Report: HMRC’s latest appeal on Big Tax Case


HMRC’s long-awaited (latest) appeal on the so-called ‘Big Tax Case’ against Rangers, one whose predecessors failed so miserably to win, remains ‘result pending’ despite being held well over two months ago.

The appeal, held over a course of around a week in July in front of Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Carloway, plus Lords Menzies & Drummond Young, remains in cold storage with no result in sight.

The latest shenanigans at Edinburgh’s Court of Session is just the most recent in a long line of nonsense where HMRC appear thoroughly determined not to be wrong about events at Ibrox, despite the fact a three-judge panel ruled in favour of Rangers in 2012, and rejected HMRC’s last appeal in 2014.

So, despite being wrong at least twice, the taxman launched yet another appeal this year, due to be held in July ‘over four days’.

Chairman Dave King advocated a radical attempt to ‘de-liquidise’ the oldco, but that plan would naturally be dependant on this outcome, and if history is to repeat itself, another uphold of the original result awaits.

The real question is when will anyone pursue HMRC for their illegal challenge on Rangers, and repeated attempts at perverting the course of justice? They say you cannot be tried for the same crime twice – well Rangers have not even committed one, and are being tried over and over again.

Insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again but expecting a different outcome.

Says it all.


    • Do you really expect one of our current Scottish MP's in Scotland to support Rangers! We would have more chance asking the ROI Government for help!

    • Your a dick. Trolling sites. Do u honestly think the queen has any say on this? Rangers are innocent of any crime same as hundreds of companies up and down the country we used a loophole in the law. Get over it and grow up ya tool. It's getting boring now

  1. Just like Lois Lerner and the IRS, in the United States, the people at HMRC think that they are above the law. Just like their cohorts in the USA they are the money collecting part of the 'legalised' criminal cabal that runs this planet.
    Despite what people think ALL central banks, Bank Of England, Federal Reserve, etc., are private banks with a licence to create money 'out of thin air' and lend it to governments, at interest. The governments then use their henchmen at their 'tax departments' to fleece the people of their hard earned, to make the payments on the debt. Organised crime at its worst.
    I am astounded that Rangers got a not guilty verdict to begin with. Not because they were guilty of anything, but because the manipulators behind the scenes believe that the law is what they say it is. They don't like being told that they are wrong. That is an affront to their power. Especially, in such a high profile case as the Rangers 'big tax case'. If Rangers win this new appeal that's well and good. If they do though, I doubt that will be the end of it.
    My only hope is that HMRC might decide that they will get too much bad publicity over all of this and try to make the matter fade away. They hate scrutiny of their activities, as anyone who has watched the events in the USA's tax exemption scandals will know.
    As for the leaker, or those behind the moves to single out and victimise Rangers facing justice? I won't be holding my breath. They protect their own and courts can find it near impossible to get documentary evidence from them at times.
    If Rangers have the result reversed I'll be saddened, but not surprised. It will all depend on whether or not HMRC are happy with the demonstration of their corrupt power, to this point and are now prepared to avoid scrutiny of their dealings by withdrawing. Leaving behind the devastation they have wrought.

  2. Bully boy tactics, how many times do you beat the system ? Hardly ever, bet they keep going till they stamp on the littleman but eitherway we should be bringing it to the attention of MPs and European courts, we are innocent. WATP

  3. Why don't they go after the English clubs,dont tell me they were not doing it too Any way the courts will throw it out again .just trying to make a name for themselves ,pure dicks.WATP.

  4. Fifa brought out the financial fair play rule 2years ago and threatened to ban clubs from Europe for a minimum of 4 years so what happened???????? Man city got told they had to take 3 players off Euro list and got 2mill fine. And after that Bayer and Monaco get undeclared fines??

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