Rangers: these stats will amaze you


Absolutely staggering. That is the only way to summarise Rangers’ form this season. To say Mark Warburton has had an impact is the understatement of the year. The quality of play on display at Ibrox (and away) since the former Brentford manager took charge has bordered on frightening. Comparisons have been made with Hearts’ rampage last season, but Rangers have already surpassed the Gorgie Mens’ form and then some.

There is, however, no need to just take my word for it. Let us have a full-blooded look at the statistics to back up the quite stunning form on the pitch:

Matches: 10

Wins: 10

Goals: 38

Conceded: 5

Shots: 179

On target: 83

Highest possession: 73%

Lowest: 53%

Average: 65%

Headed goals: 0

As an aside:

Highest attendance: 49,220

Average attendance: 46,829

To describe these statistics (on top of the glorious football itself) as impressive does not do them justice; they show exactly why, on raw form, Rangers are literally the best team in the world. Of course, no one claims James Tavernier is a better RB than Dani Alves, but the pure facts remain.

No team has a better record this season than Rangers:

Long may it continue.


  1. As of mid-week – Aberdeen are above use – 21pts from 7 league games this season – even Sky Sports commented that form-wise Aberdeen are the best in Europe…
    However; I believe we will be back on top after the weekend is over

    • And how the fuck u work that one out bright spark u stinkin lot are 5 behind aberdeen. And read the stats weve scored more goals conceded less aswell than u lot and aberdeen and everybody else do the math dumbass n do yer reasearch

  2. Quite remarkable, isn't it?
    To have an average of almost 18 shots per game….over 8 on target …and almost 4 goals per game…says it all….
    If you want to beat us….you're really going to need to be on top of your game….and then some!!
    The philosophy of " send them home happy" works for me…

    • wait till the dandy dons get ahold of ye fur fuck sake oor boys club wid horse aw they teams ur playing form team in europe ya daft baaa baaa

  3. It's great to be enjoying matches again and there's a definite optimism after too long in the doldrums. The fans deserve this after all their suffering and enduring support. We need to keep a sense of realism too though. Our 6 league wins are against Championship outfits, mainly part-timers, while Aberdeen have got 7 wins in the SPL. The quality gap between the 2 divisions maybe isn't as big as it once was, but there's still a gap. Over time, Warburton can keep improving us and make the changes which will doubtless be necessary to continue improving, and if we can keep him here, all the early indications are that he'll give us the best chance possible of getting back to the top as quickly as possible.

  4. im just amazed you think these stats are great get a grip who have we played fuckin alloa qos st mirren not realy euro greats eh stop listening to the spin i dread to think what aberdeen or celtic would do to us our defence is weak our keeper is a bombscare so keep the head and dont beleive everything the press tell you in king we trust

    • Shut yer fuckin gob we still need to go oug on the park n beat whos fuckin there m after the drivel weve suffered these past years people znd proper fans are gettin excited again so shut yer negative fuckin msnky tim ass up

  5. Our defence does look a bit fragile anon but our style of play will leave us open can't have it both ways loving our attacking style, whats your address at parkhead? WATP

  6. get a grip fk wit…..hes right check the stats…..best rangers team in the years all willing to chip in …yes some crap games but its those games we win to get us back where we belong THE TOP….we will see when we meet the so called big games….cause Scottish footy has been shit without the old firm…..get a grip we have beat whats been put in front of us ….im proud WE ARE THE PEOPLE

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