Watch out Premiership – The Rangers are back


Summing up the nightmare Rangers fans have gone through over the past four plus years is an impossible task. From the Lloyds debt threat nonsense of 2011, to the overhanging Big Tax Case, to the plunge into admin thanks to a crook owner, then an exodus of mostly the entire playing squad, Rangers fans have had it anything but easy in the past half decade.

That 2012’s admin and Third Division demotion was simply the clear starting point for the upcoming grief fans would go through is neither here nor there; for four years Rangers supporters have gone through the wringer with diabolical teams, diabolical management, diabolical board members and diabolical infighting between the supporters themselves; at more than one point many feared the Premiership was becoming a pipe dream, and that Rangers would end up like Leeds – stuck in the lower leagues for longer than they deserved. Utd, of course, are still in the wilderness.

But tonight Rangers finally end their exile from the SPL. Obviously one is expecting a win from Mark Warburton’s men – failure to take all three points from lowly Dumbarton on a sellout night would be something beyond disappointing. As such, the players, despite recent shaky form, will surely deliver a party in front of their adoring supporters, fans who deserve happiness after the limbo state the Club has been in throughout the past years.

Rangers belong in the SPL – there is not a single serious football person on planet Earth who denies this. The only denials come from a mentally ill section of Scottish football who considers the Club dead, and are too arrogant to accept we are not.

Indeed, even all those employees of a Celtic persuasion both past and present want to see Rangers back at the top, and encourage it to happen. Neil Lennon himself referred clearly to ‘The Old Firm’ in present tense; and plenty of his peers have backed that up.

But either way, who truly cares what a bitter small section believes? It really is all about the Rangers, and tonight we finally end a truly horrible period of our proud history by sealing a well-deserved place at the top of Scottish football’s table.

Whatever you feel about the McCoists, McCalls, Easdales, Jardines (RIP), Greens, McDowalls, McCullochs, Mathers, Stockbridges – all these figures and more played pivotal roles in the journey for good or for bad, and they shape the Club we are today. Some deserve praise, others deserve to serve time, but all of them are part of the warts and all history of Rangers, and that history sees a new chapter tonight as the Magic Hat’s men finally end the purgatory we have endured for too long.

Many fans have admitted tears will be shed; and many are ready to plain celebrate. Whatever reaction you have to promotion tonight, it will be deserved.

There remains much to do, of course; summer tweaking of the squad is seriously required and there do still remain some divisions in the support.

But all of this is for another time. Rangers are back where we belong.

We Are The People.


  1. I hope the players enjoy the game tonight and show Scotland what we can do when we have to win under the pressure of a full house of Rangers hard to please supporters.

  2. Yasssss Rangers well done, bring on the semi. Our journey to the top kicks on now, the easy part is done now we want the title. Watp

  3. Let the mentally ill obsess. This is our time; we have completed a magnificent return from the bottom of the league system, and we can only go up.

    What a club, what a support.

  4. I can't wait to continue the party at Hampden on Sunday! Good times are back!!

    Hopefully we'll win the petrofac cup, as small as the competition is we can treasure it for many years to come.

    I can see fans in 50years looking at our trophies and titles and questioning the petrofac cup… it's one of those unique trophies we'll have that Celtic will never!!

    I believe King and Co will show the same financial support as the fans have. We pay so much to watch and support our team not only for the past 4 years but our entire lives following this great club through many generations.

    Rangers FC- A club like no other!!

  5. So proud to be a bear, don't think I've felt this much excitement since the Europa league run, like everyone has said tho, now we can kick on from these awfull leagues and back to the summit where we have always belonged, I'm not saying it's going to be easy bt with the right signings in the summer we will be more than a force next season WATP

  6. We are the people for sure and always have been . This may be divisive but I would like to see Ally Mc Coist welcomed back in some gesture to say thanks for what he did and endured during the journey

    • He did nothing but spunk away millions on terrible players and destroy the footballing side of the club.

      No scouts, no youth devleopment, no coherent fottballing strategy. Just lumped long balls to Kevin Fucking Kyle.

      And to top it off, he leached a wage after resignation.

      So he sould not be welcome back. He can pay his way in like the rest of us. Souness had him sussed out.

    • Nathan what age are you seriously? Are you old enough to remember the great times Ally gave us? I remember every single goal and it disgusts me that some Rangers fans would treat a legend this way. Let it go mate

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