Hibs’ unwanted 3IAR, while Rangers charge back to Premiership

Hibs’ unwanted 3IAR, while Rangers charge back to Premiership

It is now almost 49 months since Rangers went into administration and ended up in the wastelands of Scottish football, with cold nights at backwater away grounds in the nether regions of the national game becoming a regular feature.

Rangers, as a Club, and as an institution, have been through hell and back. The fanbase has suffered four long years in purgatory, waiting for Rangers to finally return where they belong, and now, with an astonishing 14-point gap suddenly tearing open at the top of the Championship, that eventuality is within touching distance.

Rangers’ closest ‘rivals’, Hibs, succumbed to their third league defeat in a row when Rangers’ on-loan midfielder Andy Murdoch’s winning strike condemned them to defeat at Palmerston Park to James Fowler’s Queen of the South last night, while Rangers strolled to their most comfortable win in some time against the visiting Raith.

From the hype in January that ‘Stokesy’s gonna get ye’, when Celtic tried to disrupt Rangers’ title charge by loaning Hibs their notorious striker, to that five point gap as it was then, to the Irish forward’s utter failure at Easter Road and the gap almost triplicating, it could not be more karma if it tried.

Their manager Alan Stubbs quite simply looks a fool:

“People in the past have called us bottlers. When they pulled us back to 1-1 we were still positive, we were creating chances and we looked a threat. So much for bottlers, eh?”

“But 2-0 is probably the most vulnerable scoreline in football.”

Just a couple of examples of the dreadful mind games he has tried to play, while Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton has stayed clear of getting involved, only defending himself when Stubbs made inane accusations that Warbs’ job was easy.

Now, all the nonsense in the press has quietened, all the hype and bluster among the corridors of Easter Road have piped down too, and Rangers sit pretty miles clear at the top of the table, having let the results and displays do their talking rather than any cheap parlour games.

Only 15 points are now needed to confirm promotion, and if Hibs’ current form is anything to go by, possibly even less.

Rangers look forward to a Scottish Cup Quarter on Saturday v Dundee – a victory would be lovely but promotion remains the absolute key, so a loss will not change too much.

And I will leave you with Rangers’ general imminent message to the Premiership.

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  1. well done to mr king and co we are just about back to where we should always have been, still alot to do but im very sure we will do it and our support has been great for the club we all love,, WATP.

  2. We are almost there, its been a struggle, but we the fans, the board, the staff and the players have all stuck together and got us there. The fans for turning up at games, full house almost every week, the Manager and his staff for their work ethic, the board for their commitment on leading us forward and the players for working their socks off every week to get us where we are. Keep it up everyone we all deserve what is coming to us in the furture, WATP

  3. We are managing to get back without spending any money. Hopefully we will not need to spend a great deal to get back up to the top. These lads who have got us there need another season to gel. In King we trust and the magic hat

  4. great stuff from our beloved club we surely are almost uncatchable…all of us who go to Ibrox are over the moon…not quite the same down at Fester road eh!…we are going back to where we most certainly belong…we are "simply the best"…looking forward to the games against sceptic…all the best to my long suffering fellow bears everywhere…WATP.

  5. well done the rangers, the football they are playing now is lovely to watch .Mark Warburton has brought the great days back and he should be a very proud man. With rumours going about him going to Derby why would he drop down to that level. He has got the best supporters in the world and one of the biggest clubs in the world .Well done Mark and the team and all the Staff for there hard work W.A.T.P

  6. We are now where we should have been this time last year….but were overwhelmed by a Hearts team for reasons best left to history rather than regurgitating it here.
    Hearts went from Championship Winners and now sit in third in the Premier League – a good effort by them, and a good sign of the difference in quality between the two leagues.
    I believe we can go better than Hearts, but also think that Celtc shall not sit still either. If Ronnie is still there, we have every chance of going two better, and that would do a lot to replace the nightmare of the past four years, and kick start the new era of Rangers FC (Est 1872)

    • they days are behind us now, and dont forget ally is and always will be a rangers legend and we treat our rangers family in the correct way,, WATP.

  7. One game at a time.Do your homework on the opposition, and on the pitch concentrate on the moment.The next game does not yet exist.

  8. I just hope & pray to god we keep on doing it on the park I would love to win both the Scot Cup & the league it would be heaven

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