in pretending that we don’t exist. Let me tell you, (at least) 42,000 fans of ours will be at the national stadium to watch the Petrofac cup final. Not bad for a club that supposedly does not exist. Without wanting to divert on a tangent, that attitude stems from fear. These same fans that I have mentioned love to treat us as an irrelevance. Certainly online, they have managed to convince themselves that the mighty Glasgow Rangers are nobody. Seems a bit odd therefore that teams like Hibs, Dundee and Celtic will sell out their allocations for our matches whilst attendances at their other games are poor at best.

It’s not about them though. It has always been about the Rangers. Mark Warburton always says that he only cares about us, and whilst behind closed doors he will almost certainly be considering the opposition heavily in his match preparation, it is still a very valuable attitude to drill into our supporters.

We won’t be there to make up the numbers next season, we will be there to compete. At times I have been sceptical as to whether or not we can compete. That myth, I believe, has been completely dispelled though by both the way Hearts have done so well this season and also that Warburton has a whole summer to get the squad ready.

The impact of our return to the Premiership is summed up perfectly by nobody other than Celtic chief Dermot Desmond: “Rangers are a fantastic club with great history (and are) one of the great clubs in Britain and we have to acknowledge that, they are a motivation for us”.

Be warned Celtic, number 55 is right around the corner!


  1. The haters are in denial because the powers that be triled to kill us and failed. And in the process they hurt Scottish football.

    McCoist was an abject failiure and the contrast between the last season and now is magnificent, and only cements how special this title will be for us Gers.

    The haters can go eff themselves; this is our time.

    • can you explain in what way was Scottish football hurt,Most clubs in the top league are now debt free, unlike your club,

    • Your either thick as fuck or a Tim bigot. It's really not a quiz. Ask yourself about sponsorship just for a starter. The Rangers are the only show in town hence the reason your on here. Now go home

    • Mr anonymous I can certainly feel your hurt, so let's talk about debt, our debt will be turned into equity where as your clubs debt is well being touted in the media today who is Tierney being sold to, who is bitton being sold to, when do the co-op want their outstanding loans back,I think that will be soon, you see what does not pay back loans is big stadiums with big banners in them to cover the empty seats, tell you what does pay back loans though 42,000 tickets sold for cup final,sell out for cup semi-final,sell out for Rangers vs Dumbarton next Tuesday, by fuck I even heard today we have even sold out bar 72 in Ibrox to watch the semi-final on the tele,as I say though our debt will be turned to equity so all the above = kerching, aye we are doing not to bad for a team that doesn't exist ya Muppet

    • You've had 4 years head start after clubbing together with your bitter jealous mates and now your scared the big bad Rangers might come back and bite . Sad little bastards

  2. You just made a good morning great. Come the final whistle whether that be Saturday or Tuesday night and the points are in the bag i have no doubt i will shed a tear. My great club has been ridiculed, abused, kicked and spat on for the past 5 years and now the gates are open and we can continue to prove that we are the greatest team in the world. We shall not be moved.

  3. Great article well done writer. When you write these kind of 'dose of reality' pieces it usally gets well over 50 responses. Cue the stinking mob…

    There wont be snow at Parkheid this Christmas time.

    Feed the tims.

  4. Excellent artical, I really do believe that we can win the title next year, yes celtic have the budget to do business in the summer bt that means readjusting a whole squad, bringing in new management which I wish they wouldn't as Ronny is the man haha bt u can see what I'm saying, rangers are ready bar a few tweaks here and there but there is no real work that has to be done in terms of changing a squad, if they keep training well, keep the chemistry right in the squad we will all be in for what I believe will be one of the greatest years in rangers history, we've been kicked, ridiculed,tossed to the gutter and like a phoniex from the flames we have rose to once again take our place at the top of Scottish football, rangers then, rangers now, rangers forever

  5. It is great that we are going to go back up, But i dont think we will be as sucessful as you suppose, I think we should be looking for a top6 finish at leaset, We will probably have hiccups along the way but TBH after all the grief we have had in the last years, This will be like a holiday, Roll on i cant wait

  6. Stroll on everyone who has commented so far are great comments I think 3 years before we win title hope im wrong but yes we have been missed and only practical and honest people see that shame that gers fans are most practical and honest

  7. Win the petrofac. Every trophy in Scottish football
    . The Rangers fans are Amazing.Every league all clubs have made money. I love my club.
    Rangers till I die.
    Every fan , every city and every town visted with Dignity.

  8. People on here slagging present Rangers players are a disgrace, these players have all contributed in some way to the teams success this year. As for predictions for next year forget them , just enjoy this season, the future will take care of itself.

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