Where do Rangers need to strengthen?


With 11 wins out of 12, a 100% record in the league and a return to form following a micro-lull, football supporters ouwith those of a Rangers persuasion (and outwith Scotland, of course) might be forgiven for thinking the Ibrox side were pretty content with both the squad and the results – but as manager Mark Warburton keeps preaching, Rangers constantly need to improve and develop.

To that end, what are the areas which require strengthening come January?

One obvious area is that of defensive midfield, and in Rangers’ case the pertinent problem that the side lacks one. Andy Halliday has done as well as he can out of position in that slot, but he is wasted there and is better deployed as an attacking threat – something his manager knows only too well, but is left without option, having also deemed young Andy Murdoch too green to be a first-team squad member. The John Eustace saga rumbles on and shows no sign of ending, so right now, the damning truth is Rangers quite simply have no defensive midfielder. This is a situation desperately requiring fixing next year.

Another is the defence – while Wilson and Kiernan have had their ‘moments’, they have been mostly solid, but only have young Dominic Ball in reserve – in short, Rangers have a mere three centre-backs. Sources say Mark Warburton knew he would lose Marius Zaliukas, but was counting on McGregor to stay, hence Rangers having four CBs. As we know, the former St Mirren stopper ended up quitting unexpectedly (it is understood he requested to take Zaliukas’ place as a departure, with a reduced payoff), before Zaliukas also departed regardless. So with Rangers merely relying on a trio now, a new CB is pretty important come January.

Last but not least is a striker. Martyn Waghorn is currently on fire, with 14 before October even starts, but half of them are penalties and he is known to be a tad profligate in front of goal, albeit may be weeding that indiscipline out of his game more recently. That said, his only competitor is the rather unreliable Kenny Miller, who might be working well in deeper striking positions, but just does not score any more – Rangers could use another reliable goal-getter up top. With former target Stevie May making his way to PNE on a three-year deal, Warbs may turn to the youth ranks of Arsenal and Spurs, to name just two, where his contacts have proven extremely fruitful.

Rangers will not rest on their laurels come the next window.


  1. Would rather have halliday playing further up pitch this would mean holt dropping out though, I know you made a case for holt the other day which I understand as he is very good on the ball it's just in my opinion he is not involved enough in the game. So what I would do is move Kiernan into defensive mid, bring in ball at centre back & move halliday further up the pitch & then I think we would score even more goals

  2. Can't disagree with your post ibrox noise in the areas where we need strengthening,but getting away from us for a small moment,I hope to god that our ex manager and rangers legend stuart mccall doesn't become the scummy utd manager as I'm hearing & reading he's very much the front runner,I really like stuart mccall and rated him as a player & a manager and would hate a rangers legend like him to go and work for that scummy stephen thompson

  3. Been saying for months we need a big target man a Hately or prso ,loving the ball on the ground play but we need to mix it up a bit because teams are getting used to our play now and realize we won't play high balls into box as our forwards aren't the tallest

  4. Go back to Arsenal and bring Arteta back, and also Kyle Bartley a good defender who played for us with a great deal of passion, last I know was at Birmingham, basically a good holding midfielder who is not afraid to get into the mix and distribute

    • oh come on kyle bartley a fuckin bombscare who lets face iy coudent hack it last time might be ok against partimers we are playing just now but I would hate to see him play against a fulltime spl team

  5. The obvious area for strengthening would be the bank balance.

    By all accounts, apart from King's version , the financial position is dire.

    Can we still win the Championship given a 25 point deduction….I think so but it could be close if we have to prune the squad.

    So for me definitely the bank balance.

    • By who's accounts, can you give him some sources? According to the sources you are most likely referring to, we have been going into administration "some time next week" for the last three years when things were worse both on and off the pitch. We have higher attendances now, more season ticket sales and a lower squad wage bill. Operating capital is not an issue at the moment. I here of financial crises all the time but only in the Scottish media. What they call a financial crises, is refereed to as a "Short term Liquidity issue" in grown magazines like business insider. Who actually say our finances are good in that we have no debt, own all our own infrastructure and have a strong support. So like I say if you could give a list of these accounts that does not come from the sensationalist Scottish Media I would be glad to read them. In case any one is interested. londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12299859.html

  6. We need to defend better in midfield but are we always going to play 433 have we not got a plan b that is my only worry but we need more experience it's there for all your see that we are vulnerable when we're on the back foot. We give away to much posetion when we attack and don't seem to have cover when we do and we will be found out more and more as St Johnstone game proved but saying that I do feel we will get the players in that'll be needed for next season and we have came so far in a short space of time so onwards and upwards

  7. we are missing the big picture here ,yes we need to strengthen. In midfield. But the problem with our defence.comes from Lee Wallace. Straying out of position all the time and struggling to get back.time to look at a replacement.

  8. I think he will [hopefully] get a few in come Jan as I cant see the Loanees being allowed to hang about, although sayin that Arsenal are heading for the Europa league so Arnie might allow Zel another 6months. But i would like to see a better goalie, Fods is getting [slightly] better but he still fills me with dread, And on another note will DK actually splash a few bob as he was gonna do up Ibrox recently & I aint heard anymore on that score

  9. 11.52 are you crazy……..no debt!

    What about the £10m loans due to the 3 Bears and Sports Direct, the former which is due to be repaid in December after the ST monies have run out.

    Own our own infrastructure……not even sure what that means.

    If you are referring to our assets including IP, Ashley has security over them all, apart from the stadium.

    You are also ignoring the coming court case where the ownership of the assets will be front and centre. Who knows where they will end up…….perhaps back with Whyte?

    Given that Green's application to court is likely to result in his legal tab being paid by the club, this could run into millions given that the trials will continue for several months at the minimum.

    I realise now why Dave King has not invested in the club…………the money would just go to Green's legal bods.

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