Rangers star defender linked out to English Championship


Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United are ready to launch bids for Rangers’ star defender James Tavernier, according to reports.

The 24-year old former Wednesday, Newcastle and Leeds’ youth full back has been a revelation up north following his career stalling slightly at Wigan Athletic, and his exuberant displays not to mention stunning goals have caught the eye of English Championship sides keen to improve their squad for the business end of the season.

Tavernier was bought as part of a double Latics’ swoop by Mark Warburton, a deal which included striker Martyn Waghorn for around £600K total – curiously Waghorn, who recently joined Twitter for the first time, is himself also subject to a great deal of speculation with claims Wednesday are also interested in him, claims The Magic Hat today denied.

But it is the Tavernier story which has emerged again in the past 12 hours – the right back had previously been linked out of Ibrox with moves to United or Newcastle speculated.


  1. I think this will show us if Dave King is serious about the Gers building a squad capable of, first, winning promotion, and then competing with Celtic in the SPL.
    He is on record that the Board will front-end the investment to achieve that. Warbs wants the St Johnstone and Brentford players. You can't get them on the cheap. You can't also sell off your best players if you are serious about your ambition. I think we are going to see Mr King's real intentions in the next 2 weeks.

    • Timposter, is your club so boring that you prefer to be here, or are you just obsessed with a bigger, better club which is safe for children?

      Jog on, sonny

    • WASSP, keep your shorts on. I've been a Gers fan all my life and saw my first game in '64 – Baxter was immense against Vienna Rapid. I was at the Copland Road end in January '71 with my mates and lucky for us left the ground down the other stairway.
      If Gers fans can't question how the team is run then we're in trouble.

    • Correct – a crowd of 'Yes Men' agreeing all the way gets you nowhere – in fact look where head in the sand got the thing in 2012.

  2. i'm quite sure the lads will want to stay at Ibrox,As they'll wont to experience the greatest pleasure a player can get by beating the mhanky mob.

  3. if we get up which I am sure we will we have to keep the players we have plus bring more experience players in .we just cannot sell players at this time .WATP.

  4. I was at the Brentford game the other night and said I would post about what I thought of Diagouraga and to be honest the million quid they are talking about is an absolute laugh .. he gave the ball away too many times (conditions were blustery but still) and caused a one on one because he passed the ball to their striker and he was through on goal but keeper saved! he is far from anything special, great physique and looks imposing but that is about it. game run by him sometimes, okay it's only one game but he will get tore apart by SPee L teams and better opposition I think so we need to look to next season and he won't set the heather on fire!

    you heard it here first, don't do it magic hat!


    • a million pound bid u must be kidding pal we can.t pay our wi-fi bill buy a shite celtic reject from st johnstone come on we bid 150.000 just to make sure they rejected it no wonder the press call us the amigo club

    • That wi-fi pish is another pile a shite Green left on our door mat.Another one of his mates that set the deal up and they split the initial down payment for it. It never worked worth a monkeys tit anywiy! Aye,Tavernier,2mill and they can have him.

  5. One game and you are an expert? I'm an exiled bear and bees season ticket holder. He would run rings round your average spl player.

  6. never said I was an expert, just from what I saw he is nothing special!

    run rings round your average SPL player? yeah sure he would haha

  7. Champions League football at Rangers?

    How many years is he planning to hang about?

    When the 2011 Euro licence facts are presented to UEFA by Celtic, and they are waiting till we qualify before they act, then our fraudulent application will see us removed from UEFA competitions for years to come……..fact.

    They are playing it low key at the moment because a ban means nothing if we don't qualify.

    • How do you know what would happen with UEFA even if Celtic did go down that road? Is there a precedent? Surely, before anything happens, the Celtic board would have to consider the possible consequences of such an action, ie "clyping" on their rivals for their own gain. It certainly wouldn't enhance their reputation in European, or indeed, world football as it would be seen as being sneaky and nasty with more than a hint of desperation. And these days, reputations are important when it comes to sponsorship, advertising etc. No doubt some of their more rabid "supporters" would love to see it happen without considering or even caring about the potential repercussions as long as Rangers were being damaged, but there's every chance that the board will be a bit more savvy.

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