Mark Warburton – Scottish football’s Marmite?

By Greg Roots

Mark Warburton is universally adored by all Rangers fans around the globe, and not because he has come to the club as a high-profile boss who sees Rangers as a large paycheque with the side-challenge of managing in the gold-fish bowl that is Glasgow. Rather, he has come to us as a bright prospect with a vast amount of managerial potential. Having plied his trade in the national leagues as a right-back, he went on to work in London’s Square Mile as a city trader with RBS and AIG amongst others. The latest chapter in his life was to return to football, this time as coach for a local school team. He developed a great knowledge of the game as he travelled to watch European giants such as Barcelona and Ajax, studying them closely to develop his own ideas.

After being appointed the sporting director of Brentford, he soon became the first team manager. During this time, he took the newly promoted Championship side to the brink of promotion to the Barclay’s Premier League. This was by no means an easy ride, and the difference in levels between Scotland and England can be summed up by how Neil Lennon took Bolton to the brink of relegation during his time there!

Despite all this, the rest of Scottish football seem to regard Warburton as some sort of ‘outsider’. The media would appear to have an agenda against him in the sense that he is often faced with the same feeble questions apparently in the hope that he slips up or perhaps says something that the press can use against him. Coupled with that, we have fans of other teams who constantly take to social media to question Warburton’s credentials. It is difficult to ascertain whether or not they are doing this simply because he is the manager of Rangers, or if they genuinely believe that he is not worth his salt as a football manager.

I find it very difficult to comprehend it being the latter issue, simply because of the way he has transformed us and without doubt has us playing the best football in the country. Mark Warburton is the man responsible for setting Rangers back on the way to the glory days, and this fills the rest of Scottish fans with a misplaced hatred just because they cannot accept that we are alive more than ever.

Ally McCoist kept us going through the dark days, but Mark Warburton is truly who we have to thank for bringing Rangers back from the abyss.


  1. MW has predictably came out to defend his team's recent loss of six goals in two games. Fair enough.At the same time I hope he replaces Wilson and Tavernier with ball winners. Without these changes this team is too lightweight and lack a ruthlessness that will surely be put to the test next year if not before then.
    For the second game in a row Wilson turned his back on an approaching player as the ball was smacked into the Rangers net. Woeful.
    Mr Tavernier is not and never will be a defensive fullback.He does have many attributes for sure, but not at right fullback.

    • Totally agree we need defenders first and foremost at the back nothing less.if they can pass out of defense its a bonus.I am sure Warburton will recognize this.

  2. I have to say, why would we care what fans of other clubs say on Social media?
    We are Rangers, we really don't care.
    He is definitely good enough for us, let them say he is not good enough when we are winning leagues. We are not listening now, we won't be listening then…

  3. "Those who enjoy their own emotionally bad health and who habitually fill their own minds with the rank poisons of suspicion, jealousy and hatred as a rule, take umbrage at those who refuse to do likewise and they find a perverted relief in trying to denigrate them"
    Johannes Brahms

  4. Scottish media don't have an agenda against the magic hat….they have an agenda against Scotland's most successful team…full stop!!……They are running scared that a team who got demoted to the 3rd tier are going to have a MASSIVE chance to lift the spl title next year as septic have not kicked on as they should have!!….our beloved right back might not be the greatest defender but there is no denying he will be one of our best attacking rb ever!!…..sure we've lost a few goals lately but ffs if anyone who watched us before MW took over could ever dream of seeing us play the free flowing attacking play we are this season then they are telling lies!!… MW and DW we trust!!….let them do their jobs guys…..they won't let us down!! WATP

  5. fear no foe w a t p we are back we are coming for u tims no surrender i can smell ur fear or is it ur b o simply the best

    • the smell is the B S you talk, remember last season when your team did surrender against celtic,what is watp, is that you saying we are the peasants , go and get your begging bowl out ,

    • How about you go and read about your own mob of terrorist sympathising paedos? We are the people look it up

  6. What a difference a year makes, the Gardner and clueless McDowell have gone. Football as it should be played has returned, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable. Next year will take care of itself, enjoy the moment the journey is almost over.

  7. "Warburtons a proddy, he wears an orange sash, he could've stayed in England but he said kiss my ass. His assistant is Sir Davie and heres the reason why, both men they go out marching on the 12th day of july"

  8. Couldnae care less what media or any others supporters think. MW has done a great job and should be recognised. Probably no chance of Manager of the Year but he should be! Hope they give it to Ronnie and he stays on!

  9. We are the people comes from a very famous saying used by a shop steward called Jimmy Reid, I suggest you go & read about him, It would be a better way for you tp spend your time than coming on here & Calling people peasants

  10. Like any manager he will always defend his team & rightly so, The main thing for me with Warburton & Weir is we need to get them signed up to long term contracts in case any english clubs come calling, We are moving in the right direction & this season will be a good yardstick to see ow far we have come, I would like to see Mr king dig into his pocket & provide some more cash as we will probably need to strengthen the squad when we go up [ When we go up sounds good doesnt it?] Cant wait

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