Why Saturday is Rangers’ most important match yet


On Saturday, Rangers host St Mirren in quite simply the most important game this season so far.

While Ian Murray’s men are not presenting the best form in the Championship, they have provided rather stubborn opposition for Rangers who only managed to win the first fixture versus them thanks to being inspired by Steven Thompson’s diabolical penalty miss.

Up till that point, they had really pushed the Ibrox men, and then again at St Mirren Park; another tough challenge till Rangers eventually ran out 1-0 winners thanks to Jason Holt’s stellar finish from an acute angle.

Add to this the fact Rangers’ own form right now is at its lowest point all season, having drawn and lost in the league in the past month following a 100% start, and regaining that early momentum is absolutely vital for the route forward.

Couple all of this with the individual significance of the match being a cup semi final, and Rangers’ success in only two of the 12 trophies they have entered into over the past four years and winning the Petrofac Cup becomes absolutely vital.

Not for promotion, of course; in the grand scheme of things overall you would concede that promotion is the most important aspect. But it is failure in cups in recent years that have punctuated Rangers’ poor showings overall under previous regimes, and thus turning that around and finally winning the Petrofac at the fourth time of asking would be the fillip fans probably need right now, witnessing their side teetering a little as things stand.

St Mirren lie a dire 7th in the table, with a pathetic two wins all season to their credit – both of which were away from home, but they will ‘raise their game’ at Ibrox as so many do, to try to nab a famous win.

A couple of months ago when this draw was made Rangers fans dismissed the Buddies such were the stellar shows Rangers were putting on, but now with performances not what they were, slightly more caution is being urged.

Make no mistake though – victory is vital – Mark Warburton needs to get the team right, the selection right, and the players need to show up to a man.

The collective has to prove it is still the best side in the league, something over which there is now some mild doubt.

A defeat would only make that doubt grow further.


  1. Avery astute article and very well written. I do believe however that MW will inspire the team, in winning, johnjamessite.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/kings-greenmail/ all that lost confidence will be instantly recovered. WATP GSTQ. I hear we're in for some good news tonight on STV

  2. We need to get going again or fight very hard for each win for me it's a crucial time in our season some challenging games. We need quality centre forwards a big goal getter and a poacher feeding off.

  3. Its a hard one. A few weeks ago I'd have played all young boys in this game.Now we need it to get back on track,but at the same time I'm worried about injuries.I don't care about the cup,but we could use the game to test another system maybe.

    • the manager seems unable to use another system he couldent change the game against livi not for the first time this season he looks lost when faced with this kind of game

  4. The most important match of the season is always your next game but as long as we get back to winning ways that will do me, now more pressing matters for all the trolls who visit this site.Why in fucks name would America want to host a Dundee versus kiddy fiddlers fc game with the trouble it could cause, three reason of the top of my head why they shouldn't host the game I could think of more but here goes. reason 1 not so long ago dundee head of security said the trouble the beggars supporters caused was worst he'd seen in decades, reason 2 couple of months ago beggars own board branded them smelly, reason 3 last week beggars board branded their supporters racist, now any trolls feel welcome to defend or any bears feel free to add

    • We were playing better early season without the two loanees in midfield . Never thought i'd say it but we need Law and Shiels back in there , with Kenny Miller up front and Waggie wide . As for the Tims in America , dont give a shit either way , fuck em .

    • I agree, we need Law and Shiels back and possibly Calark up front, I don't like him but he's scored a couple recently, would maybe put Hardie up instead, certainly on the bench, we need to give him some games.

  5. another rangers win 2-0, dont give the fat man a penny from your pocket buy fuk all from his shops,, SHOW HIM AND HIS PALLS WATP,,

  6. The most important game of the season?

    Are you kidding, it's the Petrofac feckin cup.

    The most important game of the season will be the Hibs game on the 28th December.

  7. I can't believe that people think mark magic hat Warburton can't find a way through teams like livingstone even great teams struggle when they park the bus

  8. Yes but that is also a valid point as by the same token Barce couldn't find a way past us in that match, it can happen to all teams but is happening too often for us now.

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