Does Kenny Miller deserve his new deal?


With the unexpected news Rangers’ veteran striker Kenny Miller signed an extension yesterday to extend his stay at Ibrox till summer 2017 at the earliest, reaction from the Rangers’ faithful was mixed to say the least.

Manager Mark Warburton was gushing in praise of the former Scottish international, 35, pointing to his experience and importance on the pitch as justification for his new deal, but this did not stop many fans objecting to the prolonged stay of the former Derby and Hibs striker.

So, the question is has Miller earned a longer contract?

A great number of supporters would simply point to his utter profligacy in front of goal – that where once he was fiercely prolific, now he struggles to net at all. And they would have a fair point; this season Miller has managed a reasonable 7 goals, but none since 16th of August when he bagged a brace in Alloa – in short, the man’s goals have dramatically dried up and he has gone three months without netting.

However, while Warburton has admitted his contract has been extended on football principles, Miller has also been awarded a coaching role with Ian Durrant’s U20s, and will provide the academy with vital experience and wisdom.

One thing no Rangers fan can deny is Miller’s work ethic, professionalism, passion and all-round support play – despite the ignominious nature of his departure in 2011 (which he thoroughly regrets) he always gave everything on the pitch for Rangers when in the jersey, and has admitted in recent times that he is a boyhood fan – despite one of his club choices, he really is one of us – three spells at Ibrox including giving up a very cushy gig in Canada at the Whitecaps to join Rangers in League 1.

And on the pitch he has been quintessentially professional – one of the few to have pass marks during the infamous playoffs, Miller has never been shy to dig in, work hard, scream at those around him and run like a gazelle on steroids.

Miller’s hard graft in the final third allows the likes of Waghorn, McKay and Oduwa to express themselves and it is easy to see, when you look deeper, why his manager has extended his stay.

Add to that the aforementioned coaching role at Murray Park confirms the Magic Hat’s faith in him to nurture the kids as well as providing the experience on the pitch for the senior team when needed.

Miller has earned this deal – he might not bag goals like he used to, but he gives plenty more.

If Mark Warburton trusts him, who are we to question it?


  1. He's got at least another 2+ years in him ! You just have to remember David Weir, when did he retire ? He was another top flight player .

  2. It's beyond belief that Miller has been given a new contract as he was dog raw last season and has did very little this season , he always gives 100% but lost it 5 years ago. This signing lacks real ambition by our club.

    • Had you been listening to what Warbs and co have been trying tirelessly to drum into people, Miller has the attitude that they are looking for. His experience and professionalism is something they are looking to harness and help develop young players with.
      Kenny may have lost a bit as a player but they seems to want his influence off the park.

      And I am no KM fan btw.

  3. Quite agree. Miller has earned his contract and will be valuable both on and off the pitch. Have forgotten about his green and white aberration long ago

  4. Miller deserves the contract,,,, its not just playing, but also coaching,,, He will learn from Warbuton and Weir, its a great opportunity to allow Miller become an excellent Manager one day,,and who know,, he might become either a future Rangers or Scotland manager in the future,,, Well done Kenny, hope all goes well for you son,,,,

  5. Miller lost cutting edge 2 years ago came back to boost his pension and done very little Warbs can't talk about youth and keep him how many coaches are we paying now

  6. If signing Miller is the sign of things to come I'm very worried where is our ambitions he was finished as a player years ago

  7. Hope he sticks to the training because he has been dreadful on the pitch for two seasons but I will say he always gives 100%

  8. I think Kenny miller should stay as he can encourage the younger players I think he would be an asset
    to the club in a development roll.

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