Warburton: “Don’t accuse us of lacking a spine”


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has attacked certain sections of the media, and one (unnamed) outlet in particular for accusing him and his team of lacking a spine.

After a recent article in a national newspaper claimed his players and he needed to ‘grow a set’ and he needed a ‘spine’, Warburton used his post-Hibs pre-Dumbarton press conference to castigate the journalist who used terms the Magic Hat deems ‘disrespectful’ in criticism of Rangers.

He said:

“There were comments which frustrated us. Lots of comments about having no spine which I thought was a hugely disrespectful statement to us at the top of the league. And certain media outlets saying that (we are ‘spineless’). We all remember those comments. We use those comments, ill-judged. In my mind, totally incorrect, but we answered them yesterday.”

The publication is well known and most readers will know precisely which one and who the journalist is, but there was nothing ‘courageous’ about any of that ‘journalism’ in Warburton’s mind and despite this site’s occasional criticism of recent displays, those were comments which were completely wrong and without merit.


  1. Hibs performance was outstanding from both the team and the supporters. We really need a song for wee Waggy. He deserves it….

  2. Yes some big players arriving from the 3rd division of Engerland and we can win this league or do well in a play off then champions League football and the Billy boys .. and wine

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