Rangers one step closer to re-listing on AIM


Rangers have today announced they are one step closer to re-floating on the stock market with the confirmation new Company Auditors have been appointed.

Stirling-based Campbell Dallas, formed 16 years ago in 1999, were today included as the latest chapter in getting Rangers reinstalled to an AIM, with the ISDX remaining the most palatable option.

In a statement Rangers said:

“RANGERS International Football Club PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Campbell Dallas LLP as new Company auditors.

Campbell Dallas LLP is an award-winning, progressive and dynamic Scottish-based firm of independent Chartered Accountants and this alliance should be regarded as yet another important milestone as the RIFC Board continues to regenerate the Club.

This appointment follows on from securing the services of Peterhouse Corporate Finance as ISDX corporate adviser.”

Campbell Dallas will be responsible, essentially, for Rangers’ accounts, and the compiling of yearly and half-yearly reports detailing the full economics of Rangers’ financial affairs – this is essential for a public company and in concert with Peterhouse CF sees the Ibrox side get closer still to fully re-engaging onto an AIM.


  1. Not anything to do with eds comment but just watched Scotland game as much as I think strachen has did good job he bottled it tonight always got to play 2 up front when playing weak opposition we needed the win and surely Wallace and McKay could have made the squad at least watp

  2. Wallace maybe mate but have a wee think about mckay. 8 decent performances couldn't get him in the Scotland under 21 squad never mind senior squad. Don't be blinded by your love of rangers. I too love my club but I am a realist.

  3. A stock exchange listing…are you crazy with all the crap that's going to hit the fan when the courts cases get going.

    Nobody knows who owns what….though Big Hands is my favourite for ownership of the stadium!

  4. Omg, there is no chance of a stock market listing, new auditors or not.

    How thick are the posters saying we are on the right track, next step share issue?

    The mods keep taking my post down because thy don't want the truth to get in the way of a headline which is pure fabrication.

    Once more for the hard of hearing

    1. ISDX require proof of working capital for 12 months………about £25m in Rangers case, whose going to put their neck on the line for that? Dave King…about ye right!
    2. New auditors will be signing off on accounts showing losses north of £10m. There is bound to be a going concern note in the accounts narrative which again is a no no for a listing.
    3. With the recent arrests and pending court cases, which could take years, no one knows for sure who legally owns what. Some background for a share issue eh….
    4. Worthington have an acknowledged claim as per BDO'S recent announcement, who else will come out of the woodwork? My money is on Big Hands having bought the stadium at a knock down price and is the beneficiary of the largest onerous contract leasing Ibrox back to the club.
    5. If Ashley doesn't get his money back then Murray Park, Edmiston House and Albion Car Park could all be sold in lieu of payment. Though Murray Park already has a part claim by Scottish Sport re a grant provided.

    Share issue….pull the other one.

    If King doesn't come through with his promised investment then who will, and the truth is no one could blame them given that it will be years before legal proceedings are concluded.

    Come November ST monies will be gone……….what then?

    Oops and the 3 bears are due their loans back in December.

    It's a bigger shambles than it's ever been and God knows what's going to come out when the court cases begin.

  5. Does this mean there may be a few shares floating around p for sale if so it would be good if the rangers first can get these to increase the fans stake in ibrox. The more we have a say in things the less we will see of these rats like Green & Whyte being escorted throught the streets by the cops,

  6. I don't see this as a positive announcement, as accountants Campbell Dallas are not even mid tier, that is not a comment on their quality, simply on their size and reputation. Clearly none of the major firms who would have the serious experience of bringing a company to the markets still do not want to touch Rangers.

    As when Green took Rangers onto the AIM market it was them and is now too soon.

  7. Google ISDX listing criteria………perhaps that will stop some of the lunatic posts on here.

    A listing is impossible due to the pending court cases.

    Who legally owns what……who knows, it could take years to unwind the mess created by SDM, Whyte, Green and their mates so King and the board are going to have to come up with the cash to meet the shortfall between income and expenditure.

  8. I see the announcement that Rangers have appointed new company auditors has encouraged the doom-mongers and imposters to resurface. They can't moan or make digs about the football, but they're determined to stir it any way they can. It seems that things are now gradually coming together for Rangers and they don't like it. We're getting there slow but sure and the off-field matters will be sorted out in due course. While these people are determined to cast aspersions and hope for the worst for us, the real supporters can be happy in the knowledge that the Board are quietly getting on with their job of getting us back to where we should be. It will take time, but most of us know and accept that. We should leave the business side to them, ignore all the tin-pot "experts" and enjoy the brilliant football the team's playing. Things are going well for us and some people are taking it badly.

  9. To the post at 18.48.
    Suck it up pal cause Rangers are on the road back.
    you can make your 5 wishes but we know better.
    I read somewhere (I think they were quoting plasticphil) that we are heading for admin 2 yet all the signs so far have been encouraging both on and off the park.
    Keep faith with the board fellow Gers and ignore the doom and gloom from the bigots.

  10. That's a belter from the guy suggesting Rangers First buy up any shares floating around.

    Shares in what precisely?

    The shares are currently worthless and Green's IPO is in question.

    • Grant – Rangers supporter for over 50 years

      The shares aren't worthless and can still be traded. Why the negativity or is it wishful thinking?

    • You obviously know nothing about shares.
      Getting worried are you?
      Rangers on the up and your mob on a downward slope.


  11. When the court cases start the revelations are likely to be off the scale.

    The ownership of the assets will be under severe scrutiny. May well turn out that Ashley ' s securities against his loan are worthless.

    For all the abuse John Brown took when he demanded 'where's the title deeds for the stadium' we have yet to see them.

    Was it Stockbridge that said he has them in his desk drawer so would it not have been easier to take them out and make them public.

    I expect when the smoke clears that the biggest onerous contract will be the payments being made to a 3rd party for lease/rental of the stadium.

  12. Both Whyte and Green were given heroes welcomes when they pitched up at Ibrox despite the evidence to hand that neither was fit and proper.
    Keith Jackson ' s billionaire with wealth off the radar was the article that gave Whyte some substance, though a quick look at his background would have told a different story.
    In fact the board at the time presented SDM with some unsavoury facts about the Motherwell billionaire yet he still sold the club to him for £1………. duped my Erchie!
    Green was chased out of Sheffield Wednesday and after Super endorsed him to the fans he came on board and made a bigger killing than Whyte ever did.
    If McCoist was any sort of man he would have gifted his penny shares to the fans, instead he's trying to keep his legend status by tearing up the last 3 months of his contract…..complete impostor.
    9 months at £800k per month for doing hee haw well done Ally you have shown your real colours.

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