McParland: “I’m here because of Mark Warburton”


Rangers’ new Head of Recruitment Frank McParland has waxed lyrical about Ibrox boss Mark Warburton and admitted he is the primary reason the former Liverpool scout has quit Burnley entirely and joined the ranks of Murray Park.

In a statement the new appointment said:

“This has been a tough decision, because I completely respect all that Burnley has done for me in my short time here. The management, staff, players and fans have been wonderful in welcoming me into such a tight-knit club. However, Mark and I go back a long way. We’ve had a close friendship for nine years or so and we’ve worked together professionally for four or five years now. The lure of joining up with him again was just too great. This was never a club decision, because Burnley is a fantastic football club that I’ve been proud to work for. But I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work with Mark, so it’s with a heavy heart that I decided to leave.”

In other words, yet another highly-respected football man has nothing but gushing praise for Rangers’ manager, and has gone as far as quitting a safe job at a comfortable English Championship side in order to make his way north to the less glamorous Scottish equivalent.

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  1. great news I hope.come on the famous Glasgow Rangers.Well done to Stevie Davis fir Northern Ireland too.

  2. while we all wanted neil mcCann…this is a great appointment for 3 reasons…1 he has worked with mr. warburton before so knows his standards…2 he has got his finger on the pulse of the rising stars in England…and 3 he sings from the same song book as W&W…how can we fail…we are the people that matters to football…support the gers with all your strength…go gers.

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