Rangers continue to be targeted – nothing ever changes


Rangers finally appeared to end their recent slump on Monday with a more-than convincing win over second-placed Hibernian. Indeed, the final score was an impressive 4-2 victory, but the truth is few outside Scottish football would even be aware of it such has been the native media’s predictable focus on off-field matters.

This match, hyped up beyond mention in recent weeks, was a titanic top of the table clash, one which would likely swing the balance of the league’s destiny in the direction of whoever came out victors.

All the pre-match talk was of Rangers’ poor form, Hibs’ impressive unbeaten run since the last encounter between the two at Ibrox, and the ‘mind games’ between Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton and the ever-embarrassing attempts from Alan Stubbs to destabilise efforts at Ibrox.

90 minutes later, a pretty convincing message from Rangers that they mean business, that the worst of the Ibrox side’s slump is likely a thing of the past and momentum is now surely with them; and what does the media and every non-Rangers fan obsess with?

Singing. Yes. Crowd chants.

Every support in Scottish football who met out bigoted abuse to the travelling Rangers contingent, all the terrorist glorification that takes place at Celtic Park every other week, and the one time some ‘naughty’ chanting takes place at Ibrox and it is all the SPFL is interested in.

One cannot help feeling, wrong though this singing was, that if Rangers had not won, it would have been an infinitely less important issue to our opponents. That with Celtic fans and their very nasty chants never being highlighted in the MSM north of the border, win lose or draw at Parkhead, various hacks like Spiers and English highlighting silly chants with ‘reports’ being drawn up and attempts to ‘grass’ to the delegate, it appears to come about as a continued hatred of Rangers and the desire to deflect away from an outstanding display against a previously rampant Hibs.

This is NOT justification of bad songs – not at all. This is about the fact that nothing is ever done about the same kind of vile sputum hurled at Rangers on their travels all the time, nor anything at Parkhead.

Every other week this nonsense is aimed at Rangers fans, or at other Scottish grounds like Celtic Park – nothing is ever done to tackle it.

But the one time Rangers fans, in a moment of delirium at enjoying a win, engaged in a few naughty chants for the first time in at least a year if not more, sees SPFL fans conjuring up reports to send to their club boards (yes really) despite the poison they themselves use…

It is not an even playing field, nor is it a fair one.

Que sera, sera.


  1. There has been an anti-British movement going on for some time now, and not just in Scotland. British institutions and traditions have been under attack from so-called "Progressives" who have infiltrated, infested and taken over positions of power way out of proportion to their actual numbers. They are like those 'pedo-rings' where they get their own type into top positions so they can use their power to abuse the majority and bring down the nation from within.
    They have infested political parties, civil service, judiciary, trade unions, schools, universities, the media and 'arts and entertainment'. As a consequence there is hardly any institutional leadership to combat these v'socialist' half-wits.
    Even our churches practice 'tolerance' of these bastards. In the past, even people who were not strong on Christian beliefs would turn to the church as a last resort. Church leaders would be strong defenders of Britain, British values and traditions. Those days are gone as well. The church is packed with wishy washy '
    collectivists' who push their socialist agendas.
    Rangers Football Club is perhaps the last outpost where people gather in large numbers to watch football, for sure, but also to stand with people who share their love of all things British and our heritage.
    I have long suspected that there was an ulterior motive for those civil service morons at the tax office singling out The Rangers Football Club PLC, from more than 5000 other companies that used EBTs, for 'special attention'.
    No Rangers fan will be surprised at the continued attacks on our club. These sick bastards might disgust us, but they will not defeat us. Because we are, truly, the people. Onward and Upward.
    C'mon the Gers

    • Exactly the point I was trying to make a couple months ago. Couldn't quite articulate it as well as yourself and received abuse for it. Trouble is my friend we have sat back and let it happen some even voted for it for gods sake!

    • Exactly right.
      Can't someone come up with alternative lyrics to the "up to our knees.." bit? I know the obsessive psychopaths would find something else to find fault with, but it would be one less thing for RFC to deal with. No?

    • do the rangers fans out there forget what happened when they got john guddetti fined for singing a so called anti rangers song,,,or the wee school teacher who supports the i.r.a,,,people in glass houses should not throw stones

  2. Is any form of the Billy Boys banned ? I grew up singing it, we sang it louder and better than anyone else, it was the most rousing and energizing song I've ever heard in a football ground. Can we not change the couple of words which so offend the anti-Rangers establishment ? I think we heard again how powerful this song is on Monday, it would be a pity to lose it.

    • powerful ? in what context powerful it was that powerful i had to take my children home early thought we had got rid of the knuckle dragers seems not even warbo said it was disgusting to hear

  3. Obsessed way the famous Glasgow Rangers I cudnt tell u wat they wer singing at tynecastle cos I had no interest what so every but they wer all watching us I had better things to do like peel ma potatoes for ma dinner! The obsession will never die just like our famous club. Hallo hallo to all my fellow bears at this festive period. WATP!!

  4. The words of the song need to be tweaked in order to remain politically correct. People must understand this song in its current wording causes offence; it must change!

    As for the anonymous poster above who spouts on about anti-British peesh, give it a break. Leave politics and religion out of football. Scotland is a diverse country, and I for one welcome anyone no matter race or religion to support our club. We are a football club, not a church ffs!!!

    • Britain is under attack from within. Rangers football club is under constant attack by the bastards in other clubs, the media and in the football authorities. Protestantism is under attack. Certainly in Scotland.
      Rangers are much much more than a football club. Rangers football club is a British institution. Hence it is under attack. Your reference to race stamps you as a useless so-called "progressive' f/wit. Rangers supporters wish no harm on anyone. It is us who are under attack. Leave politics out of it? Where the fu@k do you think the laws came from that banned our songs you fu@king eejit?

  5. Rangers re NOT responsible for the society in which we live. We have a republican government in the SNP and as a result their lachies are determined to undermine us on an off the pitch. Look at the referee known as 'bobby' to some who cannot see cheating and those at HMRC that our club to liquidation. Interesting that SNP members from central Scotland use EBT without criticism.
    You cannot separate society from the anti rangers furore.
    BTW, I had stopped attending (Smith and McCoist's playing style was so poor) until they drove the club to its present state. I wanted to stand up and be counted by renewing my season tickets and giving the rest a sign that we are down but not out!

    • your right mate this ref bobby hates the gers my mate said he was a season ticket holder at celic and was in the hibs walk he has a picture of him wearing a uniform its not fair but as gloria sang we will survive watp

    • ive seen the picture to he was marchin at the st patricks day parade in coatbridge heard he s got a rebel tatoo on his chest king has to go to fifa with this news as the snp and sfa will do nothing because they don t want us up this year

  6. Aye and dirty Tims support for the filthy butchering scum that is the Taliban and other Muslim terrorists. But hey that is free fukin speech, well maybe it is time we start to force our MPs to bring this up and ban it.

  7. Btw weve sang it more than once this season no at home but weve definatly sang it a couple of times away from home, a just wish we could stop it cause it makes us look like dicks weve got other songs now and a lot of us love the club and couldn't give a shit about religion

  8. Why don't we get rid of all this political crap and all the bigoted songs. Lets march into the 21st century proud of our club. Lets start to self police and point out the bigots in our support, maybe then all the other clubs would see we want to move on. Follow Follow

    • Bang on Boy Blue!!!

      With a multi-cultural society it's imperative we move into the 21st century in order to attract the "new Scots" who have and continue to move here to build a better life for them and their families. Hanging onto this deranged Billy Boy culture only serves to alienate our club from main stream Scotland. I say fcuk that. We are an inclusive club who must have our doors open to all no matter your religious and/or political beliefs!!

      Time to get back to the football. As the saying goes; "it's only a game!!"

  9. Every one in the stadium sang the song even the directors box was bouncing. .. a true indication that we're finally back .. can you imagine how the celtic fans will feel when we lift the petrified cup … jelious Hehehe

  10. How about, "we're upto our knee's in opponents tears, surrender and dont cry"! Cos thats what we make them all do when we pump them!!!! I seriously think that would do. Copy and send it to supporters groups cos the billy boys is our top atmosphere song, not been the same since we were made to stop singing it. Anyone keen for my lyric change

  11. I can't believe that grown men are talking of how to change the vile song rather than just not sing it , yous are the most vile people , from the start of this saga where your people raped and killed of your beloved club , to now with your new club still being raped , yous have cryed to be the victims , the quicker this zombie club die the better for the whole of the UK not just Scotland

  12. well after reading these latest posts its seems rangers do have problems with idiotic fans out there??you sing about the queen and at last count she,s chasing u down for unpaid taxes.
    /u couldnt make it up,,,anti catholic unless your amoruso,gattusso,porini,negri,gasgoine,every fan out there laughs at the songs u sing ,make your mind up,,u hate all catholics or jist the ones who will not sign or support your club,,celtic fans and many out their cant wait till u sign the boy crooks fi accrington,,,crooks 54,,,

  13. Have a listen to yourselves, it's always someone else's fault.

    Admin, liquidation…….nope not us, that was those big bad boys that did it then ran away.

    Murray, Whyte and Green all feted by the Rangers support who knew exactly how to play you to extract the maxi um cash.

    How the hell are you going to cope when UEFA hits the club, not company, with a 10 year ban for a fraudulent submission to play in their tournaments in 2011?

    How will you feel when Ashley shows King to be the pauper that he is when the F&P case resumes. The cosy relationship that the SFA has with Rangers will be exposed in court, there will be no hiding place.

    Such is the mess that the SFA is in due to corruption and collusion in all things Rangers the latest outbreak of sectarian singing will go unpublished by them…..however UEFA have the details and will move to impose heavy fines and close parts of the stadium.

    Bigotry and sectarianism may be part of the majority of Rangers fans lives and for most of them that will never change.

    However away from your lodges and drinking dens there is a big, big world out their in the 20th century……..do us and yourselves a favour, leave the baggage behind and come and join us

  14. When you look back at your name on the Petrofac Cup after beating the mighty Peterhead will I be making comparisons……European Cup, Coronation Cup, Exhibition Trophy….nope I don't think so either.
    If JJ'S reporting that December payroll was not met in full despite the claim that shareholders had come up with the £2.5m required to see out the season then things are worse than anyone thought.
    I hope that the CIC has the cash to keep the club going over Jan, Feb, Mar, April and May………… £10m anyone?

    Oh and look out for some nuclear news this week around the £5m loan repayment!

  15. Completely agree with ibroxnoise,the celik fans were singing their usual sectarian songs at tyncastle on Sunday and nobody has said anything about it,it stinks of hypocrisy and double standards

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