Why was Martyn Waghorn excluded from Rangers’ POTY?

By Greg Roots

Yesterday, Rangers launched the official Player and Young Player of the Year vote – giving the fans over two weeks to pick their favourite player from each category so far this season.

Whilst this season the vote reflected a plethora of sparkling performances, as opposed to last season’s meaningless vote of misery, there were a few anomalies in the original post, albeit it more in the POTY rather than in the Young POTY. In the interest of clarity, here are the original 5 POTY candidates set out by the Club:

Lee Wallace, Jason Holt, Wes Foderingham, Robbie Kiernan and Barrie McKay.

The most glaring issue is that our top scorer is not included in this list. Not only has Waghorn outscored everyone, he has also been excellent in his build up play and his all round game makes him more than a worthy shout for a vote. This site ran a vote recently, in which Waghorn came 4th with 11% of the vote, behind Wallace, McKay and Holt respectively.

The club have since opened up the vote so that you are able to vote for anyone you like, but the original omission of Waghorn does raise questions. It is perhaps on the other candidates, but in my opinion Waghorn has definitely had more of an impact this season than Kiernan or Foderingham; who have both played really well, but with the greatest respect, in the Scottish Championship, a team of our size should be able to get by with any old keeper and back line.

Without Waghorn’s contribution this season, we would be 6 points worse off in the league – not to mention that we would have a considerably smaller goal difference. He also helped propel us on to the Scottish cup quarter final.

Whilst it is not a massive issue due to Rangers’ evolved position on the voting, it still begs the question why was he left out of the original poll. Do you think he should have been included?

panel management

James Tavernier also missed out on the cut, and whilst this is perhaps a reflection of his recent performances, we cannot forget how much he dazzled for the first part of the season.

If you have not cast your vote yet, you can do so here: http://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/player-year-2016-voting/


  1. It's always difficult when there have been no major standouts for the entire season. Tav has struggled for the last half dozen games at least and I think the number of games is catching up with him physically and a couple of others, which will make them think that next season will be much tougher in sustaining fitness and form levels for an entire season. Hence the reason we absolutely have to add another 3 or 4 experienced players to the sqaud.

  2. I've voted and my choices were our outstanding captain and left back lee wallace as poty and young barrie mckay as ypoty!

  3. I kind of understand it tbh. How many of his goals have came from the spot ? The service he has received is outstanding and he has missed a few sitters and looked knackered before his injury which i think was a blessing. I feel he is better suited of the right wing rather than striker. Not got a clue to why the goalie is in there as he has been average at best. Wallace deserves the poty but kenny Miller has been outstanding for me. His link up play and experience he brings to the side has been paramount to our success. Haliday has been solid. It is maybe unfair to signal out Waghorn for no inclusion when so many of the squad have played so well and should be in the vote.

    • i wish u tims would keep to ur own sites i like a wind up but kenny i kissed the celtic crest miller no fuckin way in king wi trust

    • I am born and Bred gers fan. I am sure when Kenny played for Celtic he regrets that but at this point in time his commitment on the park is second to none and that is my opinion , u disagree which is fine but don't question me on the club I love

  4. It was deliberately set as a gk, cb, wb, cm and one player from front 3, not the five best poty. Tav lost out to Wallace, waggy, and arguably miller, to mackay. Then common sense prevailed and the vote was opened to all players. Too much being made of it imo.

  5. Wes Fodderingham and Rob Kiernan???,, Kiernan has been responsible for 70% of our goals against with giving the ball away cheaply and incapability of heading a ball out of his own area,, Fodders positioning for cross balls and long range efforts against him is disastrous,, so no,, def wouldnt have considered them,,, Waghorn is a warhorse, his work rate has been phenominal and goals have been a plenty, gutted for the lad,, Tav by in large has been outstanding for me, albeit he is off the boil a bit, but still a great season from the man,,, its between Jason Holt and Lee Wallace for me, maybe Lee shades it, but hey, as a whole, they have all done well this season, with no where near the budget we used to pay rangers players,, Our Warbuton should be managers of the year also by a clear mile,, What A Guy!!!,,

  6. To the WHOLE Rangers team, they deserve players of the year…..we arent just one player we are a TEAM (long time since i last said that)…thanks to the Magic Hat and Davie Weir..!!……Its all about the Rangers…!!

  7. Martin Hamilton has hit the nail firmly on the head, from the moment I read up on Waghorn's form over past few seasons which was indifferent at best, those who suggest he wasn't a regular starter have to ask the question why not? I took my son to the pre season friendly against Burnley and you could see even then that he was guilty of missing the easiest of chances which I think is something that he has suffered from throughout the season despite his scoring record, watch him over 90 mins and you can start to question things about his performance overall. Yes he's strong and stands his ground but he's certainly not our POTY no chance. In my humble opinion of course. Just think of our previous striking legends that didn't get POTY in their highest scoring seasons Big Dado a prime example. Thoughts

  8. I fuckin hate Celtic. They are the shite on Rangers' shoes and their fans are lower than a snakes arse.

    The doctor said its healthy to share my feelings…

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