Warburton reveals the positions he wants to fix


Rangers manager Mark Warburton has today confirmed the positions he seeks to improve come January, but has surprisingly been incredibly explicit in one of the suggestions.

While it is well known Rangers are in need of enhancements and a bit of a tweak in personnel, it is the direct acknowledgement of Danny Wilson’s poor performances, Lee Wallace’s lack of deputy and Dominic Ball’s inexperience that was the most unexpected.

Warburton conceded that Rangers need ‘versatile’ players and that the critically under-manned position of defensive midfield was being focused on, but it was his admission that ‘left of defence’ needed work – strongly forcing the conclusions that Danny Wilson’s time at Ibrox may be coming to a premature end, another left-back may be a priority and that Dominic Ball is not viewed as a serious solution to left centre back.

He also admitted that attacking players are ‘always attractive’ despite the fact Rangers have an abundance – the one position strangely overlooked was that of striker, unless that too was included in ‘attacking players’.

Whatever is true, Rangers will see some new additions in January, and do not be surprised if more than ‘one or two’ appear at Ibrox in the coming couple of months.


  1. Was it not the case that Man City were watching Wilson with talk of a £5m move in the January window.

    Perhaps he's just been taken out just in case he gets injured.

  2. I think we should stick with Danny Wilson, you don't become a bad player overnight. We definitely need a defensive midfielder and a tall striker to mix up our attacking options

  3. Danny Wilson is a bloody good defender … our best after wallace in my opinion.
    Please don't listen to Scottish media giving him bad press.

  4. Ive been saying it since the start of the season but Rangers style of football although pleasing leaves the 2 centre backs over exposed . They are screaming out for a defensive midfielder who can sit in front of them when wallace and tavernier are pushing forward . I like Andy Halliday but sometimes he too gets drawn forward when he should be sitting deep .

    Im sure Mark Warbuton knows more than me though

  5. Seen on sky sports news today that crouch could b surplus at Stoke and could b available in January maybe we shud try get him in on loan with Stoke paying most of his wages could b a possibility.

  6. Crouch is the type of player we need to mix it up at the business end and still wish we had went for Kevin Nolan he's got 3 years left in him and would stroll through our league

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