Warburton admits Oduwa is on borrowed time

Warburton admits Oduwa is on borrowed time

While negotiations are underway to extend Arsenal playmaker Gedion Zelalem’s loan from the initial six months to full season as agreed early on with Emirates’ manager Arsene Wenger, the news is not so bright regarding Rangers’ other on-loan star from the Premier League.

While Rangers and Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur only agreed a season-long long in the first place, faint hopes had been raised within the Rangers support that the White Hart Lane youngster, who has set Scottish football alight with his superb footwork, might either extend his loan for a further year.

There was the even more remote chance Rangers might be able to sign him permanently next summer, but manager Mark Warburton appears to have poured cold water over such an idea, admitting he is only on loan to develop as a player at Ibrox for the one season, and will ‘hopefully’ return to Spurs a better player come the end of it.

He said:

“His job is to come here and our job is to come here and make him a better player. So hopefully he goes back to Tottenham at the end of the season a better player having learned from situations such as that.”

Deep down Warburton will surely be hoping to be able to retain the English winger for longer, be it as a further loan or permanent signing, but right now such hopes appear to have been completely dashed.

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  1. I have no problem with him going at the end of the season to me he is a luxury player who when he is good he is very entertaining. However he does not show for long spells in a game and when we step up next year we are going to need a different type of player to compete in the premier league. This is not to say I wont enjoy his skills when displayed this season but I feel we need somebody a bit more direct and experienced for next season's campaign

    • 100 % agree with you, he is just not direct enough. On an other subject I really hope warburton can show some different tactics against stronger opposition as I fear for next year if we keep being so attacking in large numbers

  2. Imo I undoubtedly agree with our manager on his assessment of young barrie mckay,he'll go on to be an outstanding player for glasgow rangers football club,once he bulks up a bit the footballing world will be his oyster,he ghosts past players as if they're not there and has a terrific array of skills with a very good first touch which is a must in the modern game,mckay in a few years time will leave rangers for the english premiership and will command a very big transfer fee,by then warburton will have developed barrie mckay into the finished article,he has everything to be a big star!

  3. Aye he was roasting today. Is everyone watching the same player as me. Mckay is a headless chicken. Just aimless running no end product

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