Is Warbs the most trustworthy manager in Rangers’ history?


There can be no questioning the true greats of Rangers’ past – the William Struths, the Walter Smiths, the Wallaces, Waddells, even the Dick Advocaats of this world wrote themselves into the Club’s history as truly epitomising what Rangers stand for and emphasising its visions and drive.

However, whether it is due to what fans have suffered in the past three years skewing judgement or otherwise, there is an implicit level of trust being aimed at Mark Warburton I can rarely ascribe to any other era in my lifetime.

Most fans of a certain vintage can remember questioning all managers, from Alex McLeish, to Le Guen, to the older generation such as Souness, Smith and Advocaat – for as well as some of them did, and as badly as others did, fans often raised eyebrows regardless.

Walter Smith’s woeful inadequacy post-’93 in Europe was an issue of huge contention, and his general tactics were rarely applauded – only the results and will to win. While individual flair from the likes of Gascoigne and Laudrup lit up Ibrox, the collective team was far from a free-flowing football enterprise. But it knew how to win. All of this found itself questioned now and again by supporters.

Le Guen’s refusal to adapt to Scottish football attracted constant ire, as did ‘it is my choice’ to explain everything.

Alex McLeish struggled with low budget and bizarre media performances, and found himself in third place domestically, while Advocaat lost the dressing room after 18 months.

The point is many of these managers, rightly applauded as greats, were still questioned by fans occasionally. Yes, even the great Uncle Walter.

However, with 10 wins of 10 and 38 goals under his belt, Mark Warburton is growing into possibly the most trusted Rangers manager of my lifetime, maybe more.

Whatever the man says, does, selects, or even wears; ‘In Warbs We Trust’ has become a truly sincere mantra. After less than a dozen matches, Rangers fans are, under entirely fair grounds, willing to subscribe to everything he does, such is the astounding reliability and approach he has adopted since taking over.

That Warburton’s Rangers’ worst matches have been a 1-0 win over Hibernian with 59% possession, and a 3-0 job on Livingston at 66% possession gives some idea as to why fans have implicitly bought into Warburton’s vision and methods, and why they literally will not, and have no grounds to question any of it.

While individuals might say they would choose X player over Y player, it always follows up with ‘In Warbs We Trust’ because of the amazing trust he has earned in such a short space of time.

Mark Warburton has overhauled Rangers drastically – he has brought back almost everything fans expect by standard, and it has all been summed up with public apologies all round for winning 3-0 v Livingston.

This is why fans trust him. This is why fans trust the players.

In Mark Warburton We Truly Trust.

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  1. I would add Scott Symon to the Rangers greats and there is a special place in our history, in my opinion, for Graeme Souness who led by example both on and off the park. Walter Smith was a manager that could motivate quality players to be even better, he had a unique ability to bring the best out in players but there was question marks on his coaching skills. Warburton appears to have the uncanny ability to get the best out of players that have not fulfilled their potential and develop their career; he can develop young players and is comfortable playing them. He appears to have a philosophy that says if you work hard, give me commitment and trust me then I will make you a better player. He also has the benefit of quality assistants, something that Smith never had after the departure of Knox.

  2. I think 6 games into the First Division League has went to your head. Yes it's a good start, but to attempt to compare Warbs to such greats who got us into european finals, eh no! Warbs needs time and success in the Premiership and on the european stage, as well as consistantly pumping our closest rivals, before we can just on being one of the greats. He is doing brilliantly just now, but lets keep it real and our feet firmly on the ground and give the man time to earn such status.

  3. Agree with above. I think he's been a superb appointment. But a status is earned through a period of years. Not six games in the first division. He's won nothing yet.

  4. Warburton has a terrific tactical and philosophical structure for Rangers, he is open with the fans, players and board which has brought a great unity to the club.

    We're in the championship so it's difficult to give Warburton 'outstanding' credit for his work, especially comparing him to our great managers before.

    Warburtons real challenge will be in the Premiership next year but he has layed out a solid foundation to build on. Not happy with Kings speech saying we need 5 players, let Warburton and weir decide all that.

    • to true fellow bear the thing I want to from king is how he can say we are a new club I thought we were still the same club but he says no its so confusing and where are we going to get 50 million to pay everybody we are having to borrow just to pay the players wages just now and if he puts his 20 million in that's still 30 million we owe I just wish sir david murray would come back he was a man to trust

    • King said we would likely need 5 players but I agree with you Warburton will know himself what he needs ,we are playing great but we will have to get more players in for next season ,just have to see what happens come January .WATP.

  5. I agree that he's been a breath of fresh air for us 'long suffering' fans of Glasgow Rangers Football Club but I do hope that criticism of a 3-0 win does not have a negative effect on the playing staff. I'm loving the free flowing football and long may it continue but every game cannot be a classic and winning 3-0 cannot really be all that bad?

  6. I used to work for a Manager who I'd rate as one of Scotland's top in my profession. Whilst he wasn't ex-military he applied the train hard fight easy mentality to managing a team, not always the easiest guy to work for but when he saw you were trying he backed you to the hilt. Hard going but after a year the problems we had just became another challenge to roll over. I't trust in Warbs he's doing the same at Rangers

  7. great honest man unlike our chairman who when asked to explain when he said we are a new club with no history just shrugged his shoulders and walked away this man must address this and also tell us why we need loans of him wheres the 30 million pounds as I said in the manager we trust

    • whats this guy up to tells the world we are newco without a history then fucks of back to s/afrca after giving us another loan to keep the lights on its time he was asked the real questions not the ones he gives jim white to ask there is a smell of shite of this guy the smell of green in king I don't trust

    • hes only allowed so many weeks in uk, and if you dont trust him you fuck of back under a stone of bye a green and white rag and go support the tims your sort of shite talk we dont need,, WATP


  8. If you are talking about great Rangers Managers you have to name Scot Symon, he built one of the greatest ever Rangers teams ( a true Ranger and an absolute gentleman

  9. Lets not go overboard. Warbs certainly has gained all fans trust but wait until we achieve promotion & then challenge celtic before we compare him to any past manager.

  10. In my 40 years of going to watch rangers I do think there's a very good possibility that our 15th manager in our illustrious history ie.mark (the magic hat) warburton could go down as one of our greatest in the fullness of time,of course it'll come down to how many years warburton actually stays as our manager as I've not got a shred of doubt he'll eventually be poached by a big english club within the next 5 years ie.tottenham hotspur,warbs has everything and his attention to detail is tremendous,not a slight here on walter smith but he was mostly a cheque book manager and imo didn't give youth a chance at rangers,put it this way smith couldn't have done what warburton has done in his early months as rangers manager with youth,style & a very small budget,warburton is rebuilding a football club from top to bottom and thats a fact,a small mention about our terrific captain lee wallace who is the best left back in scottish football bar none,waldo deserves to be the glasgow rangers captain with his ability and his desire to stick by rangers,I honestly now think he'll stay with us for the rest of his career and become a true 'gers legend,from me personally thank you lee wallace and for being so loyal and true,your loyalty will never be forgotten!

  11. I believe Warburton has a 3year contract & that he will stick it out, He will go when he gets a better offer from England/Abroad or if king F*cks him off.
    In the meantime i think he will get us up to the Prem, & hopefully be challenging for the Title [Aberdeen are doin it so why not us] , If he can get a few more Murray Park products few that can only be a good thing as I think we will lose ODU & ZEL in january, Hopefully he might manage to get a few more in at the next transfer window then i can see us being real prospects next year

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