Rangers fans: would you sell Martyn Waghorn?


With reports today linking Rangers’ Martyn Waghorn with a move out of Ibrox, reaction among fans has been mixed to say the least.

The prolific striker has been a hit for Mark Warburton, transcending the limbo he was previously in to scale the heights of being Britain’s top league goalscorer in any division with a quite stunning 25 goals in all competitions.

But with success natually comes suitors, and it is being speculated that Sheffield Wednesday, Reading and other English outfits are extremely interested in the former Wigan and Leicester man, with the Owls rumoured to have bid for the 25 year old.

But what do the fans think? Would Rangers fans accept a sale at the right price, or is Waggy indispensible to the Govan cause?

Warburton has been generally brilliant in the budget transfer market, but would he be able to fill Waghorn’s contribution similarly or is his star striker someone he would struggle to replace?

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  1. Would love to see him stay but if we are offered at least £2mill I'd take it. McParland will HOPEFULLY find a replacement.

  2. Not on your nelly!! To sell him now, when promotion this season is critical (from a finacial point of view) would be crazy. Once promoted, YES we could then sell him if the price is right. I fully expect the club to cash on the likes of Wags and Tav….but not until we have secured promotion. No chance of this happening in January. Different story come the summer though….

  3. If we had a replacement, the money was good (like silly money) and he himself wanted to leave.

    Over a certain amount we will need to entertain offers but i dont know if he'd even want away just yet.

  4. Think he is probably happy at Ibrox just now,after some unhappy gigs at other teams down south ,so I don't think he would want a move to ,Wigan ,Sheffield etc certainly not in the same class as Rangers ,but then money talks

  5. lets get promotion in the bag and then we can take it from there I personally think the guy could go onto another level he has only played for a few months there is more to come and maybe a better transfer fee.
    I would hope he would like to stay with us.
    we are on the way back watp

  6. Noone will pay a 7 figure sum for a Championship player, unless club needs 750k badly then its a non starter

  7. Wait till next season and get possibly double. 5 to 8 mill. If we take 2 to 3 we outting a band aid on bullet wound. I understand it would be great return on investment but if we're gettin bids after half a season what do you think the summervwill bring?

  8. Better not or I'll no be back. I'd even offer Waggy a new deal on improved terms. Time for King & co to step up and strengthen the squad. Should be a good marker of how serious he and his cohorts are.

  9. No way should we be selling him .this is the first time of his career he is a. First choice player playing every week I honestly don't think he'd like to go right now. Help us to win the league have a decent season next year then we could get proper money for him. Because right now we would be lucky to get a couple of million witch I very much doubt any team in England will offer probably three quarters of a million top offer. We would be absolute idiots to accept that for the boy

    • Agree with that, were in cloud cuckoo land if we think anyone will pay north of 750k. His record over 5 years in the English Championship has him at 1 goal every 5 games or worse, so no one down there will be swayed by his tally in our Championship, especially as he has scored 10+ penalties in the 25.

      Be madness to sell imo, especially with Hibs challenging so closely just now.

  10. Selling him the now is not an option 1.we won't get wat we should cos wat league he's in.
    2. He's just in the door playin regular 1st team footie which he hasn't been
    doing for year
    3. We're trying to build a strong team to first of all get promoted then try to challenge the manky mob.
    4.who would fill his boot?
    5.how much would it cost to replace him. Not the £200,000 or so we paid for him that for sure.

    I fink if we kept him for a full season in the premiership his value would then it's sum thing to consider.
    Wat I want kno is how cum he no championship teams wanted or noticed him wen he was on ther door step or cud they not c the talent in him that the magic hat did.

  11. Value now in this league clubs prob willing to pay between £1m-£2m mayb get up to the £3m in the summer if his form n goals continue. But another crack in season under his belt in the premiership I recon we cud command £5m plus so it's a no brainer to me keep him till we get the right price n that won't happen this season the lad is a machine.

  12. Id keep him just now as we would be lucky to get500.000 for him but if we go up and he scores consitently price would shoot up

  13. I have to laugh when I see comments about selling him for £2m.
    This is a guy that has more to him than just scoring goals and by the end of the season he will most likely have amassed at least 40 albeit in the Championship and under Warburton can develop to score 20+ in the SPL.

    In future years he will be a target of EPL teams of a significant higher pedigree that Sheffield and joke team, Reading where he would be playing in front of 15,000 fans on a good day!

    Of course if the money is right then he will be sold but we should not be entertaining anything below £6m.

  14. 36,000 bottles of wine and he can't pay the WiFi vendors invoice … whats going on at my club ?? Then again maybe 200 to 300 bottles more like it . I smell BS DAVIE.

    • Oh and as for pleb. I'm fairly well educated now living in a nice 4 bedroom house in rural Leicestershire while yourt trolling the net tryin to get attention pretending to be a Rangers fan. So yes fuck off wassp

  15. we might have to sell him to pay this wi fi bill we owe 3000.000 and don t seem to have funds to pay unless rangers trust give us that 500/000 loan we will need to sell someone im afraid

  16. Ah but how will we pay for the WIFI ?

    This is just the start, other creditors will be banging on the doors looking for their money.

    In King we trust?

    By all accounts the terms of the new loan to pay off the Ash loan, try and keep up, are much more onerous in terms of security and interest rates.

    Don't count on King updating the shareholders anytime soon on the details. And if you remember when King was asked about the WIFI at the AGM he said it was out of order……..just another Glib lie to add to the list.

  17. Anon 18.18

    Buy more shares……shares in what, are you nuts?

    It could take a year for the criminal cases to run their course and when all is clear Ticketus will be the most likely owner of the assets………buy more shares, away and get a grip.

    By the time all the legal cases are done the costs will drag us under….thanks Dave for that!

    • Daves fault ya perisher?
      We were/are the victims of a mass premeditated meticulous long firm scam.Driven to admin by non payment of ANY bills.All these "consultant fees"that run to tens of millions are all billed to Green and Whytes pals and they split the dough,but it looks legit because the"work"was done.All aided by Duff and Phelps so no one else could bid for the club as Jim McOll tried.Aye all Kings fault!

  18. Keep up WASSP. The wine collection he showcased to Jim White belonged to someone else and has now been returned to the rightful owner.
    He tried to move it from the grasp of the courts and is part of the reason as to why King was given a 3 month suspended jail sentence in South Africa.

    Of course you will never read that in the Daily Radar.

    • Sorry I never did read that in the paper …. did anyone actually count the bottles or was it just a guesstimate ????
      One other thing can you give me a # of red as opposed to white ?

  19. Time for Dave King to go, he hasn't put anything into club and has broke all promises of transparency, our club has become the butt of all jokes. Time to get Brian Kennedy in to the hottest.

  20. Every day brings another court case……today's latest being the attempt to block Ashley's vote at the AGM.

    It's clearly corporate malfeasance and the Easdale are launching a similar appeal which could result in the entire board being suspended for playing fast and loose with Company law.

    But hey, that's the Dave King way as he proved in South Africa. ………deny, deny, deny, then settle up.

    That's why he's now potless and the club is having to finance the hundreds of thousands of legal bills stacking up with more to come.

    Don''t be surprised if Waghorn goes for £1m or less. ……….Level 5 will talk it up as an example of Warbs adding value rather than the truth that the money is needed to keep the lights on and pay King's legal bills.

    Expect another grab for the Rangers First monies, all of it, very soon. Remember the bonus due to players in December wasn't paid so will have to be met in the June payroll.

  21. It's Dave's fault because he promised a £30m investment, over investment even and has failed to put a penny of his own money in.
    That would have sorted all the financial problems once and for all.
    Don't expect to see the terms of the £6.5m loan any time soon but as the finance was arranged through Hong Kong all the securities will be transferred to the providers and the interest rates will be eye watering.
    But with no Nomad, no listing and feck all transparency from our criminal Chairman the sh re holders and fans will be none the wiser.

  22. We are in court again tomorrow v Green, still trying to get his legal fees paid.

    It's one court case after another.

    King is back in court next week on the contempt of court charge, then there is the SD case about King's corporate malfeasance, Easdale case ditto to follow, the criminal trials, Green's hearing tomorrow, the former players holiday pay case……..I've probably missed a few but you get the picture. This is costing the club hundreds of thousands of pounds, not King, the club.

  23. You can spot the mhanky mhob on here. They stick out like fresh yellow pish stains on a nice white bed spread.

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