Scottish football and its agenda against Rangers


I have deliberately kept my counsel on the Andy Halliday incident until now, for knee-jerk reactions emotionally charged delivered soon after an event are often riddled with bias and a cloudy mind.

As is now ‘legendary’, Halliday appears to have been given a second yellow card for merely celebrating Rangers’ superb second goal, a card which obviously led to one of the most farcical sendings off in recent memory.

It has been widely mocked in football circles, with, naturally, the most sensible views coming outwith Scotland; not least of all former manager and now Sky Sports’ pundit Ian Holloway’s straight to the point observation over the incident:

“What is football coming to?”

In short, this episode continues a long-running narrative which, even to the most paranoid supporter, has enough evidence to give its existence sincere credibility. That narrative appears to attack Rangers and everything associated with the club, a theme which has run since before 2012’s admin, and which saw that dark period escalate it to the present day where there is now a real tangible agenda which victimises Rangers.

Feel free to call me paranoid, or a fantasist – I have heard it all before, often from fellow Bears, but even my most ardent critics and Rangers’ most staunch enemies would admit the agenda against the Club, even if only to themselves.

Let us just rattle off a few obvious examples:

  • Motherwell fan attacking Lee McCulloch with an umbrella. A Rangers’ supporter would have been jailed for it.

  • Motherwell fans invading the pitch and goading the away fans in the same match. Again, Rangers would have had the book thrown at them.

  • A trio of Rangers fans apparently arrested for a democratic right to free speech in objecting against the facial recognition policy being proposed at Scottish football grounds.

  • Andy Halliday’s comical, ludicrous, farcical red card for simply celebrating a goal.

  • Nathan Oduwa being targeted violently on the pitch and his assailants being let off with a mild booking.

  • Celtic fans chanting ‘up the ra’ and anything else they like at Parkhead, and no action being taken. No threats against them.

  • Nathan Oduwa castigated widely in Scotland for using skill in a football match. Skill. Something Douglas Costa did two weeks later to wide acclaim against Leverkusen.

  • The BBC, a state public broadcaster, attacking the Club when it is supposed to be completely impartial given it is funded by you and I.

  • And the 7-year old Rangers fan bottled after last year’s Old Firm clash at Hampden? Nothing. Not a thing.

There is a clear and present theme running here, a theme of clear targeting – Rangers, more than anyone else in Scottish football, are being hounded. Rangers fans more than anyone else are being held to task while their peers get away with almost everything.

Yes, there is a supposed investigation underway into Celtic supporters’ behaviour at Stranraer, but expect that one to disappear pretty quickly.

The reality is evident from these numerous incidents, and thankfully we have organisations like the Union Bears and Vanguard Bears who continuously defend the Club and its supporters from agendas like these.

Because no one else in Scottish football will.

NB: The Herald today apologised for the conduct of one Graham Spiers, who made some unfounded claims about Rangers’ board. Those who label this article ‘paranoid’ may wish to read that apology. 


  1. Let me start by saying I agree with all the above highlighted, now on andy halliday this is a player I love seeing in a Rangers Jersey & you can bet your bottom dollar every other teams supporters in the country will despise him especially when we get back to our rightful place, so andy do us a favour don't give the fuckers an excuse to book or send you off, if some prick tries to wind you up walk away if we score a goal run the length of the park pump your fist to our support, we know your one of us & so do they & don't let them forget it, you are the nearest we have had to Barry Ferguson in years, once you move into centre mid you will dominate these arseholes so don't give them any ammo to fire back at you, I know it's hard & you want it as much as us but give it time & we will be back with you as a leader in the years to come,stay strong brother halliday because WE ARE THE PEOPLE

    • agree totally with Alex, get them where it hurts , by scoring a couple of goals, dont let them wind you up, rise above them, pal WATP

    • Also agree with Alex. Andy H has been great for us signing but probably like most of us in the stands would do he occassionally lets his obvious love for the Gers affect his behaviour. If he doesn't rise to the bait He will get his rewards .

  2. So what about Jason Cummings, every time he scores he runs past the opposition fans yards away( not in the middle of the part) holding his ear and mocking them, is this not incitement ? If Halidays mild celebration was a yellow it will be interesting to see what events unfold this weekend.

    • Well I hope that you're insinuating the linesman who made the ref aware, rather than Andy Halliday was involved?

  3. Another top trump from I roc noise in my opinion a true voice of rangers fans
    Let's back DaveKing and the team in there efforts to get S/D and the rest of these blood suckers out of our club then the free Rangers can push on and once again become the number 1 team in the land
    We will always be targeted by the moronic press etc as we are a easy hit but bears should rise above and as magic hat said be the best we can which will blow the rest of Scottish football away
    My only sticking point is do we go to away games to teams who where so anti Rangers or cut off there money anyway there small fry and my pet hate won't be there next year !!!!!!!

    • Dissapointed in Kris Boyd trying to say Warburton will walk is King doesnt give him money, sour grapes from Boyd being Freed by King, Boyd you were RANK ROTTEN, last year for us and even Hallidays sending off Boyd as a commentator, incinuated he may have been inciting the HOME supporters, get a grip BOYD!

  4. Double standards as per the norm as far as Scottish football is concerned. My point and fact is as follows: i assume a good few people (uk wide) sat and watched the liverpool v stoke game last night?? The penalties?? Which were taken at the stoke end of Anfield…. Every single liverpool player that scored a penalty pumped his fist directly at the stoke supporters and were only a matter of 18 yrds away from the fans. How many were issued with yellow cards for inciting crowd trouble?? ZERO

  5. We should not attend any more away matches in protest to this farcical sending off,instead we should all accumulate outside these grounds and sing Hello,Hello, al through the game.The song is only banned from singing inside football grounds.

  6. We should stop this victim mentality [ surely thats a CELLIK thing] we are big enough & ugly enough to stand up for ourselves we will gte their as the man said lets back king & lets get on with it forget the haters they are always gonna be their, so what we just keep on doin what we do best & I believe with Warburton we have the right man, Christ can u imagine if he was in charge at Parkheid theyd still be in the CL, BTW read jeff Winter [] a well respected ex referee. The man has obviously been their seen it & done it.

  7. You might want to name the referee.
    And you're spot on regarding Oduwa. Only in Scotland would a display of football skill and tricks be derided as "show-boating".

  8. In response to the person who suggested boycotting away games and instead standing outside the ground and singing the billyboys…. Your wrong mate. Just want to advise all before you get lifted!! The billyboys isn't only banned inside grounds. Its banned full stop. Believe me i know. We had guys from our bus that got lifted for singing the billyboys outside a pub when we last played Dumbarton away from home. The part line from the cops was that it was a banned song and fell under the banner of religious agravation which is punishable by a breach of the peace, fine and a football banning order. However i dont understand why we cant sing it and just change the 2 or 3 words which 'offend'?? Hearts sing it but change some words and so do Dundee and they never get pulled up for it

    • Just change fenian to celtic and should any player using religious symbolism ie blessing themselves not be booked incase it offends anyone. I seem to remember peter grant getting into trouble after the 2 2 game at ibrox for blessing himself in front of ceptic fans


    • There is NO official list of banned songs, chants or banners held within Scottish Courts, Police or PF offices. I have the proof.

  9. Republican government in Edinburgh, Pacific Quay Tims & Sheep, HMRC targeting (there are hundreds businesses with EBT's across the UK), Fat Boy legal bullying, Spiers/English/Spence/Thompson third rate scribblers; not easy days to be a Teddy Bear. Makes us stronger though.

    • Herald Apology – we rest our case m'lord

  10. Boycott away games simples!
    They have lived off us for decades.
    Scottish football needs us more than
    we need them! It's about time we fight back.
    As the song goes (cry was no surrender).

  11. Andy Murray gives the clenched fist salute in every tennis match he plays , should he be drummed out the game forever ? In any other country , if their top club was the victim of spivs and gangsters like Gers were , their FA'S and politicians would be doing everything in their power to help them recover . If it was Celtic , the Labour council would be jumping through 'hoops' to get them back on track , look at how they helped them get their training ground and the land around Parkhead etc !

  12. I would not be surprised if lawell was behind a lot of this.Remember this was the guy who
    mocked the value of jelavic, and other cheap
    jibes.And this guy is part of the association
    running our game.Is it any wonder that Celtic
    fans sectarian chants are ignored whilst
    rangers & hearts r in the dock?

    • Lawwell plays to the Celtic gallery all the time – so do all club chairmen (and women), but the particularly politicised 'tic support requires a special kind of TLC. It's impossible for him to leave all of that behind when he toddles into the SFA.
      So yes, but you won't find any fingerprints left behind.

  13. I was sickend by Christ Boyd he and others and ally are the blight on our club they ripped us of as mucch as white and green and Ashley they took big wages and were not interested and ally only deferred his wage to take big pay off later that's the money that could have paid for new players mister Boyd and if not for king we would be well down the swanee but obviously you are well paid again by the press for stirring it wanker

    And it sticks in their throats.
    We should just start singing
    We R going up @ every game
    from now to the end of season
    That will really sicken them!
    Time to stand up & be counted.
    We are rangers & we don't give a fuck.
    from now to the end of season
    That will really fuckin get to them!

    • Yeah even the thought of it makes me very angry – I will be even more angry when we have to skelp you'se 4 times a season – don't know how my sides will cope 🙂

  15. My sides are still sore from watching your mob being pumped by the mighty malmo !
    C.L. ur having a laugh.

  16. Some of the comments here are shocking; people have beenbrainwashed by OBIF myths.


  17. cummings at it again in saturdays cup semi with st johnstone ran a long the bye line past st johnstone after he took the dodgy penalty arms out pulling faces with his toungue out to there fans what a fu*kin joke more insighting to anything halliday dun and yet nothing

  18. Did I see hibs Cummings gesture at the St Johnston fans after the penalty? Have a look at sportscene on I player and decide for urself? I rest my case WATP

  19. All gone quite on the tic front, no treble episode again tut tut not even the media are carrying that headline in any great capacity. yet the press dig up dross going back years just to keep the spotlight on the gers. Deadline day deals all over the place and the press kept on that rangers cant afford this cant afford that. at last we dont bend to pressure and not jumping in and buying players who would contribute nothing to the cause….

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