Diagouraga transfer saga – the latest


With Rangers evidently entering into a slight ‘transfer saga’ with English Championship outfit Brentford for the signature of key midfielder Toumani Diagouraga, it is worth getting up to speed on events to date regarding the affair.

Summer 2015 – with Rangers securing the services of Griffin Park’s ex-boss Mark Warburton, a glut of Championship and English League One players are linked to Ibrox. Diagouraga was one of them but nothing came of the story.

January 7th 2016:

Rangers are rumoured to have bid for the colossal Frenchman, with the sum undisclosed.

January 8th:

The bid is confirmed, and revealed at around the £100,000 mark.

January 8th:

The bid is rejected out of hand, with rumours a £450K bid is immiment.

January 9th:

Ibroxnoise sources claim Diagouraga wants to talk to Warburton about the interest. 24 hours later quotes emerge verifying the midfielder’s interest in the story.

January 11th:

Diagouraga hands in a transfer request

January 11th:

Brentford reject the request and rumours abound that they demand at least £750K to let him go.

That is where things currently lie. Will Dave King authorise such a vast sum? Will Rangers reject this figure as too high?

Watch this space.


    • hmmmm – interesting take on the earlier comment – I was thinking that it was a reference to the long drawn out Eustace saga but I suppose it all depends what way your mind works.

    • Tam Burns.. Slightly touchy considering nothing remotely racist was said unless you are slightly deluded.. Back to the topic in hand.. £500 grand max and that will secure the player.. Tam.. Stop swearing.. Your like a flare going off when you know they're banned lol

    • Tam and the other commenter attempting to say that it is somehow a racist comment, first and foremost you're both bloody idiots, secondly what in the world makes you believe a racist comment would get through moderation? and third well done i replied to your poor troll.

      Now explain how my comment about being Eustace in disguise is racist, because this baffles me.

      As the other commenter correctly points out it was a light hearted observation/comparison to the Eustace saga.

    • That was my whole point.
      Why is mentioning Eustace in disguise racist?Nobody see the question mark in my post?Sarcasm is obselete apparently.

    • If it was sarcastic then my bad, I apologise, it is hard to gauge sarcasm on the internet at times. Although being made aware of the tone and reading it again I'm left going 'how did you not manage you understand it was a joke..'


  1. As a Brentford fan myself I will be deeply distressed to see 'Dave' go he is a terrace favourite and a player I love watching. Within the past two season he has been one of our stand out players and most consistent. I think anything under £1million is an absolute steal for his experience and ability.

  2. Haha who says he isnt worth £750,000, people who have seen him play ? He is perfect for Rangers and at that price a bargain. Brentford are holding out because he is so key to a rapidly diminishing in quality squad. I would love to see him at Rangers and think he deserves to achieve something in the short few years he has left. He loves warbs n weir. They turned him into a solid consistent quality player.

  3. Lets face it who really heard of this guy before he was linked – not bothered either way to be honest as I think he will not play in a title winning side.

  4. Who had really heard of waghorn and tavenier before they signed, I don't get it, I think he would be a good addition and also gives the squad more competition.

  5. LISTEN,,u need loans to pay off loans,,where is the so called 500,000 going to come from??do what your good at and wait till his contract ends 2017,,

  6. If Dave king is true to his worth he would back warb and give home the money to spend as he has an eye for grate talented players dosnt matter what league there from the players he has brought in so fare have all done a grate job and have turned rangers around from the nightmare off last year playing some really good foot ball