Poll: life in the SPL – are Rangers players good enough?


Now that a quarter of the Championship season is done and dusted, and despite Warburton’s wise change of tact (following his initial concession that beating Falkirk was a ‘statement of intent’ to win the title) to warn off complacency, Rangers’ outstanding manager will be quietly informing the players this title is theirs to lose.

Rangers, barring a collapse of simply unacceptable and borderline preposterous levels, will be in the SPL next season – miles away the best side in the Championship, and it is no tempting of fate to state this factually.

Consequently attention, even at this early juncture, turns to which current squad members are capable of making the step up immediately.

Chairman Dave King famously said at the start of the transfer window that he only wanted to sign players readily equipped to cope with the upgrade to SPL, and to that end Rangers brought in a glut of relative unknowns, many of whom have impressed massively.

So which players are evidently good enough for the SPL, and which ones still have to prove themselves or are just plain insufficient?

Starting at the back, and Wes Foderingham. He has got better and better after an uncertain and shaky start, but he is one of the hardest to judge such is the little he actually has to do in most matches. He has made some very good saves indeed, but it is near impossible to say with certainty whether or not he could cope with the SPL.

At right back, James Tavernier. A simple yes. No further comment required.

Next come the centre-backs. Neither has really shone, and equally they have not done poorly – but Danny Wilson has SPL, EPL, UCL and English Championship experience, which puts him in a stronger position. Rob Kiernan is similar to Foderingham – the jury is probably out on him.

Lee Wallace – yes. Easy enough.

Off to midfield now and Andy Halliday. He has been very, very good out of position, if a tad wasted there, and has plenty of experience at a high enough level to cope with the step up.

Next, Gedion Zelalem – has strolled through the season half asleep. Would be fascinating to see him tested more at the higher level. Pity he is incredibly unlikely to still be here next summer given he is a loan.

Nicky Law – he came from the SPL and was good there; much improved this season but not a favourite of Warbs. Is he good enough for an SPL Rangers? Jury is out, but veering towards no.

Jason Holt – been excellent and clearly capable of life in the SPL.

Dean Shiels came from the SPL but in truth this is his fourth season at Ibrox and he is yet to cement a starting berth – under four different managers in that time. Major doubt whether he would be favoured at that level.

Kenny Miller – shows signs of good work deeper behind the strikers but his composure has deserted him and he struggles to net. Not getting any younger. This is probably a no.

Martyn Waghorn – yes, yes, and yes.

Barrie McKay – easy yes, yet again.

Nathan Oduwa – probably will not be at Ibrox next season unless loan is extended, but Oduwa is a very schizophrenic player – he is either explosively good on the point of genius, or he is abysmal and nothing comes off for him. But his attitude is first-rate and the lad never hides. Always tries.

The ‘leftovers’ are the likes of:

Dominic Ball – probably not, but a loan anyway.
Fraser Aird – probably not, gone backwards.
Nicky Clark – has not been good enough in any previous league for Rangers, has no chance of SPL.
Cammy Bell – has in truth probably played his last game for Rangers.
Ryan Hardie – has barely featured in the past month or so – starting to fade. So probably not.
Tom Walsh – see Hardie.
Jordan Thompson – see Hardie and Walsh.
David Templeon – are you serious?

So, overall, the verdict is:


James Tavernier, Lee Wallace, Andy Halliday, Jason Holt, Gedion Zelalem, Martyn Waghorn, Barrie McKay.

Jury’s out/probably:

Wes Foderingham, Danny Wilson, Nathan Oduwa.

Jury’s out/probably not:

Rob Kiernan, Nicky Law, Dean Shiels, Frasier Aird, Dominic Ball, Ryan Hardie, Tom Walsh, Jordan Thompson, Cammy Bell, Kenny Miller.

Definitely not:

David Templeton, Nicky Clark

If/when Rangers achieve promotion, the current squad, while definitely on the right lines, will most certainly require significant surgery. As it stands this Rangers team would be bottom six – probably safe from relegation but nowhere near fighting for the title. But a few choice additions under the wisdom of the Magic Hat, and top six awaits before the sky is the limit.

These are exciting times for Rangers fans – but what do Ibroxnoise.co.uk readers think? Who do you consider to be good enough?

Vote below.



  1. Still 2 transfer windows to go before we hit the spl.
    Both will be vitally important as we need 2 or 3 in and out.
    But confident in W&W to do the job.

  2. On your probably not list I would have to keep Hardie Walsh Thomson only boys still a lot of promise to give up on .WATP LOL.

  3. Good article, interesting conversations will come of it but the poll is the wrong type. At the moment, 8% means a definite! Each player needs to be measured on his own %, not on the overall vote strength…
    Otherwise, definitely a conversation that is worth starting.

  4. I would say good enough to be in it as in avoiding relegation but some serious building needed to challenge for European positions.

  5. this lot got pumped by st johnstone at home 3-1 and it could have been worse we will need a new defence the keeper is a bombscare full backs cant defend and don t start me about danny bhoy wilson for fuck sake milk turns faster champions league fuck me we are scared to play livi for fucks sake we will need a clear out

    • you were told before tim…fu-k off back to the land of stink…this is a site for glasgow rangers supporters…we wont listen to your bile…we are the PEOPLE and we are scared of nobody…we are coming to get you…fecking title pretenders…so crawl back under a stone or you could be stepped on and squished.

  6. I know he is only on loan (before anybody starts their shat) but Dominic Ball is definetly SPL standard. Maybe not Rangers standard but would command a place in most premier league teams with relative ease.

  7. Bit harsh on Templeton,, you forget he was hearts best player before coming to Rangers, he needs a break with injuries,,, and needs a good run in games,, The list certainly gives food for throught to bring in higher quality of player,

  8. I think the 2 keepers would b fine for spl. Out of all the players I would put in my premiership starting 11 foderingham,Wilson,Wallace,tanvenier,Halliday,holt,Makay and waghorn. So I would say 2 or 3 quality additions are needed for starting 11. I would keep for bench / squad rotation bell, Kiernan,sheils,Thompson,Walsh,Hardie & templeton.i would let go Miller,law,Aird so I would say another 3 or 4 players of a good standard for depth of squad are needed. Not including any loan players here because not sure if they lol get a loan extension or not.

    • I would put bell in a rangers jersey ever again after his shambolic game against motherwell. That punch/owngoal is the single most embarrassing thing I remember from those games and I would have sacked him on the spot for it.

    • Nonsense,is the guy not allowed a bad game?,I don't remember many other shockers,give the guy a break,he would do as back up,good keepers are hard to get at our level.He did fine in the SPL with Killie.

  9. it's a shame what happened to Templeton, there was a short time there where he looked like he could really, really be Something.
    maybe he needs to break away, find a new club and rebuild
    he has the underlying talent imo

    pretty much agree with your 'definites', shame we're not gonna be keeping all of them..

  10. Dominic ball has hardly put a foot wrong any time he steps in, defence looked better with him in place of keirnan. Keirnan and Wilson are too similar and making the same mistakes, I think they will get found out big time against better teams.

  11. Lets be brutally honest, this team is only good for fighting off relegation in the SPL. Getting beat off St. Johnstone hurt but at least it showed where we need to build and get a solid defense. If we can get in a good striker and two good defenders we can have a chance at the top half of the table. Use the first two seasons back at the top to re-structure the team for a third season top place attempt.

    Got to be careful not to expect too much too soon and concentrate on building a strong and hungry team.

  12. A bit harsh on Dom Ball. Hasn't started many games. He should be seriously considered, if he plays well, because he is out of contract this summer.

  13. Templeton for me has been the biggest let down was always a big fan of his but can't defend him anymore, hope Jordan Thompson gets a chance he looks the biz and McKay has been superb this season, wish the hat would comment on why Murdoch left

  14. Ultimately, It depends on why Warbs took them all on board. I think,, although we will never know, that an SPL strategy is already on the table for board approval.

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