Why Rangers are not in FIFA 16

Why Rangers are not in FIFA 16

With EA Sport’s recent release of their popular video game FIFA 16 hitting shelves in earnest over the past week, Rangers fans have expressed outrage at the Ibrox side being ditched from the famous ‘Rest of the World’ section.

Indeed, many supporters are irate that the best Rangers team in years is the first one to be dropped, following 36 months of teams unworthy of the blue shirt; in fact, so annoyed by Rangers’ omission are supporters that they started a petition to have Mark Warburton’s men included after all.

The problem is it was not EA who rejected Rangers, but effectively the other way around.

Sadly, due to licensing disagreements with the Rangers board, EA had no option but to omit the Govan side from the game completely, leaving thousands of supporters frustrated that they will be unable to guide the likes of Zelalem, Oduwa & co in the virtual world.

The details of these disagreements have been kept confidential, but Rangers are a big money-maker for all who commercially partner them, so it was not a decision taken lightly by the creators of FIFA, Madden and other highly popular sports franchises.

They need not be worried that rivals Konami will get the floating purchasers over to Pro Evolution Soccer’s latest incarnation though; Rangers are not featured in that either, and have not been for some considerable time.

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  1. lol fat mike ashley own the rights to the badges and crests until his loan is repaid so any money made from the badges or crests goes to fat mike that would be the reason the board refused. Quite right too give the fat greedy fucker nothing.

    • Ashley is not a rangers fan nor a Newcastle fan he is a spurs fan. It's all business as he is a businessman. It makes me laugh when people like your self was singing his praises as the savour of sevco just remember one thing it was rangers men that done this deal men who are still at your club but the bitter truth is that your club will struggle to have any businessmen do any business with sevco well into the next 10 to 20 years

  2. Cutting our nose off to spite our face should not be an option, This for once ain't about the money, Its about Rangers being platformed,,, I don't care if Ashley holds the rights, I want to play as Rangers on fifa 16, If I want a Rangers top I'll go sports direct regardless, its annoying this hating everything Mike!!!

  3. Think the new Rangers are correct with this decision as we all know how corrupt fifa are, don't want involved with any more spivs leave that to other rancid clubs who are trying to get deals with deodorant companies

  4. 99% agree Andy, only difference in the version I got was that we tried to do a revenue share with the fat pig but he refused under any circumstances to let us use the crests. Scumbag.

    • You are right, Ashley is simply making the point that he's in charge, and it's having the effect he wanted as we go bananas about getting left out in the cold by FIFA.

  5. Everyone to their own Stephen Wilson I for one wouldn't buy a pair of socks from sports direct till this contract is sorted and most true fans feel the same WATP

    • Sorry Robbie that was meant to be new rangers board apologies, take it u agree there are rancid clubs trying to get deodorant deals

  6. When is king or board going to pay this Ashley loan off ? Haven't heard anything from board for months now and Dave king said this was a priority and that he'd keep fans informed, we deserve to know what is happening, us fans are keeping club afloat at the moment and feel the board have forgot about us WATP

  7. The board is not going to pay Ashley anything at this moment in time. I dont know if you noticed, but all the criminals who took our club over have been charged with Fraud and being involved in organised crime. Ashley has been a part of their deals. If they are found guilty, Rangers may get a lot of money back under the proceeds of crime act,,also, all contracts with them can be challenged in court,, including Ashleys. Watch this space!!!

  8. Not fantastic, but use create player to make the squad based on fifa 15 ratings along with any desired modifications. Register them with Chesterfield and enter Chesterfield in Scottish cup or league with replace team option. Similar kit with Gers players able to compete against the teams you want to beat.

  9. Perhaps if King repaid the Ashley loan we wouldn't be having this discussion.

    Big bad Mike loaned the cash otherwise we were heading for admin 2.

    If he really pushes for repayment we are goosed, that's how bad the financial position is.

    Oh and where's King's investment?

    • He may be a plum. Doesn't mean his question isn't valid.
      If Mike Ashley controls the crest, etc. and thus the board have no rights to it, and the board could make money out of EA by having those rights, and they don't do so, then it means one of two things. Either the board don't have that money to may off Ashley, or the EA money is a derisory sum.
      King has promised money from day 1, but hasn't put a single penny in the kitty. As we all know, a judge described him as a liar whose word should only be trusted if backed up by documentary evidence. Well, we've had plenty of words off him, and as the saying goes, words are cheap.

    • The non investing Chairman opened his big mouth on his most recent jet in visit to allay financial fears by declaring that there was 6 months working capital in the bank on top of which soft loans would be required to see out the season.
      Given our current rate of spend, not much different from from last year at £2m per month, that means that there is currently £12m lodged in the club's account.
      I wouldn't dare question anything that our convicted felon Chairman said but if Ashley thought for a moment that £12m was up for grabs his people would be all over it like a rash to ring fence his £5m loan.

    • Well said Rob P.

      Words are cheap.

      How did King's crucial meeting with Ashley turn out?

      What issues were discussed what agreements were reached?

      Come on Dave, it's been months since you spoke about this.

      Is that nice Mr Ashley throwing you a deaf ie?

  10. Rangers shouldn't be in a game as high profile as fifa until they deserve to be! Next season yeah but most of the teams in the rotw are better so just wait till next season and we'll show them what there missing watp.

  11. Do people forget that dave king put 20 million into rangers not to mention he's already said we don't need money for players but investment will be made when needed. As for ashley I sincerely hope the court case will reveal the dodgy dealings that will lead to any contract negotiated will be null and void .

  12. Do you REALLY believe Mike Ashley is that dumb ? The man actually is (unlike Dave King) a multi-billionaire, and I'm pretty certain that any contract that he has signed up to will be utterly watertight, legally speaking. He will have made certain of that.
    Furthermore, Dave King can't move large sums of money out of South Africa to 'invest' in Rangers, because SA has very heavy restrictions on moving money abroad.
    From the South African Treasury : A tax-payer in good standing and over the age of 18 years, can invest up to R10 million in his/her name outside the Common Monetary Area (CMA-Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia), per calendar year.
    Note the 'in good standing' bit. Not sure, after his past, if he'd meet that. 10M Rand is roughly £500,000.
    So Dave King can, IF he gets the approval of the SA tax authorities, invest £500k a year in Rangers. If suddenly he 'finds' more money than that to invest in Rangers, then the SA authorities may well be looking if it's come from 'concealed assets' or not.

    Like him or loathe him, Mike Ashley has got King and Rangers by the balls. All he has to do is decide whether or not he wants to squeeze …

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