Celtic should have ‘done a PSG’ – but it’s Rangers on the rise


Normally this site avoids subject matter related to Celtic’s endeavours like the plague, because it is all about the Rangers for us. However, following Hibs’ shock loss last week, their Glaswegian cousins likewise stumbled one tier higher when they visited New Douglas Park and crumbled to a 1-1 draw.

Generally I would shrug and dismiss it as unimportant to Rangers, but it is now starting to emerge that its relevance to all things Ibrox is growing.

In four years, Celtic have had a chance to ‘do a PSG’ – with their vast resources, they had a chance to open up an embarrassing lead at the top of the Premiership ala their Parisian counterparts in Ligue 1. Instead, tonight, once again they stumble – out of Europe already (as usual) they are barely even a force in Scotland any more, and that is for Rangers, in time, to viciously exploit.

They should be a comfortable 20 points ahead, given the financial gulf between them and the likes of Aberdeen and Hearts (Hearts’ entire first team is worth roughly the same as Dedrick Boyata, for instance), and yet tonight they sit on an edgy seven point gap with a game more.

They should be boring their fans with routine win every single match, with maybe the occasional shock to spice things up. And yet, 5 losses and 3 draws tells its own story of 27 matches.

A four-year head start and they do not just have nothing to show for it, they have plain gone backwards.

Rangers, meanwhile, might not be the force they were in the SPL yet, but Warburton’s men, stumbles notwithstanding, are heading in completely the opposite direction to Parkhead’s finest.

Sure, Rangers’ squad is not quite there, and there is still a great deal of work to do – but it is going in the correct lane. Celtic’s continues to fester and deteriorate, while their fans do little but scream ‘Sevco’ or ‘zombies’ as if their opinions of Rangers will make their own failing outfit better.

It will not, lads, and you know it. Celtic, their fans, and their board have sat on their laurels and spent most of the last four years giving Rangers abuse. Meanwhile, that removal of their eye from the ball has seen a massive opening for Rangers to plunder, a huge gap which Celtic’s own laziness and lack of apparent vision has exposed.

When their boss Deila was interviewed tonight, there were no excuses, just a pale-faced expression which said more than his words did. He and his side have completely failed to convert their position into anything tangible on the field, and the closer Rangers get to the Premiership, the closer Celtic’s ineptitude is to being revealed to its full extent.

By no means would I foolishly claim Rangers are a better team now, of course they are not – Celtic would probably still beat Warbs’ men – but the future is what counts, and while the Magic Hat takes his men up, Celtic move sideways and down.

And they have no one to blame but themselves.


    • so celtic have went backwards,,,,here,s our version,,,ave 2 trophy,s out of 3 last 4 year,,healthy bank account,,massive squad,,free shot at champs league every season,,now yourselfs,,the rangers in last 4 years have failed to get into top league in 4 years,never reached a major cup final in 4 years,have loses against,annan,stirling,alloa,to name a few on history books,beaten more times by premier league teams in cup ties than won,,getting by on loans,,jumble sales in primary schools ,no shirt income,dont get carried away in pub league as u know your still miles behind,,as long as dave kings in charge this teams going nowhere fast,,remember plenty court cases still to defend with no budget for players,yes glasgow celtic are very worried,,hahaha

  1. you.septic scum…..will see more fans than you can produce….as usual,,

    as for you,scum…who call us different names,to try and make yourselves feel better cause Your club cant.. ENJOY OUR RETURN AND your loss….!!! We are still, Scotlands BEST supported team..and as always…We Are The People.. the mighty Glasgow RANGERS..!!

    • Septic scum ? As usual spouting pure hatred get a life.cant wait until your RETURN see yous get hammered here we go towards 10 n a row

    • Its hilarious really. Whenever the dirty unwashed have a bad day they come out with sevco. Brilliant. It's all they got. They follow a club that sweeps child abuse under the carpet and openly supports terrorism and smells. Yet get so bothered about business law. Actually funny

    • Pathetic? All they've got? Your club dying is as bad as it gets in a sporting sense! But to be fair pretending it never happened is a close second haha.

  2. Absolutely obsessed with Celtic because they were they undisputed CHAMPIONS of Europe! Fair play, totally understandable of being in awe of such a great club

  3. What does WATP even mean? LOL Gods chosen people eh? Point me to the biblical verse/page that confirms this then i will agree. Cheers

    • Psalm 95:7-11 New King James Version.

      For He is our God,
      And we are the people of His pasture,
      And the sheep of His hand.

    • If you know your history {as you claim to do] Then you would have heard of a guy called Jimmy Reid who staged a "Work in" at the shipyards. Google it { i assume you can do this]

  4. If we beat Celtic to win the league ,it will be the same as years ago, anyone can win this and if you lose you are shit and if you win you don't get the credit ?Obviously the money is in British football so we should be invited to play in England as we have the 3rd best supported club in Britain .But if Celtic got invited they would refuse as they aren't British ,they are a pick and mix club and always will be

    • john hartson slams warbutton in sun newspaper,,remember who you talking to mr button your a championship team and celtic are 4 time top league champions,,fact,,

  5. Celtic have missed an incredible opportunity to dominate Scottish football and become a force in Europe.

    Highlighting the financial gulf between them and every club in Scotland they've had the opportunity to build a spine of the team and gradually enhance the squad over the four years.

    Rangers need a couple of strong signings nothing drastic as I believe in the bulk of our current squad.

    Also… why is Celtic Park half empty every week? Clearly their stadium is far too big for them!

    • as it stands celtic will dominate scottish football for years to come,,remember celtic are getting slated for dominating a league you aspire to be in,,not celtics fault you failed last year,,one things for sure,,hearts will never beat celts 20 odd points in league,,underfunded take over as your about to find out,,if dave king has warchest why ask for rst or sos ,s money,,

    • The tic fans come here and attack us simply because;
      A] Half of the ones "attacking" couldn't find Celtic Park with a sat nav.
      B] They are not Celtic fans but merely Rangers haters.
      C] Their own team couldn't win a treble in a one club league.
      D] They are deluded and obsessed.
      E] Ill Phil has infected them all.
      F] Any or all of the above.

      It's all about the Rangers.
      And well they know it.

  6. Way bak to the tottie fields, bet Ronnie would even want to play on that instead o grass, ha ha ha you are the silly bhoys,here we come ain't no stopping the hat

  7. "Sure, Rangers’ squad is not quite there, and there is still a great deal of work to do – but it is going in the correct lane. Celtic’s continues to fester and deteriorate, while their fans do little but scream ‘Sevco’ or ‘zombies’ as if their opinions of Rangers will make their own failing outfit better."

    Yup. As idiotically predictable as we thought.

    • Why? Because the opinion of those unresponsive to facts and evidence is irrelevant. If someone tells me the earth is flat, I am liable to laugh in his/her face. These people are on the same epistemic page.

  8. That must be the most Tims to comment on an Ibrox noise post in a while. Well done to the writer you have really cut the cunts to the bone with a servere dose of reality. The truth hurts!!!

    • johnjamessite,,rangers site,,,tells the truth about king n co and whats happening at £brox,,admin2 not far away and b4 you start spouting its all rubbish feel free to have a look,,4 years in and a few good results in a league that merits alba screening dosent add up to much,,no wifi,,no nomad that dodgy dave promised,,no stock exchange listed,,no warchest,,aye the truth hurts,,

    • Admin 2? So we are the same club? Yous cunts are confused, a suppose a fucked up childhood will do that too a person.

  9. I guess some people didn't enjoy the game last night ehh . You draw with the mighty Hamilton and think I know what to do I'll try and wind up the gets fans That ill make me feel better. Complete and utter half-wits you should really be more concerned with your own team and their failings. But instead your more worried about us loyal fans ehh . Every team in Scotland just hope you keep your manager right were he is just getting you worse and worse. At least we're going in the right direction up idiots I tell you complet idiots

  10. I'm confused! Is this a Celtic page? There are a lot of uneducated inbred rapists leaving comments about zombies rather than worrying about there own club. It's all about the Rangers ����

  11. Whilst it is great to see, just remember so much can change from one summer to the next.

    I remember the massive points swing when Advocaat came in. Then again the other way when O'Neil came in at Celtic.

    A new coach, supported by a good budget, can change things at a football club very, very quickly

  12. Where is the money coming from to improve the squad?

    Part of next year's ST monies already spent.

    Warbs has finally sussed thaf King's talk of a war chest is a fairy tale and is looking for a way out ……..Derby?

    The talk about shorter contracts and scrapping the development squad is all about saving money……..no matter how Level 5 try to spin it.

  13. I love this page but real shoul ignore the uneducated imigrants from east end none of the filth should play for scotland as long as they fly Irish flag and sing scum songs about ira and every other person with sense in gb should realise this lot supported bombing in this country killing kid not forgetting all the other crap they and the church they support carries out against kids jimmy stabile must surely be one of them season ticket holder ?

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  15. Get on that youtube video,it,s hilarious.Try and encourage the Timmys to take a look to give them a break from trolling.

  16. Get on the recommended youtube video, it's hilarious. Try and encourage the Timmy trolls to have a break from writing shite and have a laugh.

  17. You know what I dont understand? If we aint the same club then why do the bother us? Surely if we really are a new club then they wouldnt be fussed about us either way. They seek us out so they must be.

    A day in the life of
    Patrick Fitzpatrick:

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    12:00pm appointment at the Bru

    14:00pm confession at the pineapple

    15:30pm walks home via St Marys primary for an eyeball at the talent

    17:00pm watches 5 mins of an episode of the power Rangers hoping they mention sevco

    17:30pm dinner time…mince tatties and doughballs

    18:00pm phones superscoreboard to talk about the history of Rangers

    19:00pm check the Rangers sights again..

    20:00pm Off to bed to dream of sevco hating but doesnt count the sheep..oh no never counts the sheep…….zzzzzzzz

  18. Imagine reading this blog if you're a smelly tim!! I can't think of anything that would make me read ANY sort of blog or piece about the mhanky mob, yet, there are plenty commenting on this thread and answering back points made within it. Which obviously shows they are reading it in its entirety! How fucking sad and pathetic the smelly tims are! Just admit it you shower of mhanky potato picking middens…. You're always in our shadow! pmsl

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