The three Rangers stars near certain to leave


According to sources, Dean Shiels, Cammy Bell and David Templeton’s Rangers futures are in jeopardy.

Shiels has been a bit-part player for Rangers since arriving from Killie in 2012, and is understood to be unlikely to be offered a new deal when his current contract expires in June. The midfielder’s chances were not helped this morning when his father Kenny dismissed Rangers manager Mark Warburton’s signing Harry Forrester from Doncaster Rovers as ‘not the kind of player Rangers need’.

Likely to be continue to be used as a sub at most, Shiels will almost certainly find himself surplus over the coming months.

Cammy Bell, on the other hand, is a victim of Warburton’s lean squad mentality of only having two goalkeepers in the squad. With fellow ‘keeper Liam Kelly departing on loan for East Fife, Warbs’ clearly wants Wes Foderingham and new signing Maciej Gostomski to be his two stoppers, leaving Bell in limbo. He would have to depart by mutual consent or hope another club is willing to sign him at cost given his deal has 18 months to go.

Lastly Templeton’s case is well-documented, and there is little point re-treading old ground. The winger is 99% certain to be cast out either this window or when his deal expires in the next one.

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  1. I think temps can do a job for us he is a talented player who has had a run of bad injuries he was brought on a sub in some games and expected to win game for us but playing with better players who are comfortable on the ball he will rediscover his form and has SPL experience. I hope we keep him "easy the hat"

  2. what about Law even though he has played a bit better he is not the answer ,just not strong enough and no heart .We need to get a strong mid fielder in the makeup like Ian Ferguson.

  3. Templeton has been injured, that is why he has not featured lately. I would be surprised if we let him go.

  4. Ian Ferguson???? Get real man and come out of the dark ages. Big Ian was a rock and i loved him, along with the like of bomber and goughy but in reality, these types of hard nose no nonsense players wouldnt last 5 mins in modern day football. They would be sent off every other game. The simple fact is that football nowadays is virtually a non contact sport. I agree we need a bit of strength in there but we cant just look for players who just put their opponent up in the air. We'd be playing with 9 men every game

    • Like your answer about Ian Ferguson but we get kicked every game we have played with no help from officials we still have to get tougher for premier league .

    • There was a lot more to Ian Fergusons game than tackling. He was a good passer of the ball and scored some good goals for Rangers, I would have had him in the team anytime.

  5. Shiels, Clark, Bell and Aird would clear the way for better players,,Law is getting better in every game,, Temps is a good player, just needs luck with injuries and a few games,,Desperately need a 6ft 10" Centre Half and a lethal striker,, we have no height or presence in our defence, cross balls is a big problem for Foddy, his bottle goes when the ball comes near his 6 yard box, hopefully the new lad can do better. All in all, its good talk about football and players again,,, We shall see what happens soon enough.

  6. law shields bell temps and Clarke have to get of the wage bill and go not first team players just signed 2 mids so far and have some good boys to come back plus whoever else warbs brings in

  7. Some of the players(maybe most) dont like being on the subs bech…but reality is…we need to have ALL players.. playing…think thats a question…our manager has to ask ALL
    the players…are you willing to be a sub…if not..then they should be transferred..

  8. Bell should leave….Clark has struggled since day one…Temps been injured wayyyy to often….Dean Shields hes been good of the sub bench..but for ninety minutes???

  9. Defo keep sheils The ball he plays Thro to Clark in hibs game shows vision class talent and accuracy that's wat his games all about, that's wats wrong with Scottish football not enuf people can spot that. Templeton is Defo a talent and with a gd injury free run in the team he cud bring a lot to the team he is a gifted player. Aird,Clark,bell can go not got it to play for gers n law undecided cos he has had a gd cple of good games recently n mayb given more game time he can show he deserves to play for a club like the gers.

  10. Bell has to go in my opinion he is happy to be injured ally let a better keeper go hearts gave proved that but then ally never knew a good player if he did then we would never have been in the shit we have been he ruined the others mentioned and he was getting rid of Barry mackay that says it all so keep Sheila's and temps