How Frank McParland can take Rangers to the next level

How Frank McParland can take Rangers to the next level

With today’s delightful news that Rangers have at long, long last appointed a Chief Scout in the form of Burnley’s former Sporting Director Frank McParland, Rangers have finally put into place the bedrock of a desperately-needed scouting network.

As yet Rangers do not have a proper system installed, and this appointment will see McParland work in conjunction with Mark Warburton to get the right people both concur on to kick-start Rangers’ scout network.

Warburton’s contacts, on their own, without any assistance, have wielded essentially an entirely new team at Ibrox, with around a dozen summer signings – with all avenues of transaction exploited, from loans, to Bosmans, to development fees, to traditional transfer fees – but this has all been done in an ad-hoc manner, relying on Warbs’ network itself and friends down south.

And look at what that slightly kamikaze system has brought Rangers – 100% record in the league, some absolutely beautiful football, and three matches from Rangers’ first cup silverware in years.

Imagine, now, what a properly regimented and appropriated scouting network can bring, with an experienced pair of hands like McParland in charge of it. Lest we forget, he and Warburton also worked together at Watford then Brentford, so Warbs’ is keeping men around him he knows and trusts.

Rangers’ potential grows by the day, with the right people in charge of the right areas, something which disappeared dramatically post-admin. McParland himself has some extraordinary experience, credited not least with scouting Raheem Sterling from QPR to Liverpool – a player now plying his trade at English giants Manchester City for that princely sum of £49M.

That is the calibre of staff Rangers are now looking at – a man with the kind of knowledge, judgement and experience to find the gems – naturally the budget at Ibrox is not what Liverpool have at their disposal, nor even what Burnley had at theirs, but given the success Warburton has had doing it as a utility, it only begs the question of what a proper Head of Recruitment like McParland can achieve.

We await with interest.

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  1. I made a comment on one of your posts the other day about Frank. Warbs Weir n Frank are the 3 amigos to me its made my day to see them reunited, especially at Rangers tho I would rather they were still at Brentford Fc, They seem to have a similar vision and are all very ambitious to achieve something great in football. When i say great I mean Great !

  2. Great comments and great news we have been lacking scouting system for a while ,good luck you are coming hear with a good name WATP .

  3. At last we have a class act as our new head of recruitment(chief scout) frank mcparland,he's a very highly regarded scout within the footballing circle and this is a tremendous coup for glasgow rangers getting a guy of mcparland's undoubted ability,mcparland will now choose a network of scouts to work under him to find young talent all over the globe for warburton to develop at rangers with big sell on values,absolutely brilliant!

  4. Excellent news, the feel good factor around the club is growing.MDF, the 3 amigos whatever they will be called. Sounds like the start of a joke 2 English men and a Scotch man walk into a Glasgow football ball club and complete transform it in 4 months with very little money onwards and upwards

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