Report: Rangers’ latest injuries in full


It is far from a worrying situation, such is the quality of Rangers’ current squad, and the evident unity the players share, along with the wonderful guidance of our manager Mark Warburton, but there is a slight concern now emerging with the injury numbers just nipping at the surface.

Warburton confirmed that midfielder Dean Shiels missed last week’s visit of Raith Rovers through injury, but also added that a growing number of absentees are starting to materialise. With a lean and narrow squad this could be a long-term concern, and the players affected in recent weeks are:

John Eustace:

Well-documented case where the midfielder now may have a time limit to prove his fitness, after a number of setbacks. Sustained a serious knee injury in January and is massively struggling to put together a run of injury-free time.

Cammy Bell:

His absence is extending week-after-week and while he is well-covered, his inability to achieve full fitness must surely be a concern to himself as much as his manager.

David Templeton:

Nathan Oduwa’s brilliance makes this absence less tough to bear, but the winger’s knee ligament damage sustained against St Mirren has turned from a four-week official absence to the real absence of two months, as brought to you here three weeks ago.

Nicky Clark:

The striker will miss Saturday due to a foot/calf injury, possibly sustained against Airdrieonians due to his absence thereafter.

This all said, looking at both the starting XI and bench last Saturday was a joy to behold so it is no immediate concern, and all squads have their injury issues, but Warburton will clearly be keen for this not to grow given a (deliberate) lack of squad depth to cover widescale injuries.

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  1. Two or three more and we'll really see how our Murray Park graduates have progressed since the new management team took over. This might not be a bad thing in the long term.

  2. No disrespect to your article but I'm sure Mr Warburton and Mr Weir were aware of the risks associated with a 'lean squad' and decided they were acceptable. as long as the team does the business on the park the injuries will take care of themselves in time, that's the point of having quality in depth, we have a great management team, the best we could have hoped for…let's relax. WATP.

  3. John hasn't ever started whilst Cammy isn't fit enough , we have managed fine without him . As for David & Nicky , they will be missed but injuries do happen & I wish them a speedy recovery . That all said ,I'm looking for a 10+ goal win at the weekend & try to get the shots on target count I.e give us goals ! 🙂

  4. I would like to see Eustace remain at Rangers in some capacity. Everything that we here about the guy other than his fitness is very positive. Templeton and Clark have still to show the quality that they showed at their previous clubs and we should be looking to offload Bell,

  5. The lean squad is put in place so that everyone is hungry and involved. As stated by the magic man himself if we get injury`s we can dip into the academy which is flying too. This is exactly what the fans including myself have been screaming for past 4 years. WW know exactly what their doing. We are dominating every team we play. My opinion is we sit back and enjoy the ride. IN WARBS WE TRUST.


    • so what we all know we are but once we pay back the 50 million we will be oldco as dave king says we cant moan when a man will not tell a lie in king we trust

    • great to hear our chairman promising to get our club back for us im fed up at these songs to and to say he will pay every penny owed is the mark of the man hes also promised five top players for the next transfer window in king we trust

  6. Go away timmy. You should be worrying about your own manager (Delia smith) not being able to perform in Europe …. AGAIN. Hope we meet in the cup…..

  7. Bit off topic but have any of you seen the little English birdie that presents newswrap on Rangers TV? If a was her dad ad still be bathing her…

  8. Don't wanna piss on anyone's parade but dk said funds would be available out of sb money if we got 40k crowds at ibrox and now he is saying it's not enough to keep club running and more money will be borrowed to keep club afloat ffs what are the running costs? Would be nice to get a rough breakdown and why isn't anything being done on the retail front? WATP

  9. I usually buy two gers tops per year and get my boys 1or two each, what the fork is happening with this retail contract? Get my trainers out of sports direct too normally but go online now, king said the retail contract with Ashley would be dealt with as a priority and he would keep fans up to date on this and show transparency ,so what the fuck is happening? Neither our club or Ashley are making anything we are having to pay Puma each year as we are under selling shirts, Is king hoping something will come from court case with green so that he can rip retail deal up? Where is the transparency MR KING?

  10. its a bad day when our chairman says we are a new club with no history I never trusted the guy he sound to much like green promise anything deliver nothing he keeps loaning money but never invests a penny same as paul blazer potless

  11. I love the way this starts out as an article on fitnes then 1 Tim jumps on & you all get defensive,
    FFS we are getting better, hopefully we will get a better test of where we are against St Johnstone,
    We will go up as champs this yea then a year to settle in to the prem then off we go, Back into Europe money coming good times

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