Report: Rangers star enters new contract discussions?


While it has been widely reported that Jason Holt, Barrie McKay and Andy Halliday are to enter contract negotiations to extend their existing deals, Nicky Law is also apparently benefiting from such discussions.

The reborn attacking midfielder, who has energised the midfield since his return from injury, is understood to have impressed manager Mark Warburton enough to warrant early debate about an extension to his existing contract which runs out in six months.

The player, whose time overall at Ibrox had been unimpressive until this season, has always conceded he has not performed in Govan the way he believes he is capable of, but has seen a tangible improvement this term in his displays, given the increased competition for a starting berth.

With new signing Josh Windass to arrive in the summer, plus the other options Rangers have in midfield, Law has evidently upped his game and pleased Warburton enough that tentative early discussions are alleged to have taken place regarding prolonging his stay.


  1. Chase him.He should have been running amok against your Peterheads etc and never gave a shit.Now he fancies it all of a sudden he gets a new deal?Not for me.GTF!

  2. I agree that Law has not shone. I have not been a great fan, although I was when he joined.
    our midfield has looked better last couple of games with him in it.
    We have a lot of young players and a couple of older heads is not a bad thing.
    We have three players on loan and several players out of contract in the summer. Some continuity is not a bad thing.
    You could argue he lacked a decent team to play in and a decent manager to lead him and them.
    Lastly, right now if the Magic Hat wanted to bring sign Colin Stein to play up front, it would take a braver man then me to disagree. He has brought in 11 people up to Christmas. They have seen various levels of success, but not one could be deemed a failure. In an industry where to succeed with your buys half the time is very good. So if the Hat says yes, I'm in 🙂

  3. I would hope that we could do with out him, he deserves nothing from us but as said above we look better with him in the team, and thankfully The Hat has the final say if he good enough for him he is good enough for us WATP

  4. Maybe warbs is aware down south ther is handful of championship clubs interested in him so get him signed up in a longer contract get him playin regular to get his value increased n sell him in the summer.thats mayb y they're not gny pay to get windass n crooks up early cos he can't fit everyone of them in the middle n they're tryin to make law a sellable asset.thats my opinion. In warbs we trust.

  5. I know it's nothing to do with this subject.but I would like fans view on the opportunity to bring in Stuart mc Call in a senior roll at Ibrox. The guy has so much to offer a club
    he has so much love for.

    • he should be manager with the cv he has i dread to think what will happen next season this guy warbo looks out of his depth cant change a game think we will be calling on mcall halfway through next season hope not but fear we will be watp

  6. Tam Burns hit the nail on the head, he only got his arse out of his head UN last month too little too late for law in my opinion

  7. I sympathise with Law and all the others signed by McCoist. The careers of these players went into reverse under the worst two coaches in the history of the Club. McCoist was bad but once he left McDowall proved that he was even worse!

  8. You are way off the mark mate…….nobody could surpass the McCoist era in terms of bad management.

    I can't believe that the cardigan anointed him as his successor………………he was clueless and that's being kind. £800k a year for creating an absolute shambles, never mind his greed in still taking the cash after he was replaced.

  9. Can someone clear this up.

    RF have offered a £500k unsecured loan to the club.

    The club have said they don't need it.

    RF have said that King had promised to match their contribution pound for pound.

    Statement from board saying this was not true………a lie.

    RF director resigns.

    Did the RF poll go ahead…..what was the result?

    If details of the alleged arrestment become public over the next few days that may shed some light on the contrary statements from RF and the Board.