Why Rangers have everything to win, and Celtic everything to lose

Why Rangers have everything to win, and Celtic everything to lose

With Rangers due to clinch the Championship title within six days or even two, attention turns to two significant upcoming cup clashes; the Petrofac Cup Final versus Peterhead on Sunday week at Hampden, then the big one; Rangers v Celtic a week later at the same venue.

Rangers should win their first cup silverware in many years against Jim McInally’s men, but with today’s ballot for the following match being prominently in discussion, this entry focuses on the first Old Firm clash since February 2015, and Rangers’ chances against their bitter rivals.

Rangers’ display last year against Ronny Deila’s outfit was something less than pathetic. Management who did not want to be there, players who were ill-befitting of the shirt (Kyle Hutton and Ian Black started for Rangers for God’s sake) and messy board shenanigans made for a forgettable and dire afternoon where Rangers were comfortably put away. Celtic barely left first gear to do it.

The situations at both camps have changed a lot, with momentum swinging squarely into Rangers’ path. Progressive, dynamic and well-regimenting new management, a hungry and youthful new squad and a Championship title in the bag with the guaranteed promotion that comes with it, Rangers are most definitely on the rise with building momentum and a feelgood factor among fans.

Meanwhile at Parkhead most Celtic fans now loathe their manager, decrying him for deteriorating their club such as getting knocked out of Europe a world record five times in two seasons, and for failing to take advantage of Rangers’ absence from the top flight by cementing their position as Scotland’s top club. Instead they sit only four points clear (with a game in hand) in a division which is supposed to be a one-horse race.

No one would pretend that Celtic and Rangers’ current squads are equal – Celtic have the better players and sit at the summit of Scotland’s top tier.

But Rangers have something Celtic completely lack – impetus. Rangers have taken their fall, suffered three years of misery, and this season have scrubbed it all away clean and rebuilt into something fans can believe in – something which works for its manager, its supporters and everyone connected with Rangers. Something which, next season, will see investment rise, income rise, even better players arrive and in time a slow but sure return to the top.

Meanwhile Celtic just stagnate or even decline – it is a club going nowhere.

This is not to say Rangers will win on the 17th – on paper and on the pitch Celtic remain the better team. But in a one-off cup match, look how Rangers blew Dundee away. There is no reason that cannot happen against Celtic too.

The players just have to believe in themselves – and a victory for Mark Warburton would be the biggest response to the likes of Neil Lennon mocking him.

Rangers have everything to win and Celtic have everything to lose.

Let us make both happen.

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  1. lennons no back yet and hes started his shit talk, he will bring nothing to our football but hatred.

  2. Some of our forward play has been breathtaking and would trouble any defence. I think it will be a high scoring game as both defences are poor, possibly 4-3 and I believe we have what it takes to out-score them and progress to the final.

  3. we have a lot to lose if gers win we will be stuck with warbo and weiro for another year and lets face it beating partimers 4 – 3 at home is a great result as weiro says god help us

  4. i dont think warbo can handle pressure lets face it stubbs wound him up he bit now lennon winds him up he bites again he;s like some old dog from dogs trust he bites eyery time

  5. Hamdump will look like a ploughed field by the time we play the failed potato farmers which unfortunately will suit them but I still believe we can put them in their place

  6. I'm amazed at the septic troll comments, if every manager didn't respond when asked about what an other manager has said then the sports pages would read no comment every day, evidently warbs was going to retaliate ti lennons vile and unwanted opinion, the facts are celtic on there day are a really good side bt that's on there day nd there hasn't been many of those lately,the rangers squad is going lean hungry and playing passing football that no other team in Scotland is playing, not in a biased way bt I really do fear for the tic, if there not careful rangers will do a number on them, comfortable win for rangers I predict and then onto the final to win what celtic couldn't in four years….the treble, I have to say life as a rangers fan is sweet WATP

  7. Doesn't matter what the score is in the semi against them. Warbs and Weir have earned a free shot at them. If we win their legends overnight. And if they don't we just keep ploughing on with upgrading the training facilites. Upgrading Ibrox. Upgrading the first team. The fans are pulling together as one now. As I said. It doesn't matter what the score is. Our great club is on the way back to its rightful position at the top. And that's what matters most.

    Even though a said it doesn't matter. If we do pump them i'll be watching it on repeat for 3 days laffin ma titts aff at the tramps.


    • quite probably the 2nd worse rangers team in history only last seasons team come close , and you are happy, god help you , the media and mr king is stringing you along

    • A religious cult that covers up child abuse. The richest organisation on earth with 90% of the followers in poverty. We're more than happy with where we are twat. God help you

    • As I said we are happy where we are as in our football team. The children abused whilst in the care of yours need the help pal. Now go read about your own

    • Ask yourself why you're on here Timothy. Cos you hate Rangers? If so ask yourself why. Me and 4 generations of my family have all followed and not one of us have been anything other than decent family men. You can get to fuck with your bigot comment. If dissin an organisation that sweeps child abuse under the carpet makes me a bigot then so be it. If enjoying watching the Rangers makes me a bigot then so be it. If singing songs about the ira and desecrating the memory of men that died so you can spout your shite makes your mob bastards so be it!!!

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