Hibs’ bottle crashes again as Rangers go 11 clear


Only a few days ago this site published this piece discussing how Hibs’ failure at home to Morton had given Rangers all the incentive in the world to rule the Championship with an iron fist, losing as they did by 3-0 at Easter Road.

Well, today they have gone one step better – not only crumbling for the second loss in a row, but quite simply handing Rangers the title after Mark Warburton’s men secured all three points against St Mirren.

Rangers now lead Alan Stubbs’ side by a colossal 11 points, and that means the Ibrox men have three losses and a draw in their locker as insurance even if Hibs now win every single match between now and the end of the season.

To say Hibernian have bottled this big time is the understatement of the year – while Rangers have dropped only two points this calendar year, Hibs keep on shooting themselves in the foot, and the gap between the ‘rivals’ continues to grow.

It is true Rangers are labouring to some of these wins, and it is certainly a bit disappointing that Warbs’ team has not managed a winning margin of more than a goal since they managed a 2-0 at Cappielow, but the real truth is it is not how you win that counts.

It is simply that you do.

Walter Smith’s Rangers hardly played silky-smooth football either half the time – but it was built from winners, players who knew how to get that result when it really counted.

While Warburton’s squad are obviously not of that vintage, they are nevertheless learning to win when form is not great. Play has been too intricate, too convoluted, and trying too hard to walk the ball in the net at times; but when it has really counted in the 90, someone has done enough to attain all three points.

And winning is what matters.

It is what Hibs are failing to do, and what Warbs’ side are starting to grind out. Naturally we would love the standard of play to be consistently high and cricket scores to pour out all the time, but that is not happening – but the gap at the top keeps growing.

In three days, the lead has gone from eight points with a game less, to 11 points all in. Despite having had well over 18 months with his squad (head start of a year over Warbs), Alan Stubbs still does not know how to make them deliver the results when it truly matters – yet Rangers are starting to steel that into themselves.

Killie, Falkirk and now St Mirren have faced a Rangers team who would not give up, who kept going at their opponents and got that critical winner with virtually the last kick.

Robert the Bruce’s little spider’s message rings loud in how Rangers have continued to plug away.

And it is what separates champions from nearly-men.


  1. Hibs have simply lost their way ever since signing Stokes, he has put a bad taste or feeling in the dressing room.

  2. Good article.
    It's frustrating and so tense watching Rangers now, but I must agree one way or another we're pulling it off.
    Hibs are just horrendous and jokers, but I'd feel more comfortable if we can just win more better,,,Too much Fuk*in passing and messing around.
    I trust Warburton (how couldn't we?) but it just seems we're sometimes hoping now instead of knowing.

    But we all must keep strong and faithful..We Are The People.

    I believe we'll win this League.


  3. This Rangers squad are still learning. I am a Brentford fc supporter who followed Rangers very closely since this pre season when we sadly lost Warbs weir and McParland. Rangers arent scoring as many but they aren't conceding any now with clean sheets a plenty.Come next season in the SPL they will have found the balance between the two just like warbs did with Brentford.

    two just like warbs n weir did at brentford.

  4. I think Stubbs deserves credit for giving us a title race for 26 games. Although we will win the league by at least 15 points, the players have learned a valuable lesson this season. They now know that every 3 points is crucial for Rangers, regardless of the league we are in. They have coped with it thus far and found a way to grind out results when teams park the bus.
    This season has also shown the areas that need addressed prior to our return and Warburton will have recognised this.
    If we had won this league at a canter by 30-odd points, we may have gone up with over confidence which is never a good thing for football players.

    • stubbs is just a trouble making fuker, and as for that face,,,maa cats still under the bed after looking at his pic 3 weeks ago,,,,lolll

  5. I believe we will win the league but their is still a lot of work to be done. I think we need 7 wins to win it. With a bit of luck Wags might be back by the end of season & we can let him have a few run outs, However its all about the next game at Raith 3 points there & onwards & upwards Id just like to see us getting a few early goals to settle nerves at it is becomin a bit worrying with all this last minute stauff

  6. And this is despite all the help from septic
    ie.stokes & henderson.ha ha.
    It looks as if they need they two as their nearly as bad as his. LOL.

  7. Really enjoyed the game on Saturday like the boy King hope we can sort a deal for him and Michael O Halloran looks good player. Once we add a few more it will be a good squad , more than enough to do the business in the SPL, Bring it on

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