Should Rangers pay up front for Crooks & Windass?


With Rangers’ obvious issues in getting Michael O’Halloran and now-Leeds DM Toumani Diagouraga well-documented, there is a growing case among supporters who advocate paying up front now for Accrington Stanley pair Josh Windass and Matt Crooks.

The duo would fill important roles; Crooks, covering both defence and defensive midfield, while Windass plays in a slightly more advanced incarnation of the Jason Holt-type role, a slot which saw Arsenal’s on-loan playmaker Gedion Zelalem clinch a starting berth in after the former Hearts midfielder picked up an injury in training.

And with current DM Andy Halliday suspended thanks to the farcical red card received in the same match, it further amplifies a previous entry which preached the importance of cover with injuries and suspensions being prevalent at this time of year.

James Tavernier and Martyn Waghorn cost a combined total of roughly £450K from Wigan; Crooks and Windass would probably cost similar to free now rather than Stanley lose them in the summer, given, as they are, signed to Rangers on pre-contracts.

Would you advocate such expenditure to cover crucial positions now? Or is it better to wait till the summer when they will arrive for nought?



  1. No waste of money paying 400k when we get them in summer for about 50k that other 350k could go on another player

  2. No waste of money paying 400k when we get them in summer for about 50k that other 350k could go on another player

  3. I see no point in paying to bring them in now.

    Rangers are a touch threadbare but have a squad capable of seeing out the season and delivering (at a minimum) the Challenge Cup and the Championship title.

    • I agree. The league is ours to throw away, and we're good enough to blow every team out of the water as it is. Not bringing them in allows us to redirect the money on another player in the summer, and it gives a window of opportunity to the U-21s between now and May to show what they're made of. It would be nice to have these 2 lads in now just to bed them in earlier, but….

  4. Despite his promises that were well documented in the Press, Mr King has so far failed to deliver the promised support for Warburton and Weir in the January transfer window so I find it hard to believe that we will suddenly 'magic up' the monies needed to bring these boys and ideally O'Halloran, to Ibrox before the window closes on the 31st.

  5. How can you say King has failed to deliver when we've already signed 4 players this month? We've got a good management team in and bringing all the staff in too maybe people should get behind the club and team instead of taking digs at them at every possibility.

    • Well said John, totally agree people jst seem to love slating the board. I think there doing a good job through difficult times after the state the club was left in. I would like to see more signings but feel the squad is strong enough if we don't and we could sign better value players in the summer.

    • Here,here guys. The Rangers are on a run that we all wished for and the management and board are doing a magnificent job to deliver. We are five points clear with fifteen games to go. We are very lucky to have the personnel we have in all areas of our club, and that alone must surely amount to a huge monthly bill.

  6. No. Would like to see Liam Burt and Jordan Thompson get a run out before the season is out… if they can't cut it in the championship then get rid.

    Hardie doesn't look great so would like to see one more back up striker/winger that's if Temps doesn't come good.

    • Think we could probably get both of them now for £200,000 . Anymore than that forget it and wait until summer .

  7. I think Jordan Thompson should be given more game time. I really rate him and the only way to find out is to give him that chance.

  8. bring jelly back did not want to go in the 1st place, please dont talk of money if we fail again, monies will be no talking point

  9. The Tims are not spending fortunes either.
    Lawell obviously dose'nt trust Ronny
    dial a dick with big money.

  10. Bit soon to judge Burt, who is only 16. But I agree we should be looking to play Hardie, Jordan Thompson etc. Let's find out how good they are and can be, we may find the new signings we need in the Youth team.
    I think it is a pity Murdoch was farmed out on loan, he did well in this league last year, would be a tailor made replacment for Halliday.

    Still, the Hat knows best 🙂

  11. O'Hallaron isnt going to happen. End of. St Johnstone want 500k and he aint worth that. Simple. We are quite right to tell them to ram it. Can get much better down south for 500k. FFS we got Wags and Tav for 450k combined and O'Hallaron can't lace their boots

  12. Can smell a rat here maybe this boy is on a spying mission as hearts are going to be 1 of our rivals nxt season n all things thats have been said seems to me hearts will want him bck cos not as if hes runin his contract dwn till the end of the season n if he does really well n maybe we try to get him after giving him game time will they really sell to a rival i doubt it. A fink the whole scottish footie or wantin to kno the inside out of warbs philosophy cos they like wat they c in the team and like wat they here. Not a wise deal if u ask me. Plus billy king only got told about today n hes sgned awready. Rat is loose!

  13. What???? As an amateur footballer I can tell you his philosophy. Pretty sure actual managers would be able to work it out. It's dealing with it that's the problem. Not really sure what your point is but leave the paranoia to the always cheated smelly mob

  14. Yes u r an amateur right enuf if u cant c that havin sumone in from a team which is going to b 1 of our big rivals nxt year gettin every detail of wat goes on at murry park training sessions how we plan to break team dwn basically kno the a.hole out of everyfin to go bck nxt season to a big rival is very amateur n nieve to me. The reason yur an amateur is cos yur not gd enuf to b pro n shows in yur sheer gullable attitude to the gme.

  15. Y did hibs not sell us allen cos it wud benefit n strengthing a rival hearts will b 1 of our biggest rivals nxt so to give them an oppertunity to get inside information of hw we approach everygame in fine detail cud effectivly strenghing n benefit ther position over us nxt season wen we cum head to head cos im sure warbs will cover our strengths and weak points on a weekly basis n ther no plan b dnt forget.

  16. Oh so war button and weir are naive gullible and amateurish too? Don't overthink it pal it's a loan signing to bolster a thin squad simple as that

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