Warburton confirms how many central defenders he needs


Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton has today confirmed he needs
at least one other central defender in order to have an allocation of four for
the step up to Scotland’s top tier next season.
Having been dogged by defensive issues throughout the
season, not to mention a recent collapse of nine goals shipped in only three
matches, defensive security has been made a priority by the Magic Hat, with
Rangers’ boss conceding four are needed for next season.

“We’ve got three (defenders) this year, if we go up and all goes
well, maybe we need to have four for that position.”

This does not account for Dominic Ball’s potential departure
back to parent club Tottenham Hotspur, so if that comes to pass as opposed to
his loan being extended, Warburton strongly hints that he may be after another
two central defenders.
Evidently big strides are being made, but one thing is for
sure – none of them will be made by John Terry…


  1. I think we blundered getting rid of Moshni in all seriousness.The guy was unbeatable in the air, pace,power,a real physical presence.At least we'd have someone attacking the balls into the box we're failing to deal with.I know he the guy done his nut after the Motherwell shambles but somewhere in there is a player.I wish Warbs at least took a look at the guy first,that's all.Cue the pelters!

    • It's just taken me the last 45 mins to stop laughing Tam…then I had to check it's not gone back to April 1st… I take it you had your tongue firmly in your cheek mate?..

    • Tam I'm not laughing….I'm in complete agreement with you : Warburton may have got the best out of him, personally I loved watching him….that last Motherwell game he came on and looked our best player and you could never criticise his commitment. Those cowards who played alongside him should be the ones holding their heads in shame.

    • Moshni had a few great games for us but he would be found out against decent opposition. Fans liked him but his aggression went too far.

      I do agree with the fact we need a Robert Huth 'esq' at centre back. A 6'4" no nonsense battle hard centre back that gets rid. Not saying punt up the park on every occasion, only if he senses danger.

  2. We need 2 experienced central defenders and a top class holding midfield player. Leicester have two central defenders who know how to defend and we know where Leicester are in one of the best leagues in the world-there priority is defending. They are not world class players but have mastered the art of defending. So Warburton has to realize that defending is just as important an art as attacking. Just let us hope he takes on board the concerns which have been expressed over the last two weeks by many if we are to challenge for the league next season- not to be in the top six but be challenging to win the Premiership.

  3. I think Moshni is banned in 49 countries after last yrs royal rumble lol. Na mate no for me. Leave that shit in the past. I`m not gona give you pelters though haha.

    On a separate note. I cant help feeling a little bemused by some of our fans giving the management some heavy stick for the goals we have conceded lately. Like every other fan i hate the fact we have lost 9 goals in 3 games and it`s obvious that we need to strengthen and tighten up for next season but lets all remember that Warbs and Weir had one summer in a new job with new surroundings to assemble a FULL TEAM. We only wanted to win the league and start making progress as a club again. They have done such a good job that some fans have forgotten the original mandate and completely moved the goal posts to whats expected. Now we need to be competing with the tramps and the the rest of the prem. You cant have one summer and get everything spot on. So what if we dont get it right every game in regards to our defensive shape. We have the summer to right that. As far as i am concerned Warbs and Weir have surpassed all my expectations and no matter what the result with the manky mob i am one happy bear because i have NO doubt Warbs and Weir will get it right. Together with king and co they have given us "the fans" our club back and by the size of the crowds we are getting i dont think im the only one who appreciate all the have done.
    Cant wait for tomorrow night. Cant wait for next week. And i cant wait for the week after that…. When was the last time any of us felt like that. WATP Always have been always will be!

  4. I cannot thank Mark Warburton & David Weir enough for the job they have done for Rangers. They had one summer to assemble a brand new team and a fabulous new way of playing. This team play exciting attacking football that at times is brilliant to watch. The fans have been simply the best and supported the way this team deserved it. With keeping all the first picks this year with probably five better players to add to the existing players, we should be in a position to challenge for honours next year. Celtic should be favourites, with Aberdeen & Hearts there for the taking if we get the right players in the most important positions. I have great faith in the management & the background team to get it right.

  5. What about the promised King investment?

    Our wage bill is £7m, the Tims is £24 million.

    2 Accrington Stanley Galacticos isn't the answer.

    It's no use waiting till 6 or 7 games into our first season in the SPFL, finding ourselves 6 or more points behind Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts before spending some real cash.

    Get it fixed now.

    • Celtic can spend £50mil on wages and I wouldn't care. We have some catching up to do obviously but I'd rather do it in the shape of Leicester than Man U.

      Trust Warbs, the cash will be there to compete in Scotland and eventually Europe. Patience required. CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE, PETROFAC FINAL AND SEMIS IN SCOTTISH. Not bad first year with freebies and low fees.

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