Rangers take another from Easter Road as bitter rivalry intensifies


With the news Rangers have secured the captain of Scotland’s U16s Jack Adamson from under the nose of Hibernian, who had developed him from ages 12-16, one cannot help feeling the Scott Allan saga has left a sense of permanent bad blood between the Clubs, and Rangers add the youngster to the increasing number of personnel the Ibrox side have pinched from Easter Road.

Only two months ago Rangers also persuaded then-Hibernian fitness coach Craig Flannigan to switch from Edinburgh to Murray Park, a move which will be pushed through once Stubbs’ men have found a replacement. Flannigan, as last heard, is currently serving his notice.

But it will be the securing of a potential future Scotland captain from right under Hibs’ cradle to Ibrox that will irk Stubbs even more; Adamson was viewed as a possible future stalwart for his side within the next two years, depending on progress, but now Rangers have stepped in and Adamson jumped at the chance to escape Easter Road, an increasingly common occurrence these days.

The left-sided player said:

“To be offered the opportunity to sign and play for Rangers at the age of 16 is a very proud moment for me and my family. I am thrilled.”

The rivalry and vitriol between the clubs is only set to intensify with Rangers stealing another prized Hibs asset.


  1. good, hibs will have to get used to the champion ship they will be there for years on stubbs is pure pish ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Looks like Warburton's policy on giving young players an opportunity is starting to pay off already normally you would say one for the future but he could be in the first team in a couple of seasons

  3. Wasn't the lad playing for Stoke City in a tournament this summer? If so, that would suggest his Hibs contract had already run down and we haven't stolen him from anyone.
    Forget Scott Allan, the rest of us have and next season when we're back in the top tier all going well Hibs will be left languishing in the Championship again.

  4. if we are going to win the spl next season and do well in champions league as promised why the fuck are we scared to play livi ? for fuch sake a bunch of partimers and we run scared come on warbo man up u are acting like ally

    • warbo promised us siverware and lets face it the ramsdens cup is our best chance after what happened against st johnstone he has to be careful we dont end up getting beat by a bunch of plumbers

    • why dont you cun-s f-ck off… this is a place for rangers supporters…CLUE:- "ibrox noise" does that no get through to your chicken brains… we dont care about your twisted views…so just piss off back to the pigsty and give " runny diarrhoea" your venom.

  5. I dont think Warburton is feart of anybody but hes not stupid enought o say Aye well we'll go oot & batter everybody" basically the guy knows how to play the game. be respectful to the team , take it 1 game at a time ya da ya da ya da. I thats the way it should be, let the talkin be done on the pitch, Theres too many managers talkin Sh*te in my opinion, Especially when it doesnt go there own way. So lets just take a chill pill & enjoy the fitba!

  6. great news good to see us looking to the future instead of signing has beens
    even better to get it right up hibs

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