Player-by-player; assessing Rangers’ squad


With Rangers flying high at the top of the table, and just those two defeats in the league with an essentially brand new team, it is worth a look at each player in turn and rating their seasons so far.

There has been a colossal turnover in players, with summer seeing over a dozen depart while around a dozen came in, and it is a testament to manager Mark Warburton that he has managed to gel a bunch of strangers so effectively. But how have they individually fared?

Here are your ratings for each (significant) player so far this season;


He has had his moments, but overall he has been solid and made some fine saves. 8


Absolutely ridiculous start to the season has now normalised – known to struggle at the back now and then, and sometimes is a little flat in attack, but when he is in the mood, his attacking and goals are outstanding. 8


A solid, no-nonsense defender strong in the air but lacking a little finesse. He is nothing exceptional, but he seems adequate enough for this level of performance. He might struggle in the SPL though. 7


Seems to have gained a little form since his recall. While still not spectacular he looks a little more composed than he previously did but still is not overwhelmingly impressive. 6


Probably Rangers’ most gifted defender technically – has made few errors and generally been quite reliable. Can probably consider himself hard done by to have lost his place. 8


Has led by example, and while his final ball can be a bit loose, he is still one of Rangers’ best assets and no one is more committed to the cause than Rangers’ captain. Playing as more of a winger than a full back this season. 8


He has been out of position his entire Rangers career, so it is hard to judge him fairly; he has done as well as he can in an alien position, but for someone unfamiliar with the role his displays have been fairly solid. 7


Easily Rangers’ best player, with comparisons to Ian Durrant not being completely wide of the mark. Holt has been an astonishing success who has rarely put a foot wrong, and looks like he could easily handle the SPL and then some. 10


Only just come back into the reckoning after injury, Law was unimpressive earlier this season but has had a significant impact in the past month. Adds a lot of energy even if his passing can be a little careless. 6


Had to be content with a sub role pretty much the entire season, but gives his all when on the pitch and often makes a big difference when he appears. But it is unclear if that will be enough to retain his services beyond this summer. 7


After a composed and assured start, Zelalem has undeniably faded. The potential previously seen in him is conspicuous by its absence and he only starts as cover now. Adds little on the pitch these days and unless he regains the inspiration he previously had, a career in lower league football beckons. 5


Just a wonderful season with Murray Park’s very own just getting better and better. Barely made any mistakes, and is developing fantastically under Mark Warburton – with his goal against Cowdenbeath summing his talent up. 9


What a bargain. An inconsistent scoring record before he arrived at Ibrox, and now he is Britain’s top scorer and that is from a wide position. Waghorn has become more than just a cult hero and rightly so. Strength, power, and a zinger of a shot, Waggy is now a real asset and makes the £250K or so spent on his services look a joke. 10


Not getting any younger but few give as much to Rangers as Miller does – always running, always working, and weighs in with goals. Sure, his composure is not the best, but it never was. His experience is invaluable to this young Rangers team. 8


Clark is a technically poor striker, who still bags goals. A paradox. He has netted a few this season, including some good goals to boot, but his general all-round play is pretty weak and his first touch is rather awkward. Does not appear to be getting any better either. 5

Feel free to disagree in the comments, folks!

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  1. lets all get behind our club we all know where we need to be so lets help get us there, and remember THE CRY WAS NO SURRENDER,, WATP.

    • That's you barred fae Ibrox anon.You canny say things like that!I agree with most of the authors ratings apart from Keirnan.He's a lump a wid who will strugle badly at higher level.Also I've yet to see him win a header from the direct corners we take 6"3 and no aerial threat.

    • He has won more headers than any other Gers defender. Has also made the most interceptions and passes under pressure. Don't know what game you have been watching.

  2. Wow can't believe that the board think that signing king Billy will appease the bears a player who can't get into a poor hearts team come on they've just trying to deflect attention away from the themselves and the empty promises they've made he might sell a few jerseys with his name on the back but only Ashley will benefit from that

  3. I would like to see Jordan Thompson in place of Zelalem. He deserves his chance. Zelalem will not shoot for goal. Thompson will.

  4. Here's my scores (without the narrative):

    Foderingham 7
    Tavernier 8
    Kiernan 6
    Wilson 5
    Ball 6
    Wallace 8
    Halliday 7
    Holt 8
    Law 6
    Shiels 6
    Zelalem 6
    McKay 8
    Miller 7
    Waghorn 10
    Clark 6

  5. Agree with most of this but Zelalem"career in lower league football beckons"
    comment will come back to bite you big time

    • The boy Zelalem has that robotic,drilled academy look about his play where he looks afraid to try anything that might be deemed too risky.I think W is trying to get him to express himself more rather than keep it safe and tidy.The boy looks as though he may have a big future if he is braver and adds more to his game,he won't get a better chance to do it than up here or he may disappear into obscurity like a thousand others.

  6. I ain't sure about zelalem I like most other people thought he was going to be something special. But it isn't happening for him the now you can't just say he is only 18 as an excuse. If he can't really do it in the first division in Scotland he ain't gonna do it in the premiership is he . I still trust mw 100percent with transfer's don't worry about it he ain't really got it wrong yet has he

  7. Agree with the previous comment. Inconsistent without doubt, which is expected for a player who is learning such a disciplined trade. But when Rangers have a good game (i'e ripping teams apart) he has often played an important part linking midfield to attack.

  8. Aw these players r gony b buzzing nxt year the adreneline is gny b rushing thro them theyre gny really b pushin each other to get a start every wk which will make every player better theyll b diing to play infront of a full ibrox every 2nd wk n wen warbs adds more quality to the squad n trust me a hink hell pull a cple of rabbits out the hat in the summer n prob awready had contact with the players its gny push them even more so every player will really have b at the top ther game n i believe warbs will have this squad ready to go to town n i for one cannot wait. In warbs n weir we trust. Lay off the board they have the best interest of the club at heart things will come together in the summer thers obv reasons why theyre holding the purse strings tight for a reason. In king n co we trust. WATP.

  9. I think tavernier and kieran should be a 9 along with Kenny miller..waghorn also a 9 but that team is on fire all gelling together and solid Atacking squad

  10. You have been quite unfair to Kiernan. He has been excellent for the last two months. So say that he might struggle in the SPL is frankly absurd. He gets at least an 8, and maybe a 9 considering his low cost.

  11. Kane hemming is showin wat he can do given a chance i wud like c us go for him £200k wud get him n osman sows contract is up in june anutha player doin it in the prem n i recon £200k – £300k wud do it.2 player for £400k- £500k oppose to 1 n 2 players to make a profit on if or wen u sell.

  12. Zelalem not the type we need in a battle
    towards the end of season should it be close.
    Luxury player! But good luck to the boy.

  13. Here's my assessments
    Foderingham 7
    Tavernier 8.5
    Kiernan 7
    Wilson 6
    Ball 6
    Wallace 8
    Halliday 7
    Holt 8.5
    Law 6
    Shiels 6
    Zelalem 6
    McKay 8
    Miller 7.5
    Waghorn 9
    Clark 6

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