Brentford reject Rangers bid for midfield star


Brentford have this afternoon dismissed a bid from Mark Warburton’s Rangers for their midfield colossus Tiamouni Diagouraga.

The 28-year old midfield lynchpin has been linked with rejoining his former Griffin Park gaffer for some considerable time now, and this was Rangers’ first concrete attempt to prise him north after flirting with it in the summer.

The bid, undisclosed, was reportedly rejected by Brentford for the services of the French giant, and either the Ibrox men increase their wager, or look elsewhere.

The central player is described as a tough, no-nonsense playmaker not entirely unlike Manchester City’s former Barca superstar Yaya Toure, but whatever position he plays this latest transfer activity from Ibrox is continued evidence of the moves The Magic Hat is making to solidify and improve his already fine Rangers squad.

Rangers have already nabbed four players in this window, with Doncaster Rovers’ Harry Forrester & Lech Poznan’s Maciej Gostomski joining immediately while Accrington Stanley duo Josh Windass & Matt Crooks will arrive this June on a pre-contract.


  1. Yep 100k, spread over the length of a 3 year contract, plus the usual Embassy coupons thrown in to make the deal more attractive.
    I love the comparison with Yaya You're, expect a £30m release clause written into the new recruits contract.

    Yaya Toure ffs………Level 5 are giving it big licks and we can't find enough cash to bring the AS boys on board now as they want any cash offer up front but Dave can't find his wallet.

    • Don't understand why people are so negative. Why would you spend £400,000 on a car now when you have a perfectly good one at home and you can get that car for £40,000 in 6 months time. We don't need them now. Why spend money we don't need to spend that's what caused this nightmare in the first place.

    • Trouble is we may need that new Chevrolet to get past Hibs then catholic united of dundee in the near future old chap …. or we could just purchase a second hand
      Lada from a good bhoy I know who owns a used car place in springburn
      And worry about all this rubish again next season .. any other views

    • Everytime the beggers sign a new player n has 3 or 4 good games he becomes a £10mil player wasn't that long a go Forrest was worth £15 -£20 mil a wudnt give u the £400,000 u want us to spend on diagouraga he might get a game at Accrington when windass joins us.

  2. The player is one Warburton knows, has worked well in his signings so far.

    Catholic United? Those kind of comments don't belong to my club. If you want to spew that kind of bile don't bother turning up at my stadium. Bigot.

  3. Just watched Exeter tonight, warbs ought to sound out the boy tom Nichols he looks a smashing prospect.someone should prompt
    the manager via twitter.

  4. Anyone heard anything on the arrestment rumour?

    HMRC, Level 5 or the WiFi company have all been mentioned.

    Could this tie in with the £500k loan offer from Rangers CIC ……..that the club have neither asked for nor require?

    Definitely something afoot.

  5. Brentford want £750k, we offered £100K……..Go figure, and they want the money up front, particularly with the strong rumour that an arrestment has been served on the club/company/thingy.

    It's the Scott Allan shambles all over again.

    The resignation of the Rangers First director may well be the result of a letter signed by Paul Murray confirming that King will match their donation pound for pound…………,followed by the press release from the club denying King had made any such agreement.

    Now who should we believe ……….a spokesman for Rangers First with no axe to grind or a Glib and shameless liar?

  6. Aw these tims cum on here way ther we no everything rubbish n wer do they get there facts manky mob forums they're not clever enough to think to themselves that these are not fact but what they wish was true n not wat actually is. Who r they looking at signing sum one on loan for a year, sum one who's a freebie n another in knowing 17 year old youth oh they're spending a fortune on tried and tested experienced players. NOT!!! One fact here is they have a manger they do not rate n we ve got a manager they r fearing. TRUTH!!!