Rangers linked to SPL striker

Rangers linked to SPL striker

Unconfirmed speculation has seen St Johnstone’s 24-year old striker Michael O’Halloran linked with a switch to Rangers.

The former Bolton and Tranmere forward impressed hugely when the two sides met in the League Cup, and is said to have piqued manager Mark Warburton’s interest as a result of his display.

The Glasgow born finisher, who supported Celtic as a boy, made a few waves with some comments in the press before and after his side’s victory at Ibrox, making this further development slightly left-field to say the least, but then there is quite a bit of previous recently for supposed boyhood fans of one Old Firm side to then sign with the other.

Rangers are most definitely on the look-out for a striker come January, and while the former Sheffield United attacker is more recognised as a forward in the mould of our very own Martyn Waghorn, his clinical finish to seal Rangers’ fate during the sides’ meeting suggests he could, in a football sense, be a valuable addition.

He is, however, under contract, having triggered an extension taking him through to summer 2016, so St Johnstone would require a fee.

Whether his signature would be welcomed with open arms by supporters, though, given his background and public comments, is another question.

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  1. Let him stay at St Johnstone or let him go to Celtic ,I was at the game and did not see anything special about him there will be more people available come Jan WATP LOL.

  2. Why are we going for SPL players when better players can be picked up in just about any other league in the world. O'Halloran is a decent player but no more than that. Our defence was very poor in that St Johnstone game. We need to be looking at quality young players that can develop to play for a top International side, lets hope the new coaching set up brings us in a few!

  3. It's been proven time and again that Scottish strikers just have'nt got the true quality needed at a high level, therefore we should be looking further afield to bring in young foreign talent that will improve, then we can sell on if need be in the future at a profit.

  4. The time has gone when we can say fuck him. But fuck him no chance should we be signing the likes of that

  5. If some fans dont accept him because of some comments after the st johnstone match, or because he has a celtic background – they should grow up and stop being so immature. Hes better than clark and miller, who both may leave at end of season. We will need at least 3 strikers for our squad next year. If he gives 100% in a blue jersey, i couldn't give a monkeys if he supported celtic as a boy.

    • Quite right. These men aren't motivated by "the jersey" like they maybe once were. It's the pursuit to make as much as you can before your career is over that drives the majority of athletes now, and with as much money involved, one can hardly blame them. If this fella ends up at Ibrox, I've no doubts he will run through a brick wall for the team.

  6. Exactly if warbs rates him then I'm happy with that. As ricksen said Miller won't b here next season n clarks jst not got it he's not powerful enuf or deadly enuf hink that was a 1 off season with Q.O.S he can't handle every fin being at gers brings.wudnt surprise me if they offered him n £100,000 to St Johnston for o halloran in January. And I much prefer waghorn on the right of the 3 forwards he done more in ten minutes against Falkirk than oduwa done in 80 mins n he'd still bang in the goals leavin centre forward free for sum1 like ohalloran to fill. WATP

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