3-0 win – inquest shows the return of The Rangers Standard


In years and even decades gone by a 3-0 victory at Ibrox was more than acceptable. Regardless of the quality of the opposition, managing a 35-yard thunder strike in the opening 10 minutes and following it up with two more clinical finishes would normally have been quite satisfactory. Fans would go home happy, players would smile to the camera and the manager would express cautious joy at the result.

Not any more.

The blunt truth is today’s display at Ibrox fell considerably below the stellar standards Rangers have set for themselves this season, and easily transcended the ‘struggle’ against Hibernian as the worst display Rangers have produced this season.

And Mark Warburton knows it, as do the players. It is rare fans are unhappy after their side just scored three without reply, but today they were.

Not gutted, you understand, but just underwhelmed – the spark v Raith was gone, and even the brilliant Oduwa struggled to weave his magic.

But, and here is the critical truth – for Rangers fans, players, and manager to hold an inquest into a 3-0 win shows that Mark Warburton and his players are truly starting to restore what we expect The Rangers Standard to be.

Rangers expect to be the best – no one would pretend we are there yet, but for disappointment all round after a pretty comfortable victory to permeate general emotion shows the astonishing improvement in both performance and psychology since Warburton took charge.

Warburton stated after the match:

“It was not a good afternoon. It was a good afternoon in terms of we got the three points and we’ve played six games out of 18 so that speaks for itself. But as a group we are unhappy today, we had a small inquest in there, which is great about this group of players, that we have had a small inquest after winning 3-0 at home. We fell way below our standards in terms of looking after the ball, playing fast and making good decisions.”

This is possibly the most impressive statement to come out of Ibrox since he took charge. This shows the strides Rangers are making. That the collective unity of this club and all who love it are no longer just happy winning – we need to win the Rangers Way, playing with grace, and destroying opponents who dare enter our cathedral of football called Ibrox.

Last week’s demolition of Raith showed what this group can do – and even then plenty chances went astray and 5 could easily have been 15. So today’s (comparatively) weak 3-0 win over the bottom side just was not good enough.

And now Rangers fans know that their Club will no longer accept ‘satisfaction’. It has to be what Rangers are truly about.

Being simply the best.


  1. Warbuton has said it all, so nuff said. Jury still out on Waghorn for me though. Still think next season, we need to get rid of Miller, Clark, Shiels, Law and Bell, so we can make room for players that will win us the Premiership.

  2. With 5 goals and 2 assists – and his general energy and contribution – I wouldn't include Miller in that list. BTW, compared with the corresponding 6 league games last season, we are now at 18 points and goals 22 for and 3 against, compared with last year's 7 points and goals 11 for and 9 against. Improvement indeed.

  3. lets get on with the job in hand,,next season we will deal with when its here,, STAND BEHIND OUR CLUB keep ibrox full every game, in king our trust WATP

  4. Good result just wish king would have spoken to fans when they asked him what he ment when he said we are a new club with no history the man has to answer these questions everyone you meet are laughing at us what chance do we have when the chairman says we are a newco he reminds me of green he thinks we are mushrooms keeps us in the dark and throws shit at us watp

  5. Iif he is unhappy & is having an inquest after a 3-0 win then I am delighted,
    Remember all the sh*te we have had to put up with in the past. now look at us moaning after a 3-0 win its great. i just hope this continues into the Cup games against Prem teams & into the prem,
    I have faith in this guy Warburton & i hope [ and pray] we keep him,
    Also can we all stop being so F****** negative & cheer him on

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