Why Lee McCulloch must stay away


When news broke last night that
Mark Warburton is allegedly interested in replacing (now) former assistant
coach Gordon Durie with ex-captain and supposed assistant coach Lee McCulloch,
it is safe to say reaction was not exactly positive.
As part of the ‘Released Eleven’,
McCulloch rather epitomised everything that was wrong with the ‘Old Pals Act’
and previous regimes, and along with his 10 colleagues found himself without a
club following the shambolic loss to Motherwell over two legs.

Regular readers of
Ibroxnoise.co.uk will know this site has never been a particularly big
supporter of McCulloch, and the majority of the fanbase advocated his release
this summer, only a minority objecting to him parting ways with Rangers on a
permanent basis.
It is safe to say ‘Big Jig’
probably overstayed his welcome, and few complained when chairman Dave King
confirmed he along with the others had been formally released from the Club and
would not be receiving new contracts.
However, in the weeks since,
speculation linking him with an assistant coach role at Kilmarnock
under Gary Locke has persisted, and Locke has formally ceded that he wants
McCulloch in that capacity.
However, reports suggest
McCulloch was always hanging on for a new offer from Rangers and unconfirmed
claims exist that he formally rejected Locke’s offer, still hankering for the
call from Warburton.
That call seems to have been
made, much to the distaste of most fans.
It is understandable that neither
Warburton nor his assistant Davie Weir are that in touch of fan-feeling. They
have been in England for long enough so would understandably not be fully in
tune with just how few fans wish to see McCulloch back at Ibrox in any
If they do proceed with bringing
him back, it would be the first absolute error of the W/W era.
McCulloch is a hanger-on. Not a
bad chap away from football, but Rangers have made him a multi-millionaire and
he has given minimal back – some of his most ardent supporters protest this
view and point to his loyalty in 2012, to stick by the Club in its darkest
But that is now a broken record,
and said loyalty was rewarded with the captaincy and a handsome salary. If
anything, the loyalty has now been reversed, and it is Rangers who showed too
much to McCulloch in the end.
McCulloch needs to move to Rugby Park,
and stop leeching off Rangers.
It is time for both parties to go
their separate ways.


  1. I think you are being very harsh here Jig was there in our time of need just like Mcoist and I for one will always be grateful to both of them. WATP I'm not saying he should come back I think he needs something fresh to enjoy and good luck to him,

  2. I agree 100% with that …thanks jig for your service but now leave for good …we don't want you back so go to killie or whoever ….you where a complete disaster last season and booed by your own fans should give you an idea of our thoughts on you ….goodbye

  3. The words of the immortal Bill Struth were “Son, you’re a good player but can you play for the Rangers?” Well for all these players Warburton is bringing in there may not be a better person to condition them to what is expected than McCulloch – he has seen it all in his time with us.

    He might also be a bloody good coach so let W/W decide for themselves who they want on board and fans should stop whinging and judge them on results.

  4. Some of our fans do get hysterical about big Lee. I doubt if many of us have any real idea of his coaching abilities and if Mark Warburton takes him on I'll certainly keep an open mind.

    • God help us if he is going to coach our defenders then because we can look forward to several free kicks just outside our box against us, losing umpteen goals through not being able to play offside rule properly and all our players blaming someone else when they make a mistake, but if truth be told I blame the gardener he made him a centre half, tell you what a bet you there is a shitload of weeds in that garden

  5. 100% spot on!! Move along Lee I wouldn't want to see him back in any capacity sick to the back teeth with his dithering and butting other players with them big elbows !! should have gone years ago.

  6. I didn't think McCulloch was a great player before he arrived. He was never good enough to nail down a position for us. BUT, when it all went Pete Tong, he stayed when so many left. You can say he wouldn't have got as much money elsewhere, probably true, but remember there was no certainty we would survive. He stayed and should be apreciated for that.

    As a player, he continued to show commitment to the cause, but insufficent skill at wing, forward, midfield and eventually defence. But can anybody honestly say he didn't try? Or that he would not have run through a wall for the club? Remember, a lot of those released could not say that they would have done that.

    For me all his failings were down to the fact that he wasn't good enough, all his positives down to the fact he loves the club.

    Given that, who am I to say he shouldn't get a go in another part of the club? If he is good enough for WAW, Warburton and Weir, he is good enough for me. I am not ready to barrack them when the season hasn't started.

  7. You really cant win with some Rangers fans! Naismith and co were traitors for leaving Rangers and Jig was a money grabbing cunt for staying? What the fuck….

    • Naismith had a chance to play elsewhere ( not that I like anything about him ) Jig might have got another club in lower leagues on lots less money Probably added to his loyalty ? After seeing how McCoist has behaved loyalty is in short supply.

    • The others used the situation to move for better wages, McCulloch was never going to get anywhere near what he was earning at Ibrox. He was done, but used the situation to extend his career by playing against part time players for top money.

    • The guy is 37 year old playing out of position for how long surely you can't be serious that he's a leach and all that , he played in probly the most successful period of rangers term in the last 10 years uefa cup final etc. And stuck to try and help through the bad

  8. So much for the modern thinking of taking Rangers forward. Taking on McCulloch for our kids would be both unproductive and expensive,, Have we not learned anything!!! If this is what Warbuton and Weir are all about, then we are in for one long season,,,again!! Not impressed at all.

  9. Jig and McCoist stuck by us when others deserted, I would have both back on the coaching staff in a heartbeat, can't get enough good Rangers men at the club in our time of need and this will be a huge season for us and we need folk who know the history to support big Warbs..

    • well said,,2 true rangers men,, and alot of fans should remember this and stop talking crap,,

  10. Jig was reportedly on a basic £16k a week, would you walk away from that playing against guys whose second jobs/hobbies was football? Add bonuses to that and its a £m yearly sal. He and the Management trio prolly took close to £9m from the club in 3 seasons in the lower leagues. Fekin shocking.

  11. Jig was an expensive joke, more a liability than a leader and was paid handsomely to go thru the motions in the lower leagues. He should have left with the traitors.

  12. He stayed simply because he had nowhere else to go, dread to think how much in wages he has taken out of the club in the last 3 years, playing against part time guys on a pittance, and regularly being shown up by them. He was never the player he thought he was.

  13. Come on made him a Multi-Millionaire, sorry but not factual. As for saying he was a very poor defender to coach the kids, well may I remind you that some of the best managers we had were poor players. Hate to say this but, Jock Stein one of the greatest managers Scotland ever had. Was a poor excuse of a Centre Half. Jock Wallace. Walter Smith……….You can't judge someone until they do or don't perform.

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