Rangers’ star describes this as ‘lucky’…


Lee Wallace has had nothing short of a remarkable season this term – finally winning the captaincy and giving Rangers’ their first deserved captain in some considerable time, and leading by example on and off the pitch.

The man has sacrificed his Scotland career quite happily in order to help with Rangers’ recovery, and Rangers’ fan group the Union Bears honoured him recently with a dedicated banner – a fine homage to what the former Hearts man has given the Club.

But, humble as ever, Wallace described the goal he scored in that match as ‘lucky’.

“At the time it was great seeing it (the banner) in a photo but it’s not until you see it in the flesh unfurled that you realise how good it was and coupled with that I managed to score a lucky goal early on.”

 Take a look for yourself – does this thunderbolt from 35+ yards look ‘lucky’ to you?


  1. LEE WALLACE should be playing for the national team…I dont think there is any doubt about that…but again as ive said in previous posts…he will never be selected by that little weasel…so its time to get rid of that so called "saviour"and appoint someone who really knows about tactics in international football…STUART MCall…he is the best thing that could happen to scottish football…stuart is brilliant on tacticts and does know a thing about getting the best out of a sqaud…anyway stuart is beetween jobs lets quickley appoint him…(dont hold your breathe)

    • Wallace is a legend and I'm proud to have him as gers captain, he could have abandoned ship like the most of the rest did but stayed, a true blue

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