Diagouraga hands in transfer request


Rangers transfer target Toumani Diagouraga has handed in a formal transfer request at Griffin Park, verifying that the midfield colossus wishes to hook up with his former manager Mark Warburton at Rangers.

The 28 year old Frenchman was left out of the most recent Brentford squad with his manager claiming there was ‘nothing to it’ and he was just being rested.

But it is now clear the defensive player wishes to leave Griffin Park and sign on at Ibrox under his former chief Warbs.

Rangers have had one bid of around £100,000 rejected by the English Championship cracks, with a conjectured £500,000 mooted as enough to prise the player away.

But with Diagouraga now handing in a request, it gives further incentive for the deal to go ahead and as long as Rangers offer enough the transfer should go ahead.

Diagouraga was linked to Ibrox last summer but nothing concrete came of the interest. This bid and transfer request have taken the interest up a much higher notch and it seems like only a matter of time before Warburton gets his man.


  1. I'm going the Brentford game tomorrow so if he is playing I will let y'all know if he is any good or not 🙂


  2. Why doesn't King accept the £500,000 from the fans with £100,000 plus from his own pocket & that might get him ! Are we heading back to the old ways, with the board looking out for themselves rather than the club?

    • You expect King to actually put his hand in his pocket ?

      'Allegedly' he promised to match RF pound for pound. Until it came to putting the promise on paper.
      He claimed to have raised £5m in an hour to pay off Cashley. Then, a month later, it had still not been paid. In spite of it being claimed in court that it had been paid. That was shown to be a lie (perjury offence ?) a few days later, when a press release claimed payment 'was sent' on Xmas eve. Still not heard if it actually happened or not, or if the IP and trademarks are back with the club!

    • It's for the first letter of my surname, actually. What's the 'anonymous' for, because everyone will laugh at you in the street if you actually put your name to anything ?
      Oh, and just what part of what I said was not 100% accurate, and 'talking shite' ?

  3. Will you all get off the boards back,, the money is there, all board members have already committed millions so far,, there is no way we can assess our team in the First Division to see if we can challenge shelic. It wont be until January window next year until we see what calibre of player is required to beat the beggars,,and it is then we will buy using the promised millions,, Listen to what Warbs is saying,, they will assess where the team is short,and they will get the appropriate player in,, no knee jerk reactions,,,Remember Tore Andre Flo??!!!!!!,,, What a dud for 10 million,, just let the club do their business and support them,

  4. Let's keep doing good business and NOT pay over the odds we should have enough in our pool to win the Championship with the new signings and current squad. I think we will keep a tight ship and only spend on additional quality and Marquee signings in prep for SPL and yes just before season ticket renewal but that's reality.

  5. Diagouraga will GP. As an exiled Bear and Bees season ticket holder I expect the deal to go through. 'Dave' and Warbs relationship will make the move happen. is a good defensive midfielder option and has loads of experience. He is BFCs most improved player and fans' player of season last year…not bad given Andre Gray, Alex Pritchard and Jota displays. He will be a good signing and on the money front, why wouldn't Gers want to get him as cheaply as possible.

  6. Guy will be 29 at the end of the season and has made his career round Englands lower leagues so certainly not a player who is going to improve or have a sell on value but still sounds reasonable given that he played under Warburton before so would know what he is getting and you would likely think that he should be able to cut in in the Scottish top flight next season should promotion be achieved. Still more a stepping stone player than one to push the club towards European qualification.

    • Well he wanted that 37 year auld,name escapes me,so at 29 he's ideal.And he'll provide much needed physicality in there,we're far too lightweight in midfield.

  7. In King we Trust…..We need the money to get this guy and if he is as good as some say..would be a great investment……Think about it,Dave….you could make a lot of money on this guy…

  8. I am so happy to see that some people are becoming aware about the club's good business plan. buying young and cheap, developing in-house, making a profit and circulating that money. And then you see the occasional 'King wont put his hand in his pockets' 'King not putting his money where his mouth is' comments and wonder how people have forgotten so quickly how this mentality was the catalyst which almost ruined our club. Money will be put in I am sure, but only when it is sustainable.

  9. The club already owe King and the other Generous men saving our club about 15m and we will need more than that to subsidise the club until the club has any chance of balancing the books. It's a good job they are real Rangers men and do not listen to the minority King haters. What would happen if they did n said fuck you lot give us our 15m we are off?

    Be careful what you wish for you dummies, have you got someone willing to subsidise us to the tune of 35-40m? If not shut up and be grateful ya shower of post Sdm spoiled brat so called supporters, we can do without you and never need to go down your route again.

  10. Couldn't agree more ,the club is night and day compared to the last lot of money grabbers who were out to line their own pockets.We don't need millions at the moment when the time is right the money will be put in

  11. I hate when our fans bring down big Tore Andre Flo. Flo wasn't a flop or dud as people suggest. Infact he was a really good player. His stats don't lie. Fair enough his price tag was probably double what he was worth but thats not his fault. Give the big guy a break. I wish we had someone like him up top with Waggy.

  12. Makes me laugh King getting slaughtered, the man invested and lost £40 MILLION in our club last time around.That's about £39+ million more than you'll earn in your working life. And came back for more. £18.72 per month how many months to match that? Tired of the negativity supposedly following 'their' team. Support them or just…

  13. Why do so many people post anonymously?
    I wouldn't pay the £750k fee, sounds like a decent player but plenty of players around for that kind of fee at 28 years old, it is likely he eould have no sell on value.

  14. The football is good at the moment the players r all playing well the fans r enjoying the way we play lets see how we get on against killie before we say we need million pound players in warbs we trust watp