Premiership striker linked to Ibrox


Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton has admitted ‘if it’s possible’ Rangers will do a deal to bring in Dundee’s Greg Stewart, it has emerged.

The striker has appeared on Rangers’ radar over the past 24 hours, with Scottish outlets claiming Rangers have made a formal bid for the 24-year old, and while Warbs did his best to douse the speculation, he equally conceded if a deal could be done for him or any other player, it would be.

He said:

“I’m amazed to see such headlines. He’s (Stewart) a very talented player, we look at many players down south and in Scotland, of course. But I’m bemused by some of the headlines. He’s not our player and we would never conduct our business in that way, but he’s just one of many players who we’re apparently linked with. If we can secure a player that we feel can add quality that we don’t currently possess, then we’ll move. If it’s possible to do the (Stewart or any other) deal then we’ll move. But Rangers will conduct their business in the appropriate way, hopefully.”

With January’s transfer window only three weeks away, and a host of names starting to be linked with a move to Ibrox, expect many more stories regarding potential new arrivals.


  1. Transfer fee involved?

    Hope it's straight forward and not the same crap as the Scott Allan bid…… £50 up front and the rest over 3 years.

    As King is short of £500k to repay SD will, this impact on January transfers?

    How can we be short £500k when King told us at the AGM that he had pledges or collected £5m from his consortium…………would it be any surprise if it was King's contribution that was missing.

    If after the January hearing Rangers are not awarded the costs then at least another £500k will have gone walk about in legal fees with more to come in the SFA/King F&P case.

    King has to go now, he's a potless liability.

    • Your an idiot, King has and still is doing a lot for our club after years of us being robbed by charlatans, the finances are a mess and it's certainly not Kings fault and he's definitely pumped more cash into the club than yourself.

  2. Troll alert – anonymous, of course.

    They really are that daft, I would have thought they would be busy on the "Sack Runny Diarrhea" threads. But I can't be certain because I don't visit their websites – I am not obsessed with their team the way they are with ours.

    Jog on, little troll 🙂

  3. Must be a free transfer.

    King has already spewed £500k of the money due to SD on his legal fees, with more to come.

    By the time he is back in court in January all of the remaining £4.5m could be gone, if it was ever there in the first place.

    Not like our criminal Chairman to tell porkies is it?

    When Warbs realises that King's promises are just lies he will, be off ski. ………..if he can get another job.

  4. Potential new arrivals…….Whose kidding who?

    Our Chairman lies every time he opens his big mouth and in the process is burning through the £5m supposed to pay back the SD loan.

    How can people not see what's going on.

    The loan is now in default and some serious money is being added to the amount due. I will guarantee you now thar it will never be repaid.

    Any money that has been co invested by the 3 Bears will be spent on legal costs and meeting December payroll.

    It's a shambles and the uncertainty is creeping from the management team to the players.

    King is in the process of driving Warbs out of the door because there is no money, nil, zero, nada for the January window.

    King will become a bigger figure of distain in our history than either Whyte or Green. He is incapable of telling the truth………..just as the South African judge told us.

    How in hell can our QC stand up in court and tell an outright lie about the loan unless King had briefed him to do so?

    If the costs are not awarded to the club on 18th January then we are in big, big trouble.

  5. Too true mate.

    King told the AGM that the money was in the bank and the lawyers would tie up the loose ends.

    It was an outright lie.

    The judge listened last week as the club's QC told the court that the loan had been repaid.

    Another downright lie.

    PMG is blogging that the loan is in default and £6m is required to clear it.

    There is no way the loan will be repaid in December…..if there is £4.5m in the bank, and that's a big if, December payroll and trade creditors will eat up most of the cash.

    What kind of Chairman stands in front of the shareholders and lies through his teeth………ours.

    As the earlier blogger said he can't help himself.

    I'm amazed that Park or Bennett have not called King out on his lies. I suppose they are trying to maintain some show of unity in the hope that somewhere down the line they get their money back, including the loans made to King which will become public knowledge through the various court cases shortly.

    What guff will King's followers and Level 5 come up with to explain why King has yet to contribute a penny?

  6. Wonder how King's getting on with the introduction of the Living Wage rate?

    Perhaps someone should ask him and seek clarification.

    He lied about the Nomad

    He lied about investing his children's inheritance.

    He lied about the loan.

    He lied to SARS for 12 years.

    Does anyone else see a pattern emerging here?

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