Latest twist puts Eustace deal in doubt at Ibrox


The John Eustace saga shows no sign of letting up despite manager Mark Warburton’s claims last Thursday week the anchor was ready to join ‘in the coming days’.

The soap opera surrounding this player and his excruciatingly long stint at Murray Park is beyond puzzling and more than a little bizarre, and it is’s understanding the lion share of the delays up till Warburton’s statement were due to injury setbacks, with the former Derby man unable to retain fitness despite impressing in training.

But when Warburton announced his impending signature, it did look like finally ending with the holding player making the switch permanent.

Unfortunately today the following curious twist took place with Rangers releasing a statement:

“(John) Eustace is dealing with a non football related issue and needs to be with his family right now. We should hopefully have something soon.”

The oddity of this one rumbles on with no end in sight.

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  1. To be perfectly honest i'm sick and tired hearing about him now. No matter how good a player he is amd how much we need a defensive midfielder, lets be realistic. He's 35, coming back from a serious injury, and if he did sign in the near future its highly likely he will injure himself in his first game or two in his position where you need good legs and have to put in hefty challanges. With the january transfer window coming up and the albeit certain promotion and subsequent summer transfer window…do you really need him? No we certainly do not and have 2 transfer windows to get in all the players we been…unless he is the last defensive midfielder on the planet? Again…no hes not

  2. non football related issue?
    If its a death or family thing then obviously u feel sorry for the guy,
    But it is draggin on lets get it sorted out now & he either stays or goes

  3. get a grip you miserable buggers…the man being at murray park is not costing Rangers money…You were all saying we trust in warbs…So…trust him…he knows a good player …we dont know what is going on in John eustace's life…when we find out i hope you will all take back your comments…if not you cant describe yourselves as Rangers supporters…its worthwhile waiting to see how things turn out for him…and another thing he must want to play for the light blues badly…because he is helping our youngsters behind the scenes,even though it might do him out of a contract…WATP

    • Well said camelonman. Warburtons judgement has been spot on so far and if he's prepared to wait then that's good enough for me. It was clear from the start that Warburton wanted Eustace not only for his contribution on the park but also off it for his leadership qualities and as a role model for a very young group of players. Even without playing it's clear from the comments of other players that Eustace is helping the team. We should be happy to have him for as long as Warburton wants him around.

    • If John Eaustaces protracted stay is not costing Gers money then who is footing the bill for accommodation, travel,food,kit etc? Feel sorry for the guy with family problems, but we may give to charity but are not one

  4. The young guy who is trialling at the moment is the real prospect that Rangers fans should be taking note of. The ex Barca kid, Gai Assulin, if fit, will be a sensational signing I think. I seen a couple of his vids on youtube when he was in the Barca youth set-up. He was REALLY impressive.
    I don't know what has stalled his career but if he is fit, Warburton WILL sign him. Of that, I have no doubt.
    Check him out on the web. I'm sure you will be impressed. We get fed up hearing about the 'new Messi' every month or so about different players. But the Barca staff said that themselves about this guy when he was a kid. Watch his style. He was a ringer for thye man himself. Runs at defences flat out. Very tricky and looks as quick as wee Barrie, at least. Willie Johnston? Perhaps not that quick, but who is?

  5. Yeah a family issue is a no brainer needs time to sort it out. This has dragged out for far too long, never wanted him on the first place personally, however every Mans family should be his number 1 priority. I wish hin all the best and hope it works out ok.

  6. Rangers are doing the right thing. They want to ensure that he is fully fit and that he doesn't break down with injury again after one or two games. Thats why they're taking their time. Nothing wrong with that. Have some patience.

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