This is why it’s great being a Rangers fan

By Greg Roots

As Rangers season ticket holders would have noticed, the club today sent out an email confirming that season ticket renewals are not far around the corner. The renewing (or not renewing) of a season ticket is one of the biggest moments of the year for any football fan.

Sometimes there are those who see it as a first-time opportunity, or perhaps you are a lifetime supporter who doesn’t even consider any external factors before inevitably renewing. You then have those people who see it as a welcome end to a not very enjoyable season.

Unlike our neighbours in the east, who have a section of support who promise never to return as a result of their ridiculous defiance of the might Rangers’ status as the world’s most successful club, we are fortunate to be in a place where we simply cannot wait for next season. It is not my duty to justify why I’m renewing, nor am I criticising anyone who doesn’t renew – but it is fair to say that the good times are certainly back at Ibrox.

When you compare where we are now, to the same stage in any of the last 3 years then it is a very comforting thought to know that next season we will be back to where we belong. Not only are we on the brink of promotion, and let’s be honest we really should be getting promoted, but we are playing an attractive and exciting brand of football that no other fans in Scotland are fortunate enough to witness.

During my lifetime, Walter Smith has been our most successful manager, assuming that success is defined by the concerned individual’s trophy haul. However, in Mark Warburton we have a boss whose main goal is to provide the fans with a product that we take delight in being able to watch. Whilst I’ve occasionally been sat at Ibrox bemoaning our decision to play yet another short corner, never have I been bored this season:  A feeling which was perhaps all too common throughout the last 3 years.

Next season also provides us with an opportunity to stand up and be counted for at Scottish football’s top table for the first time in almost 4 years. We are always going to be the biggest club in Scotland, but whilst in the lower leagues we were not able to defend our position at the top of our game. For sure, we are going to be faced with continuous of “You’re not Rangers anymore” chants, and the barrages on social media will continue. However, this will be our time to put them all in their place.

We are on the precipice. We are so close to being back to where we belong. We are Rangers. Then. Now. Forever.


  1. the 4th goal on Saturday began with a short corner and it was one of the best team goals I've ever seen

  2. Your always going to get a varied opinion about the team given every fan has their own view. I hear a lot of grumbling about our defence "which I can understand" but rewind as the article says any time in the last 3/4 years "maybe more" and it's clear to see that our club is heading in the right direction. Murray park is being upgraded with a new stand. The whole youth system is now geared towards the first team. The first team squad are young and hungry for success. And to top it all off we have Warbs n Weir leading and directing it all. Playing the kind of football every fan in the country wishes to see. Plus King and Co are working behind the scenes to get the business back to where it belongs.

    I won't be completely satisfied until we win the prem. That's when the journey back will be completed for me. Don't think I'll be waiting long though. Few good players to strengthen the first team during the summer and we will smash the prem next yr. If Warbs wins it next yr he'll be a legend but that's not expected. The fans will tolerate a bedding in year. I just don't think we'll need it. WATP

  3. We need to alter the words to The Billy Boys.Up to our knees in nationalist blood, up to our knees in septic scum whatever sing it loud sing it proud

  4. I couldn't care less about what fans of other clubs think.

    The authorities have ruled, and they ignore it out of petty hatred and jealousy of our tremendous legacy.

    It's good to be a Ger again.

  5. Im hoping to see a record breaking amount of season tickets sold for next year!

    Has any team apart from Notts Forrest won the top division straight after winning promotion? Would be another great record for the bears to achieve!

  6. When I left primary school and had a day off I used to drop back in to play football and swagger around those younger than me – when I had to play with the big boys at the bigger school it was a different story – not so easy to stand out and nowhere near as successful – get your season tickets bought now before you realise how badly armed you will be for the challenges of next season and ideally buy before the Scottish Cup semi as a lot of dreams and optimism will be shot to pieces that day.

    • Yes I can imagine hanging around primary schools is quite common amongst you shower. Go read about them twat

    • Yes and you lot are armed to the teeth, scraping along in front of Aberdeen, who have bottled it every time they've had a chance to properly narrow the gap. Yes, go back to hanging around the primary schools, stick to what you're good at. Timmy troll.

    • Geez you guys have disturbing minds with the way you interpret things. Winning the lead against bottlers Aberdeen as opposed to winning the Championship against bottlers Hibs – not much difference except being a league apart – but yeah I admit I would rather be winning the Championship in such circumstances rather than the top flight – boom!

    • the hibs bottlers beat the aberdeen bottlers……..what does that say about the calibre of second place aberdeen lol

  7. If I was a fan of the Methadrome, I suppose I would be so ashamed I would want to spend my time talking to fans of the world's most successful club. Or kill myself.

    Because I am a Rangers fan, I don't have to make that choice, so I never visit their sites. Welcome to Rangers sad, deluded knucle draggers with your devil dogs. This is where grownups talk

  8. I find it funny that Celtic fans and others go on about rangers being new club and yet they all accept Celtic who seem to be anirish republic club they need to look out the return ticket maybe they lost it with the brains and we should accept the fact of child abuse they seem to enjoy as being the fact most off them have never grown up and if the chapels let there clergy off with it have pity on them mentally I'll people need help in community or relocated to the institutions they were released from

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