Scottish football and its begging bowl for the Blue Pound


It is no secret that Scottish football’s finances have been in a black hole ever since Rangers’ deposing to the-then Third Division.

One only has to look at the embarrassing attendance figures and pathetic sponsorship deals the game north of the border now suffers to see the extent of the damage Rangers’ absence from the top flight has caused.

For example, Clydesdale Bank confirmed a four-year £8M contract in 2007 – but the subsequent deal agreed in 2012 once Rangers exited the top tier was infinitely less weighty, and indeed was completely scrapped 18 months later. This led to a two year lack of any sponsor at all, with Rangers’ absence putting all comers off.

After lengthy negotiations the SPFL finally managed a deal with Ladbrokes, one that was reportedly half of the value of Clyesdale’s but covers all four divisions.

In short, in so many areas, Rangers not being in the top flight cost the game up here dear.

Which is why, with the Ibrox giants on the verge of a triumphant return to the top, evidence suggests opposing clubs are already starting to ‘swallow their pride’ and embrace Rangers again.

How? For a significant example, St Mirren have allocated their entire South Stand away allocation to the travelling Rangers support for the final game of the season – if ever an example of the Blue Pound being worth more than its weight in gold to the Scottish game was available, this would be it. Indeed, Buddies’ supporters are incensed by the decision but Rangers’ clout is starting to speak again.

And expect more and more occasions in the future where opposition, who previously spat in Rangers’ face, suddenly bring their metaphorical begging bowls out instead.

Of course the question is then asked as to whether Rangers supporters should retaliate against opposition clubs who rejected that infamous vote; or more importantly, against the decision of the clubs’ fans.

Rangers bring with them serious money, and Scottish football clubs know this; in Rangers’ absence from the Premiership, income has universally deteriorated in Scottish football.

The question is, will loyal supporters punish opposition clubs by boycotting their grounds? Or will bygones be bygones and life go back to normal next season?

Time will tell.


  1. Dundee Utd and their Chairman won't be getting my cash that's for sure. Probably won't need to worry though as they are looking down! Happy to support Gers anywhere else.

  2. We can't blame everyone else for the way we let our club be ran by people in charge. The SPFL clubs never ran up the debt that caused our downfall

    • @ blame everyone else the fans are the life blood of any club put fans didnt have a say at corporate level back then and us as rangers fans had no control over the spivs when they were in control long and short they are responsible and there is proceedings to work out what went there was no we let the only control fan have is not supporting and rangers fan arnt good at that.

  3. Go to the games and support the Gers…. but buy nothing else than a ticket …. nothing from the pie stand…bring yer own food and drinks …. none of them deserve the blue pound …..they hate us….we dont care…

  4. Over the past couple of weeks I have heard both sides of this argument. My personal view is that we should send 500 fans to each away ground of clubs that voted to eject us from the SPL to support Mark Warburton and the team. It would probably cost the clubs to police and steward the game so therefore they would not make any money. It would be interesting to get a vote on this boycott or not to boycott. Our return to the top flight has to be seen as an opportunity to right some wrongs but my concern is that the feel good factor and the quality of the product on the park will cause us to forget not only the vote but how we as supporters of the best club in the world have been treated over the past 4 years.

  5. When I was younger, I went to every away game my very busy schedule would allow me to. There were hundreds of us did this including Andy Cameron, Willie Miller, Andy Smylie, Mohamed Ali etc. We were all in the Members Suite at Ibrox at the time, and it was like one big Rangers family. We hated missing any Rangers games and very few games were on the TV at the time. Television has definitely changed the way all supporters support their team now. Next year, most of our away games will be on TV in the Premier League and this gives fans the chance to decide which teams to punish by refusing to give them extra money by being there and still watch the boys in blue at the same time. This won't apply to Celtic home games as we only get 8,000 tickets and we need some fans at the game. Celtic should be forced to give us a bigger share of tickets and hide behind the police decision regarding health and safety of supporters. Celtic Park should be forced to make changes to their stadium to accommodate a larger amount of away supporters and changes that passes the police health and safety measures.

    • " all in the members suite" and didn't see the shit that was about to explode? There are thousands not hundreds of us who follow Rangers through thick and thin.we don't need to be hobnobbing in the "members suite " to boost our ego's. It's a pity you and your Hundreds of fellow egotists didn't pay more attention to what was going on around you.

  6. Hopefully Dundee United will not benefit from Rangers return to the top flight as they will be relegated. Sadly I see that their neighbours in Perth did them a favour at the weekend but if one owner is to suffer as a result of our demotion and imminent return I can think of no better a person than Thomson to watch his team drop from division to division and ideally out of Scottish Football completely!

  7. im glad you brought this subject up , i for one will never give the blue pound to any spfl club again what im doing is by not going ta away matches i would gladly give the blue pound to CLUB 1872 instead and if all fans did the same our club would be where we belong ,proud and wealthy instead of all other clubs down on their hands and knees begging for our riches so come on bears give them NOT A PENNY

  8. It would be a shame if Kilmarnock went down the year we came up as the were the only team not to put the boot in as for the others I agree boycott there grounds would send a big message but at the same time would be a shame for our players only getting support at home games it's 6 and had a dozen

  9. Definitely not a penny to Dundee united ,their chairman hates us ,so IF they stay up NOT A PENNY !!!!!!!

  10. Boycotting away games is just daft. The other clubs wouldnt need to police games so would save money there and they would sell out their stadiums with their fans turning out in cup final numbers to see the famous Glasgow Rangers!

    • other clubs selling out their stadiums most ridiculous post on here possibly celtic park put that's it

    • So you dont think aberdeen, hearts, dundee utd, hibs would sell out there stadium if Rangers were coming? Away and dont talk shite. You clearly have never been to many away games involving MY club!

  11. Be selective: Dundee United are an obvious no while Killie should be accepted as the chose to not put the boot in!
    The problem was Murray's creation and if not illegal at the time certainly immoral. How may of us have complained about politicians and bankers on the gravy train, this is simply a variation.

    • cant blaim murray one bit,,blaim the con men who thought rangers was there for the taking,, like that fat cunt at newcastle and the fans at newcastle still fill his pockets every game the mugs,,

    • Ibrox is filled every week anyway don't need away fans to come to Ibrox WATP. Boycott every ground except Kilmarnock! They didn't won't the most successful club anyway so if it was me in charge I would say to the fans Ibrox is open to watch away matches create more money for the club!

  12. me fuk dufc and the scum in the spl we will not go to any away grounds not one blue pound to any of them c–ts WATP

    • there is not one club in the spl who want you bigots in there ground ,go and bury you head in the sand , and blame everyone else ,Dundee utd , hearts Aberdeen and every club in spl are all debt free unlike yous who are running all over the world begging for loans

    • Where do I start with that? Scottish football is on its knees due the fact Rangers were voted out. Every ground we go to has a much higher attendance than normal. Sponsorship will only return with the return of Rangers. Bored already but as for bigotry take a look in the mirror you sad troll

    • so what your saying is when rangers are in the spl new sponsors are going to appear , have to put in a hell of a lot of money then , because if rangers are telling the truth they have a going concern warning with the accounts and £9.5 million debt and money owed to pay back from loans to sports direct,bored yet or will I go on

    • No please go on your points are not only wrong but shit. Inc sports direct loan paid months ago. So please enlighten me why your cheating chief ex is wrong when he said the loss of the Rangers costs your filthy mob around £10 million

    • sports direct money was paid back from money borrowed from Hong Kong business men that means extra interest,the going concern warning and £9.5 million debt were published with the accounts in march ,the difference is I'm willing to admit Celtic chief ex is in it for himself unlike you, who are burying your head in the sand when it comes to the crooks that ruined your club ,

    • So how much does your shower owe the co op? Either way the point is Scottish football can only be better off with the Rangers. Look at the sea of green seats. Too busy trolling like yourself I suppose

    • Oh and the interest free loans will be taken care of when the court cases are done with and there is a share issue. It's hard I know but get over it we are back so troll something else Timothy

    • congratulations I didn't know that your club were allowed to issue a share issue hope it is a major success like the last one when all you loyal fans put your money into your club the same way that Celtic fans did to save the club from liquidation ,oops to late

  13. If you are a non season ticket holder then simply come to more home games and buy Rangers pies.
    More money = Better players to hammer every team than hammered us 4 years ago!

  14. In my view,…selective discrimination,is the answer,..with Dundee Utd. at the top of the list,..limiting our away support to 500, order that the home club has to pay for police to steward the game,..cancelling out any admissions money,that they might receive from us, exactly what we should be doing !,…It's all very well "turning the other cheek" !,..but I for one,will not forget how Dundee Utd. tried to kill us off completely !…N.S.

  15. Every game we play the opposition fans sing you are not Rangers anymore but these same parasites are more than happy to give up three quarters of their ground capacity to our fans to line their own pockets and this applies to the SFA and the SPFL the so called wee diddy cup final that we are in apparently will generate a million pound for the SFA we should have no sympathy for any club treat them the same way they have treated us

  16. Boycott, no it doesn't work, but I for one will not buy any catering, programme,lotto tickets etc. Let these arsehole clubs die.They tried their damnedest to kill us…
    Hello folks!!!

  17. Unfortunately, our loyal fans will "follow follow" regardless of morals…we should starve all these clubs. An eye for an eye and all that….how can we expect certan members of our support to boycott away matches when at every home game, it sickens me to watch so-called fellow bears STILL going into Cashleys superstore and buying his merchandise. It sickens me to the core.

  18. I take it all the bears on here include the scum when talking about boycotting grounds. Can't be picking and choosing when taking that high ground. I'll be there it's all about the football for me not this shite let's move on its boring been listening to it for 4 years now

  19. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT We have had salt rubbed into our gashing open wounds for 4 yrs and unfairly punished by Scottish Football because our Family was a victim of one of the biggest Frauds in Scottish history.But not one voice of concern nor one of support from anyone outside our Family.
    So BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.Hard earned Rangers fans cash to Rangers FC only.
    RFC since 1872 "Official"
    P.S If we must attend these haters grounds wouldn't it be a spectacle if supporters clubs sent a maximum of 4 supporters each and have each set of 4 drape a flag over rows of empty seats and cover their away ends with a mass defiance of red/white/blue 👍

  20. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT We have had salt rubbed into our gashing open wounds for 4 yrs and unfairly punished by Scottish Football because our Family was a victim of one of the biggest Frauds in Scottish history.But not one voice of concern nor one of support from anyone outside our Family.
    So BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.Hard earned Rangers fans cash to Rangers FC only.
    RFC since 1872 "Official"
    P.S If we must attend these haters grounds wouldn't it be a spectacle if supporters clubs sent a maximum of 4 supporters each and have each set of 4 drape a flag over rows of empty seats and cover their away ends with a mass defiance of red/white/blue 👍

  21. I will be staying away from all away games next season, and using my hard earned cash to support the club i love at home only. The way we were stabbed in the back by pretty much every other SPL team was a disgrace and i won't be giving them a blue penny, never mind a blue pound.

  22. Can't quite understand the logic of some on here – boycott everyone except Killie ? – they did not support us – they abstained!
    Surely the 2 clubs that should not be targeted are Dundee and Ross County, they were not SPL at the time.

  23. Is there no way that we could get Mr King to open up Ibrox for away games,
    Say halfprice, I would go ,That way the money goes back into the club & nowhere else.
    Maybe Club 1872 could use there influence, I would definately vote for it, I would rather go to Ibrox that schlep to some dump on a freezing february.

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